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Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th August 2021 Episode starts with Aarav asking Indu if she is fine and asks her not to worry, nothing will happen to Papa ji, your son is with you. Indu looks at peacock feather on his jacket and calls him Krishna. She again calls him Krishna and gives her hand. Aarav holds her hand and says I am with you Maa, your son is with you. Gajendra comes there and stops seeing Aarav talking to Indu. Indu again calls him Krishna. Aarav gives peacock feather to you and says it will save us from every trouble and asks if she trusts murli manohar Krishna. Indu takes it and prays for his happiness. She says today you have given me strength and thanks him. Aarav says we get strength from elders and asks her not to worry. Giriraj tells Chitra that this is icing on the cake. Chitra says I am thinking what would be badi Maa’s reaction. Vivaan says don’t worry, your both sons are with you and we will not let anything happen to Papa ji. Indu prays for their long lives. She tells Simar that she has to go. Roma’s father in law offers to drop her. Aarav asks him to go home and says Simar and I will drop Maa. Indu says I will go by myself. Aarav says please, let us come. Vivaan says please. Indu looks on.

Badi Maa tells Indu that her grand son is showing his back to them and has become against us for our enemies. She says this is not happening for the first time. When Gagan had come here, both Aarav and Vivaan supported him and went against us. She says Aarav gave a reverse reply to you. She says for the first time, my grand sons, my ego has chosen wrong side. Gajendra says Aarav is a child and can’t win from you and can’t get Professor out of jail. Badi Maa says she is feeling rebellious smell from them. Gajendra says I am with you. Badi Maa says we have to make our Aarav taste failure. Gajendra says we have to teach him a lesson, he will come to us when he fails, but he has to taste it. He says he didn’t leave any way to us. Badi Maa says he will fail and break, to understand the strength of Oswal.

Shobha tells her husband that everyday there is a drama in Oswal Mansion. She says she prays for her mother’s failure, but this time she wants her shameless bahu family to get ruined. Her husband says I saw that you were getting emotional hearing Indu ji. He asks why you hate your mother so much. Shobha says she got rid of me, by getting me married. She recalls Badi Maa killing her father and tells that don’t know where she will hide her face when the mask comes out from her face. He asks her to tell what she has done? She says nothing, we shall sleep.

Reema asks Chitra what is her plan to take out her Papa from lock up. Chitra asks what plan? Reema says you have promised me. Chitra says I didn’t get so much angry when my dream for my son broke. Reema says my Papa is unwell and can’t stay in jail, why don’t you understand. Chitra says if you are so worried about your Papa, then why did you help Gagan to elope with Aditi. Reema says no. She says hotel Royal, where Gagan and Aditi stayed, and the payment for it was paid using Vivaan’s card. She says Vivaan’s cards are paid by his parents. She says how can you do such a foolishness. She says today your Papa is in jail, tomorrow your mummy, Simar and Gagan. Reema shouts Mummy ji.

Simar asks Indu not to worry, and says Aarav ji went to get lawyer, something will happen. She then asks Gagan to make Maa rest and then he shall also sleep. Indu asks Simar to go home with Aarav.

Simar and Aarav are in the car. He stops the car outside the park. He gets down and knocks on the window asking Simar if she saw his wife who is missing? Simar says I am here infront of you. She gets down. They go inside the park and sit on the bench. He says the simar I know is different, cries often, gets worried for small things, cries so much that tissues get finished from the tissue box. He says this Simar is strong and brave and that’s why I got confused. Simar says so you was searching weak Simar. He says infront of our parents, standing like a protective shield, supporting siblings even though younger than them, and facing the storm alone. He says a weak person can’t do this, and trust me, you are not weak. He says if you cry, it doesn’t mean that you will get weak, but you will get strength and makes you different from others, asks her to remain the same. He says since few days, you have caged your tears and asks her to let them flow, says he can share her pain. Simar breaks down and cries hearing him. She coughs. He brings water from the car and makes her drink. He then sign her to wipe her tears. Simar looks at him. He asks what is she thinking? Simar says she is thinking that it is a big coincidence that today is krishna’s birth who is a friend and companion. She says whatever you have done with me as my friend and companion and saved me from every trouble, neither let me get tired nor let me lose, don’t lose any chance to motivate me, supports me in my every fight and asks how to thank you Aarav ji. She says your heart is really big and I feels very small infront of you sometimes. He asks small, are you crazy Simar? He says whatever I could do is because your inner soul strengthens me and guides me. He says I don’t know how to express in words, whenever I look at you, I feel like I wish I could become strong and brave like you, like you take care of everyone. He thanks her for making him meet this Aarav Oswal. She gets up and her mobile falls down. She bends down to pick it. Aarav also bends down to pick it. Song plays….main tujhme umar guzarungi plays….They have an eyelock.

Simar says I will call Roma and Reema di. Aarav gives her phone and goes to side. Reema tells Chitra that she has done a mistake and asks her to help her get Papa out from lock up, says I will do whatever you tell me. Chitra leaves her hand and asks her to go to her room. She then asks her to remember her promise and signs her to be tight lipped. Reema goes to her room. Simar talks to Roma and tells that she will add Reema. Reema picks her video call and asks if Papa is fine. Simar says Papa is in jail and what worse could happen than this. She says we are at different turns, but our roots are same, Papa. She says if we get together then even the trouble fails infront of us. She says until Papa comes out, we shall be together and Papa will get strengthen seeing us together. She says I was thinking to do Narayan Sisters special for Papa. Reema says anything for Papa. Roma asks what we can do for Papa? Simar says we can take his favorite food or things for use. Roma says she will make aloo ajwain paratha with curd. Reema says I will bring his favorite achaar. Simar says I will bring a blanket and prasad for him. Aarav says lets go, we will reach there in 30 mins.

Simar and Roma come to the PS. Constable stops them and asks them to go. Aarav tells Constable that they have brought prasad, today is janmasthami. He asks him to take prasad. Constable takes prasad and asks them to meet Avinash just for 2 mins. Vivaan comes and says as you say Sir. He tells Simar that Reema is just coming. Simar and Roma come to Avinash. Simar covers blanket on him, seeing him shivering while sleeping on the floor. She says Papa. Avinash wakes up and asks why did you come at this time. I told you not to come, this place is not good. He gets up and says I am fine Simar, Roma and asks them not to come. Vivaan distracts Constable and praises him. He then takes selfie with him. Lalit tells Aarav that Papa is not fine. Aarav says no child can see this. Lalit says we can’t think how Reema, Simar and Roma are feeling. He says even Gagan wanted to come, but I asked him to stay at home. Aarav says it is good that he didn’t come, he shall stay away from me. He says till now no lawyer is ready to fight the case against Badi Maa. Reema hears them and gets Gagan’s call. Gagan regrets his doings and asks about Papa. Reema says Papa is fine and asks him to take care. Avinash sees Reema and asks her to come to her Papa. Reema is surprised seeing him calling her and gets emotional. Avinash calls her again and signs her to come. Reema walks towards him.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Aarav-Simar, Vivaan-Reema are leaving from Oswal Mansion. Badi Maa asks them to return only when they could manage to free Avinash. Aarav asks her to bless them, that truth shall win. They leave from Oswal Mansion. Badi Maa looks on.


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