Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th July 2022  Episode starts with Badimaa coming to Kapoor’s house. Aarav, Simar, Vivaan and others also come there. Badimaa walks towards the havan kund and pours water in the havan setting off the fire.

Everyone looks on shocked. Vivaan tells Reema that she shouldn’t be part of this wedding and she is promoting and hosting the wedding. Ishita and Reyansh gets up from the mandap. Ishita asks Badimaa,

what did you do? Reyansh also asks her. Badimaa says I had said that this marriage will not happen. Ishita tells Reyansh that this is too much. Badimaa gets angry and slaps her hard. Karan asks what did you do Mrs. Oswal, what is this way? Badimaa says I want to ask you, what is all this?

Chitra says we can’t overdo what has happened. Reyansh says whatever you have done is wrong. Aarav asks Reyansh how is he talking to Badimaa. Ishita says enough, and tells that Reyansh is not a small boy whom you will make quiet. Aarav says he is my brother. Ishita says he is my husband too. Aarav asks what?

She says it seems you have missed the epic moment, we are married and now I am Ishita Oswal. She shows the mangalsutra and sindoor. Chitra smiles. Ishita says before Simar bhabhi starts lecturing, I want to tell you that this marriage have happened with all the rituals and asks her to see.

Karan says we don’t want to do this marriage without your consent. Pallavi says we had no other way. Badimaa asks Reyansh why did he betray her and didn’t think about her. Chitra says he didn’t betray anyone, he married Ishita with his mother’s wish and I have no problem. She asks Badimaa to bless them.

Badimaa says I don’t agree to this marriage, not now and never. She says I don’t accept this marriage, and says this is nothing but a drama to me. She tells Simar that there is no place for this girl in my house, and says this girl will not enter my house, there is no place for her. Simar says mistake is of both, and more of Reyansh, and says he didn’t think to tell us.

Badimaa says you said right, this is Reyansh’s mistake, I used to call him lalla, and tells that she used to feed him food, run behind him calling him, but today he broke her trust. He says I was blinded in your love and gave you much freedom, and says congrats for that. She says from today, from this moment, you are not my lalla. She says you are now Reyansh for me.

Chitra asks why my bahu will not enter Oswal Mansion and says even Reyansh and Ishita have the same right as other kids. Simar says you shall not talk like this with Badimaa. Chitra asks her not to talk.

Badimaa looks at Reema and says if you want to stay here more, then stay it, as now you take your own decisions, if the family members agree or not. Vivaan apologizes to Badimaa on Reema’s behalf. He says Reema is not in her senses and will realize her mistake later. Reema thinks my work is done, as the marriage has happened and says sorry Badimaa.

Pallavi and Karan tell that they can’t send Ishita there. Chitra says Oswal Mansion is of Reyansh and Ishita now. Pallavi says I will not send Ishita there. Ishita says I will go there and will settle scores with Simar and will show the right place to Simar and her useless rules. Chitra says I will make sure that you enter Oswal Mansion.

Simar tells Aarav that Badimaa is silent and her silence is worrying me. Aarav says Badimaa needs us. Badimaa recalls Ishita telling Badimaa how dare she, and showing her rights. She recalls Chitra’s words. Aarav and Simar come there. Simar asks Badimaa to vent out her anger on her and asks her not to be silent. Servant comes there and says Reyansh and others have come.

Simar asks what to do? Aarav says we have to take a decision now and says Ishita is not the girl who walks on right path. Badimaa says you said right and tells that that girl will not come inside the house. She says she broke our house before coming inside, and says she will not let her come inside. She asks them to tell Chitra that girl will not enter my house. Simar gets up and goes to open the door.

Reyansh, Ishita and Chitra are standing. Ishita says hi Simar bhabhi and says you came empty handed, it seems you have forgotten the rules and asks her to go and bring the aarti to welcome the new bride. Chitra asks Simar to bring aarti plate and get grah pravesh done. Simar says Ishita can’t come inside. Ishita asks what the hell, she can’t come inside. Simar says this is Badimaa’s decision.

Chitra says Reyansh has the right to bring his bride home. Reyansh says this is my house and I will see who will stop me. He pushes Simar and she is about to fall down on the ground, when Vivaan and Aarav come and hold her. Aarav asks Reyansh, how dare he? He asks Simar if she is fine. Simar nods yes.

Vivaan asks Reyansh, if he will do dadagiri in their house? Chitra says you are going against your brother. Vivaan says I am with my family. Gajendra tells that this house is of my mother and we will do whatever she wants. Sandhya says going against badimaa, is going against the rules.

Aarav says whatever Badimaa said, it is final. They all hold each other hands against Ishita. Sasural Simar Ka. Simar says we are with Badimaa’s decision. Chitra shouts and asks Badimaa, why is she doing injustice with her children. Sandhya asks Chitra not to do drama.

Chitra says they are not your kids and that’s why you are saying this. She says Aarav had brought Simar here, after marrying her against your wish, you let them come inside, then why you are stopping Reyansh. She asks Giriraj, why he doesn’t care to see them insulted. Ishita asks her not to plead infront of them and tells that she is the only daughter of her parents and will get 5 houses if ask 1.

She tells Reyansh that even he has everything now and her family will welcome them. Reyansh says lets go to our house, even if I am called as ghar jamai. Ishita says becoming ghar jamai is better, they didn’t give you respect as a son, lets go to our home. They hold hands. Simar stops them and asks them to wait. She goes to talk to Badimaa. Chitra, Reyansh and Ishita smiles.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar asks Badimaa that she wants a chance to change Ishita and promises her that she will change her and will make her suitable to this house. Later she does Ishita’s aarti. Ishita kicks the kalash with force. Everyone looks on shockingly.


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