Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th November 2021 Episode starts with Sandhya asking Aarav to stop meeting Simar from now. She says I gave her permission as I couldn’t see you restless. She says I had no idea that you will return in this condition and asks how I have felt? Aarav apologizes and requests her not to tell Papa when he returns from business trip. He says I will not let you see the same thing again.

Samar tells Simar that parents catch the children’ lie and says good people act badly. Simar says you says right, I have to control my emotions and move on in life. Samar is happy. He asks where did it go? Simar asks what? Samar says your smile. He tries to tickle her. She runs down and asks him not to do that. Samar asks her to sit and have breakfast. Avinash, Indu and Gagan smile.

Vivaan brings breakfast for Sandhya and says I think Bhai will be angry being hungry. He asks him to have breakfast. Sandhya praises Vivaan and goes. Vivaan says you didn’t have anything since yesterday and makes him eat food. He says when I see you indifferent, I feel really bad. He says the person who used to come to office early morning and goes home late. He says today everyone waits for him in the meeting and it takes 2 weeks for your signs. He says your dream project of Bhojnalaya is on hold and says we can’t see you in such a condition.

Aarav says chote, I try daily, but I fail. He says I want to focus on the dream project, but Simar has captured my mind, that I can’t move on. He says I called her many times, but she didn’t talk to me, and it shows that she wants to move on. He says what is the name for our relation, nothing. He says there will be confusion. He says I will become like Old Aarav Oswal and I will go with Badi Maa to bring the idols for Diwali. I will apologize to her and hopes she forgives me.

Aarav and Vivaan go to Badi maa. Aarav says I want to talk to you about yesterday night. Badi Maa says I have to go and bring idols with Vivaan. Vivaan asks Badi Maa to take Aarav Bhai and says until then he will finish the meeting. Badi maa says ok and asks Aarav to get ready.

Samar tells Indu, what is this Indu, you have bought all the market. Indu says four more list is pending. Samar keeps the stuff in the market. Simar says she has taken prasad ingredients. Indu asks her to buy the idols from the shop. Simar buys Ganapati ji and praises him. She buys the idol. Just then Aarav comes there and takes her to side.

Gajendra returns home and calls sandhya. Maharaj ji says they went to buy Diwali stuff. Gajendra sits. Reema recalls Badi Maa’s words to get Simar married soon. She pretends to have injured foot. Gajendra asks what happened to you? Reema says I will serve breakfast for you. Gajendra asks her to sit. He asks what happened to your feet? Reema shows the fake marks and tells that she went to the mountain temple to pray for Simar, barefeet. Gajendra asks what happened to Simar.

Reema shows him video in which Aarav is resting on Simar’s lap. She says Aarav and Simar are still entangled in old relation and this confusion will ruin us. She says if this thing gets public then both families will face humiliation. She acts to be worried for Simar’s respect. Gajendra says I know both are in pain, but they shouldn’t have meet, it is wrong. He says how to stop them. Reema says you have never differentiated between Aditi and Simar and have promised Maa and Papa that you will help her. She asks him to advice Simar to remarry. Gajendra is shocked. Reema says only you can convince Simar to remarry and says I have known a good guy for her.

Simar says Aarav ji. Aarav asks why didn’t you pick my call? She says your injury. He says I called you 35 times atleast, and says you would have picked my call once, and says I felt as if you don’t care for me. He says why she is upset with him. Simar says I came behind you and recalls Samar’s words. She says she can’t lie to her parents and can’t break their trust. Aarav asks what about us?

Simar asks what is our relation? Indu asks where is Simar, we have to go home and make puja arrangements. She asks Samar to check. Samar calls Simar. Aarav says our relation is not weak that it needs a name and asks if she don’t get the name when looking in his eyes, with his touch, and asks if you can’t hear our relation name in my heart beat. Simar rests her head on his chest and cries. She asks him to forget everything and goes out. Samar looks on.

Reema shows Samar Khanna’s pic. Gajendra asks who is he? Reema says he is a fun loving and jovial guy and Maa and Papa likes him. She says he is the perfect guy for Simar. She says I want Simar to get someone who keeps her happy, and says I don’t want anything else. Gajendra gets up and goes.

Aarav comes behind Simar and holds her hand. Samar comes there and holds Aarav’s hand. He says you are Simar’s ex husband. Aarav says move from our way, I am talking to her. Samar says talk infront of me. Aarav says it is our personal matter, so it is better to go away from between us. He is about to keep hand on Samar’s shoulder, but Samar stops him. Simar asks them to stop it and asks Aarav to go. Aarav says I need to talk to Simar, so it is better for you to stay out of limits.

Samar asks him to care for Simar’s respect. Aarav says stay in your limits. Simar says Samar is my music composer, I am going to sing for him. samar asks really and pinches himself. He says we are colleagues and that’s why I protect her. He asks who are you? What is your relation with her? Aarav says nothing, we have no name for our relation. He turns to go and gets tears in his eyes. He wears sunglasses. Samar turns to Simar.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar asks Samar, how dare he to come between them. Samar says Aarav is a spineless man, not to give name to relation. He says it again and says he will always keep his family first and not you. Simar gets angry and slaps Samar. Aarav tells Vivaan that family comes first.


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