Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th October 2021 Episode starts with Aarav and Simar are coming from different sides. He thinks if you are happy Simar, we are going to be together. She says happy, we will get entire world. They come to each other. Everyone looks at them happily. He thinks lets go Ms bride.

She thinks yes Mr. groom. Badi Maa looks at them, as they come downstairs. Music plays…Aditi tells Simar that she shall keep the ghunghat on her head, as it is Narayan family’s ritual. Badi Maa asks her to stop and says it is not our ritual, all the vidhi will happen as per Oswal family’s tradition. Pandit ji comes there and says just as I came to know about your message, I came running. She asks him to start arrangements for vidhi.

He asks vidhi? Kaal is going on now, and shubh mahurat is after 30 mins. Badi Maa says this mahurat is good for this vidhi and asks him to start the arrangements. Pandit ji says ok and goes.

Gajendra asks Badi Maa what she is saying? Badi Maa says no good work is happening here, today Aarav and this girl will have reverse rounds today. Chitra and Giriraj smiles, while Aarav, Simar and others are shocked. Simar is about to fall, but Aarav holds her hand. Badi Maa asks him to leave her hand.

Aarav is still holding her hand. Badi Maa asks him again to leave her hand. He walks towards Badi Maa holding Simar’s hand. He says reverse rounds, what do you mean? Badi Maa says you have to reverse all the rituals which you had given to this girl that day, and shall end this betrayal marriage for forever.

She holds Aarav’s hand and keeps his hand on her head. She gives him swear to take reverse rounds with this girl and then break all relations with her, will never look back at her again. Aarav is shocked. Badi Maa says today, you have to choose infront of everyone. Sandhya, Gajendra and Aditi are shocked and upset.

Aarav moves hand from Badi Maa’s head. He says when did you the choice come? Whatever you have decided, I had always obliged to you, but that doesn’t mean that Simar shall be sent form here with so much humiliation. Badi Maa says what you are calling as humiliation is affection for her, which you have.

She says you couldn’t see that since she came, she has broken all rules of Oswal family’s rules, and today she has crossed limits, and sang under my roof. She says how dare she, she knows how much I hate singing and dancing. She says I have a belief from start, that it was wrong to let her stay here for so many days. Aarav says even you had taken wrong decision for Aditi, and you have seen how Mohit is?

Badi Maa asks if Gagan was right guy for Aditi? Aditi recalls Gagan’s confession. Badi Maa says more than your age, I have experience. She says confidence is good, but overconfidence is bad. She asks him to control his blood and think much before giving her reply. He says I can never do that, I just want to know the truth.

Badi Maa says since this girl came here, everyone knows and it is in their hearts, that since she came, a storm has come in our house, which can’t be managed. She says what do you think that I want to get my revenge on this girl? Simar leaves Aarav’s hand, but he holds her hand tight. She frees her hand from his hand. He looks at her with tears in his eyes.

Shobha takes Roma out of the house. Lalit comes behind her. Shobha asks her to take bus and leave for Mathura. Roma apologizes to her.Divya comes there and throws Roma’s stuff on the road. Roma apologizes. Rajendra comes there and asks what is this drama? Everyone is watching you.

Shobha says today this girl will not go inside, and says she has shattered my ego, and asks Lalit to decide whom he will support, wife or mother. Roma holds his hand. Lalit leaves Roma’s hand and says whatever you have done is a sin. I always supported you and today the way you have behaved, I haven’t seen your this avatar before. He says whatever you have done today, is misbehavior and there is no forgiveness for this. He says today you made me ashamed. Shobha, Divya and Rajendra goes from there. Lalit also goes from there. Roma cries.

Reema promises Vivaan that she loves him a lot and he has to get up tomorrow from this bed, shall fight with her, but shall not keep quiet. She asks him to get up. Mohit comes out and looks at them. Nurse comes and says Doctor is calling you. Reema gets up and goes. She collides with Mohit. He falls down and picks up the knife. He turns to hit her, but finds Nurse there. Nurse asks who is he? Mohit says Patient. Nurse asks him to go to his ward and rest, and not to roam here and there. Mohit covers his face with mask and walks towards Vivaan’s ward.

Aarav tells Badi Maa that he knows that she wants to humiliate Simar, and wants to get reverse rounds done. Sandhya asks Badi Maa not to do injustice with her son and bahu. Badi Maa asks whose bahu? She asks Aarav, what did your mother call her? She says this girl came here with betrayal? She says what magic she has done, that everyone has forgotten what she has done with us?

Aarav says Simar has won everyone’s heart in these 30 days. And says there is no family member here, whose heart Simar’s love and care haven’t touched. He says then also Simar has to see this day, and asks why we can’t let her go with respect without the reverse rounds. He says big question is that, what is the need for her to go? Badi Maa says wah and claps. She says I call him as my pride, and my loving grand son is asking reason for my decision.

He says he told my decision as the line on stone, and now this girl has broken the stone. She says I got the smell of betrayal when this dancer-singer girl come here. She says such girls break the house and families. She says there is no love and nothing for these girls. She says family is very important for her, and that’s why for family, she has sacrificed her love. She hits her hand on the pillar and shaken up and cries. Simar takes water and goes to her. Badi Maa takes water from her hand and drinks. Simar takes back the pot after she drinks water and gives it to Bhairav.

She goes to Aarav and tells him that although her words are bitter, anger in voice, but her heart is sad. She says I don’t want her to get hurt because of me. She asks him to free her. Sandhya and Gajendra get upset and teary eyes. Badi Maa looks at her shockingly. Aarav says Simar and gets teary eyes.

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