Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th April 2022 Episode starts Simar’s family performing the aarti. Simar comes there. They get surprised. Samar asks what’s your scene. Dhami says you don’t need to know much about me, you will get Simar, that’s a deal. He asks who are you, why did you come here.

She says if you are so interested then let me give you a small teaser, Aarav and I were close, but he forgot everything after coming to India, so I have come here to remind him, we have to make Simar and Aarav away. He says impossible. She says its possible, they will be living separated in next 24 hours. He asks are you sure. She says I didn’t learn to be unsure. She asks are you in it.

He says in. He forwards hand. She goes to the car. She wishes him all the best. Badimaa sees a necklace. Dhami knocks the door. Badimaa asks Simar to come. She sees Dhami and says you here. Dhami says yes, can I come inside, I thought to meet you, you are a strong personality, ideal for many, I want your blessings. Badimaa says you always seek attention. Dhami says its nothing like that.

Badimaa asks why didn’t you get married till now when you are so smart, educated and independent. Dhami says I didn’t get Aarav, I mean someone like her. Badimaa asks how long will you stay here. Dhami says until Aarav’s marriage. Badimaa says he is married to Simar. Dhami says but they didn’t get elders blessing. Badimaa says its called vedic rituals. Dhami says yes,

Simar’s family also didn’t do any rituals well. Badimaa asks what do you want to say. Dhami says truth is that wasn’t a marriage, you didn’t accept her as the bahu, Simar also wanted to get her family as a gift. Badimaa says she is such, family is imp to her. Dhami asks can we get their marriage done again, when both the families agreed. Badimaa thinks and says you mean their remarriage.

Dhami says yes, with love and happiness, can’t you bring Oswal bahu with respect. She sees the necklace. Simar and Aarav also perform the aarti. Simar takes her parents’ blessings. She cries and apologizes. Avinash holds her and says we missed you a lot, we made a big mistake, forgive us. He hugs her. Indu also cries and apologizes. She hugs Simar. Gagan and Roma also hug them.

Roma says it’s a big emotional family union. Aarav looks on and cries happily. Reema also comes and hugs her family. Lalit and Vivaan also come there. Vivaan says I wish there is happiness, love in relations and peace, I m so happy seeing you all together, I can’t express my happiness in words. Aarav says it’s a day of joy,

we should smile, invest the happiness and get returns. He laughs and says return is the family’s happiness. Simar says this Navratri is my life’s best Navratri, Matarani has fulfilled my every wish. Avinash asks Indu to get some sweets. Everyone stops him. Vivaan jokes on Avinash.

Lalit says we could have taken a better decision if we knew his state here. Simar asks them to take aarti, Matarani will give them sense. They all smile. Avinash asks Simar for prasad. Simar gives him prasad and says don’t see the halwa now. Indu says I have seen you giving sweets to Avinash. Simar smiles. Indu stops Avinash and says give me the prasad. He shares it. Gagan and everyone come to share the prasad. Avinash says let me eat now. They laugh.

Vivaan says don’t know what will happen of us. Aarav and Vivaan say Jai Mata di. Simar gives aarti and prasad to Samar. He asks do you know recording deadlines. She says I remember, it will be as per the schedule. He says perfect, I will go, I have some work. Simar and Reema talk to Roma’s baby.

Simar says Roma is glowing a lot. Roma says you are a newly wed, you are glowing more than me, is this glow of love or something else. Simar smiles. Roma says we will talk later. Sandhya comes and calls out Simar. Aarav sees Samar coming.

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