Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th August 2021 Episode starts with Avinash seeing Reema and tells Simar. Simar comes to Reema. Roma also comes to her. Reema gets emotional as Avinash calls her. She walks towards him and says sorry Papa holding her ears, and says I love you. She hugs him from outside the lockup. He says you are my superstar, did you forget? Reema asks did you forgive me? He says yes. She asks really? He asks if you are happy there. Reema nods yes. Avinash asks if Vivaan ji is upset with us. Reema says never Papa. He then tells Simar that though she is younger, but very understanding amongst all. She says you have to take care of your mummy, sisters and brother.

Simar says nothing will happen to you. He says whoever says that your sanskar are bad, you have to show them that your values are good and get their mouth closed. Reema says you will get out soon. Simar says even Krishna ji was born in the lock up, but even this chains couldn’t stop him and broke. Reema says evil was destroyed with Krishna’s birth. She says whatever injustice is happening with you, Krishna ji will do the justice. Simar asks him to take Janmasthami prasad. Avinash takes it and says nariyal laddoo. He tastes the prasad and asks Simar, if she made it. Simar nods yes. Reema asks him to come home soon and says Maa will make your favorite dish and we will make you have it. Avinash tells that though this accusation made his shoulder bend, but his head is still high. He asks them not to let his head get low and asks them not to let their parents’ nose cut in their family. He says my blessings are always with you all. Aarav, Vivaan and Lalit look at them. Reema gives his favorite achaar while Roma gives him aloo ajwain paratha tiffin. Avinash keeps them in the lock up. He then calls Aarav, Vivaan and Lalit and asks them to come. They all go to Avinash. Avinash says you all have kept my word and are connected with my daughters, now it is proved that I am innocent, as guilty people can’t get such good son in laws. He blesses them for the best of happiness in the world. Reema, Simar and Roma touch his feet. Avinash asks them to go. Aarav, Vivaan and Lalit also touch Avinash’s feet and take his blessings. Avinash says tomorrow is big day for me as my life verdict will be given.

Avinash then calls Vivaan and apologizes to him. Vivaan asks him to bless him and not to apologize to him. Avinash says ok. He lies down to sleep. They all hold the blanket and cover him. Avinash cries. Vivaan takes Reema from there. Lalit, Roma, Simar and Aarav leaves. Aarav asks Simar and Reema to pack their bags. Simar says we have to tell Maa. Vivaan says even I will come with you. Badi Maa comes there and says tonight is still remaining, we shall talk about this. She says you both have grown ups, but I didn’t leave to question you both. She asks from where are you coming? Aarav recalls Badi Maa telling that they shall not stay out. Reema and Simar come there with the bags. Badi Maa asks where are they going in night. Sandhya says Simar wanted to take your permission. Badi Maa says I am asking your grand sons, and asks why are you breaking the rules. Aarav says I am not breaking the rule and feeling good hearing your scolding. He reminds her that she has thrown Simar out from here on the first day and asks if she accepted Simar as the part of the family. He says nobody will break your rules. Simar says we can see your concern and love in your scoldings. Badi Maa says I am not going to come in your butterly talks and asks Aarav and Vivaan, where are they taking these girls.

Shobha stops Roma. Shobha asks where is she going? Roma says I am going to my mother’s house. Shobha asks her to go and not to return. She throws her bag. It opens and she sees Lalit’s clothes. She asks why are you taking my son’s clothes. Lalit says I am going with Roma, as her mother needs us. He asks Roma to come and they leave. Shobha gets angry. Aarav tells Badi maa that Simar’s mother needs her daughters so Vivaan and I are going to drop Simar and Reema. He says being a mother, you can understand how much she needs them now. Simar comes infront of Badi Maa and says my heart and soul will be here and I will do all my duties, and will pray that truth shall win. She touches her feet, but Badi Maa moves back. Sasural Simar ka plays…..Simar touches the floor where Badi Maa had stood and gets up. Aarav says when a girl comes to her sasural after marriage, that doesn’t mean that she became stranger for her parents, as her relation will be with her parents always, like a son’s relation is with his parents. Badi Maa is shocked to see him talking. She calls Simar and Reema as the girls, and says before crossing this house, remember that you shall return only if your father gets released. She says think that you will never return, as I will win the case. Aarav folds his hands and says bless us, that truth shall win. He takes Simar’s luggage. Vivaan takes Reema’s luggage.

Sandhya asks Simar and Reema to take care of them and tells that they are not wrong to take care of their mother and prays that God shall give them strength. Reema and Simar take her blessings. Sandhya says my heart says that everything will be fine. Aarav holds Simar’s hand while Vivaan holds Reema’s hand and they walk out of the house.

Simar-Aarav, Vivaan-Reema, Lalit-Roma come to Indu’s house. They see Indu praying to God in the inhouse temple. Reema, Simar and Roma go to Indu. They wipe her tears. Lalit recalls their happy moments and sings song. Roma also sings. Lalit bends down to massage her feet. Indu stops him. Lalit says let me do my duty. Aarav also sings holding Indu’s hand. Simar also sings. Reema pacifies her. Vivaan brings food and sings song for Indu. Gagan cries seeing everything. Reema wipes his tears and brings him there. They make Indu eat the food. Indu smiles. Indu makes her son in laws’ have food with her hand. Simar, Roma and Reema hug Gagan.

Next morning, Simar comes to the hall and sees Indu sitting in the temple and praying. Roma says until Papa returns home safely, Papa will not drink water. Vivaan and Aarav come, and asks if they are coming. Simar tells that they are going and asks Roma to take care of Maa. Roma says even I will come, Gagan will take care of Maa. Simar says Mata Rani will show us the way. Reema looks at her mobile.

Badi Maa asks Giriraj, Gajendra to come with courage and not to think of forgiving the professor. Gajendra says we have good lawyers and they will make us win. Reema calls Giriraj. Chitra asks him to ignore her call and says she has troubled us so much, now lets see what happens.

Aarav and Simar come to the PS and see them dragging Avinash outside the lock up. Aarav asks constable to leave his hand. Avinash asks Simar not to worry, I am fine. Inspector forces him to sign and pulls him to sign. Vivaan asks what is the way to behave. Roma says if we say anything then they will take out anger on Papa. Aarav says Papa, your all children are with you. Lalit says he found a small time lawyer, and hopes he don’t refuse for the case. Vivaan asks Inspector not to drag him. Inspector says he is a criminal. Vivaan says it is not proved. Media comes and clicks the pic, as he is dragged out by the constables, and taken in the van. Avinash waves his hand and folds them, as he is taken to the court. The media continues to take the pics. Chitra tells Giriraj that Reema has got her hoardings launched using Vivaan and she is getting messages now. She says don’t Badi maa will do now. Badi Maa sees Reema’s photo on the hoardings of Maa Durga Satvik Restaurant. She asks Gajendra to stop the car and asks him to see the hoarding. She thinks now her father will pay for this and nobody can save him from me.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :The lawyer shows the proofs to Judge against Avinash. He requests Judge to make Avinash get jailed for atleast 7 years. Aarav’s lawyer calls Aarav to the witness box and asks him if he was cheated on his marriage day. Indu prays to God to save her innocent husband. The judge says after hearing all the witness, the court has reached the verdict that Avinash Narayan is…Simar looks on tensed.


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