Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th August 2022 Episode starts with Badimaa lighting the diya in the inhouse temple and prays to Mata Rani to give strength to Vivaan and keep her blessings on them. Sandhya asks Simar if she is sad about Chitra’s words.

She says every mother loses her calm seeing her child in such a situation. Simar says I can understand that whatever Di has done, I am very ashamed. She apologizes to Sandhya and Badimaa. She says I know that Di has crossed all limits today, this family has forgiven all her mistakes till now, this is not a mistake,

Dewar ji is in this condition because of her, and she shall not be forgiven. Badimaa says she has done a sin and she will do such a thing with her, that she can’t think of. She says nobody will take that girl’s name in the house.

Chitra brings Reema’s stuff and throws on floor. She shouts at Simar and asks her to throw all Reema’s stuff out of the house. Vivaan is in shock and recalls Aarav reading Reema’s letter. Simar picks Reema’s stuff from the floor and folds her clothes. Chitra scolds Simar. Badimaa tells Simar that Reema will never return in the house, after whatever she has done with Vivaan.

Simar says you said right, Di shall not come back, and all her stuff shall be burnt. She burns Reema’s stuff. Aarav comes there and says I can understand this time is difficult, one side is your sister and other side is your dewar ji. Simar says I love my sister a lot, but whatever she did was very wrong.

Vivaan is coming out of room. Servant stops him. Vivaan falls down on the floor. Chitra asks Simar what you want to express, that you are repenting for your sister’s deeds. She says you are confusing everyone by playing the victim card. Servant comes there and informs them about Vivaan.

Everyone rushes to his room. Aarav picks him up from the floor. Chitra asks Giriraj to see what that girl did with their son. She tells Vivaan that his family is with him and asks him to say something. Badimaa asks her not to pressurize him, and says his situation is very delicate. Vivaan says I became selfish and was thinking about me, and Reema….

Badimaa tries to pacify him and says you will overcome this trauma easily, says my son is strong and a tiger. Simar gives water to Vivaan and says you will be fine Dewar ji. Aarav asks him to have water. Vivaan drinks water. Giriraj says we shall let him rest. They make him lie down on the bed. Badimaa says I want to talk to you all about something important. Vivaan gets sleepy.

In the hall, Badimaa tells that she has decided to wipe Reema’s identity from their house and lives. She says time has come to end her chapter, and says in the coming navratri, we will start Vivaan’s new life. She asks Chitra to make an arrangements and says I want Vivaan to embrace his life with both hands.

Simar says I know why you are saying this, and says we all want him to be fine. She says he can start afresh when he gets all the answers. She says he always loved di, but the wound which she gave him, might end up in his heart forever. She says I want him to end all his complains and he shall get all his questions. She says for this Reema di has to come, not to stay here, but to apologize to Dewar ji for her wrong doings.

She says Di has to come. Chitra says your sister shall go to hell and her forgiveness. She asks Simar to have shame and leave from there. She says whenever Vivaan will see your face, he will remember that betrayal girl and can’t move on in his life. She says for all of our sake, just leave from the house. Simar says you are a mother and I keep your emotions on my head.

She requests her to give her time till navratri, so that she can bring Reema back, to get answers of Vivaan’s questions so that he can move on and get freed from this relation. She says if I couldn’t do this, then I will do as you wanted, says I will not show my face to you and everyone, and will leave from this house. She says this Simar will leave from her sasural. Everyone looks shocked.

Aarav asks Simar why did she do this? He says you have risked our relation due to Reema. Simar asks him to see the house and says there is a mourning like silence in this temple like house and everyone is shattered. She says Di’s selfishness is behind Dewar ji’s condition. She says she is feeling bad for him.

Later in the night, Vivaan hears the anklet sound and says Reema. He gets up from the bed and looks at Reema’s photo frame in the room. He hears the anklet sound coming out of the window. Simar says Di has broken his heart so badly that Dewar ji like jovial person tried to end his life today. Sheb says the guy who attempts once, don’t get scared to do it again. She says I am scared, if Dewar ji tries to do it again.

Vivaan looks out of the window and sees Reema walking outside wearing a white clothes. He gets happy seeing her and calls her Reema. Simar says if we have to treat him fully then have to bring Reema di back and make her apologize to him. She says until he gets all his answers, he can’t get mentally and physically fine. Aarav asks where is your Reema di, where you will search her. Reema looks on, standing outside the house.

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