Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th October 2021 Episode starts with Gajendra looking at Simar leaving from his room balcony. The guards close the door. Gajendra looks at his hands and recalls applying black tika to her. He says I have done a big sin and thinks how to do penance. Simar walks on the road barefeet. Badi Maa holds the diya as it is about to step off, and looks at Mata Rani, and folds her hands.

Aditi comes there and says what is the use of folding hands, you have thrown Devi out of the house during this Navratri and asks her to pray that Maa don’t punish them big. Vivaan struggles with his life. Gagan comes to the hospital and collides with Mohit. Mohit’s mask falls down, and he shouts at Gagan. Gagan thinks where did I see him?

Chitra asks Giriraj to call Vivaan. Giriraj says his phone is unreachable. Chitra thinks Vivaan shall be adamant on his decision to throw Reema out. Giriraj says when Reema goes away from here, it is be good. Aarav is sitting at the havan kund and recalls Badi Maa’s words. Maharaj ji comes to pick the havan container. Aarav stops him and picks the ashes from the havan kund, and drops it in his handkerchief.

Gagan comes to the ward and finds Reema on the floor and oxygen mask taken off from Vivaan’s nose. He calls her, but he is unresponsive. He calls Reema and makes her come in her consciousness. Reema gets up and looks at Vivaan.

Gagan goes to call the doctor. Doctor comes there. Reema asks him to save her husband’s life and asks him why the machine is not working. Doctor checks his pulse and also tries to pump his heart. He says I am sorry, we can’t do anything. She asks him to be quiet and asks Vivaan to open his eyes. She shouts Vivaan.

Gagan asks her to handle herself and says Mata Rani will do everything fine. Reema goes to the hospital temple and asks Mata Rani, you are every child’s mother and it is every mother’s duty to save her children. She says today it is not Vivaan’s test, but the test of your motherly love. She says if you love your children, then you have to save my Vivaan, and if anything happens to my Vivaan then I will burn this world made by you.

Doctor still tries to revive him. Vivaan starts taking breathing. Doctor starts the machines again, and puts him on ventilator. Gagan comes to Reema and asks her to come with him. Reema gets happy to see his heart beat back. She asks why he is not consciousness. Doctor says he is still critical and needs to be operated fast. He asks if they made arrangements for blood. Gagan says yes. Doctor says he will operate him immediately.

Gagan asks Reema how did this happen? Reema says someone wants to kill him, and threw him injured on the road, and then came here to kill him. Gagan gets Indu’s call and tells her that he can’t come home, and asks her to do kanya pujan by herself and pray for everyone. He looks at Mohit and thinks to find out about him.

The girls come to Indu’s house for kanya pujan. Avinash washes the girls’ feet while Indu looks on smiling. Avinash and Indu see Simar on their door step in bridal clothes. He gets up and recalls Badi Maa telling that Aarav is divorcing her after a month. Indu asks Simar to come inside. She asks what happened suddenly?

Simar says I have returned, your Simar’s divorced is done, that sasural is not of Simar now. Avinash asks the little girls to sit in the room and says they will bring prasad there. Simar asks Avinash, where shall I go Papa? Indu says this s your house, you are not stranger after marriage. She says this is your house fully.

She says we will go to Oswal Mansion and will tell to everyone, to make everything fine. Simar says whatever happened was destined to happen. Avinash says we was aware that this thing will happen, after the mistake. He says nobody will go there. Simar has returned so she will stay here for forever. He asks her to go to her room. Indu says your room is this way. Simar is going to her room.

Indu says what has happened Mata Rani today? Gajendra comes there and says this is not done by Mata Rani. He asks can I come inside? Indu nods her head. Simar calls him Papa. Gajendra comes inside. Indu asks why did you come?

Gajendra says for forgiveness. Simar says no papa, you have come here and it is enough for me. Gajendra says a big mistake has happened, and I take its responsibility on me. He says it is impossible to forgive, but forgive me a little bit. Simar says Papa. Gajendra says your daughter Simar, is just not da daughter, but Mata Rani’s blessings. He says if I go out to search life partner for my son, then also couldn’t search Simar like lifepartner for my son. He says I haven’t seen Aarav very happy, like he was happy with Simar.

He regrets for not stopping when her heart is breaking. He says I couldn’t look in your eyes, and asks her to forgive her father. Avinash asks him to handle himself and says whatever happened today, we knew that this will happen, but don’t know that it will happen suddenly, may be it is Mata Rani’s wish.

He says now Simar has returned, she will stay here with us for forever. He says I am having complains with you, you have snatched smile from my daughter’s face for forever, and I can’t forgive you being a father. Gajendra says I am guilty and don’t deserve forgiveness, but I can do penance. He says if Kanya’s feet are washed, then the sins gets washed away and insists to wash Simar’s feet. Simar says no Papa. He says please. Gajendra washes her feet as per the kanya pujan. Simar recalls thinking of his words. He then wipes her feet with towel and apologizes to her again. He says forgive me and my family. He leaves.

Simar runs to her room crying. Avinash asks Indu to let her cry. Indu also cries. Simar thinks what has happened and all my happiness is snatched at one moment. She asks why she is punished for loving truly and asks mata rani. She imagines Aarav there and says why me? Aarav says God hurts the devotee who can bear the pain, and says you are strong and courageous and asks her to get ready for her next phase of life. He gives her clothes. Simar turns to him and finds him not there. She looks at the clothes in her hands.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Simar wipes her sindoor and wears clothes like before. She is starting her life again with her dreams.


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