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Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd August 2022 Episode starts with Giriraj asking Karan and Pallavi to sit and have food with them. Ishita says no, I didn’t make anything, everyone is made by Simar bhabhi. Simar says don’t be modest, you made poha for your nanand, I saw it. Pallavi asks did you make poha and gets glad.

Karan asks Badimaa if they can have it first. Badimaa asks when did you take permission from me, and says you can have it. Ishita says you can’t have it. Reyansh says even I will take the first bite. Simar asks Ishita why is she stopping them. Ishita says Dad is allergic to peanut. Karan says no.

Chitra says may be the food is less, as she has made it for Aditi. Simar says we never have less love and food at home. She says I will serve uncle ji and aunty ji. She serves them Poha. Ishita gets tensed. Karan is about to eat, when Ishita takes his plate and throws away Poha from the plate, it falls down on the dining table.

Everyone gets up from their chairs. Badimaa says it is a limit of misbehavior, we have never insulted Maa Annapurna before. She tells Karan that this is her values and that’s why her heart is refusing to accept her.

Karan gets angry and slaps Ishita. Ishita says dad, you have slapped me? Karan asks her not to forget that this is your sasural and not mayka. Ishita says you know well, what I do when I get angry. Reema says only bahus shall obey here. Vivaan asks what is in your mind. Badimaa asks Chitra if she saw and asks what do you want that I shall hug her.

She asks Simar to agree to her sayings and leave her stubbornness to make her ideal bahu. Karan apologizes to Badimaa on Ishita’s behalf. Ishita goes from there. Chitra signs Reyansh to go behind her. Karan then apologizes to everyone and asks Pallavi to come. They leave.

Aditi tells Gagan that she wanted to have it, but her desires are left incomplete. Gagan shows the plate and says I have brought the leftover Poha. Simar comes there and stops Aditi. She asks her not to have poha and asks her to make fruit salad. She says until you have it, I will make corn chat for you. Aditi says ok. She eats fruits. Gagan smiles.

Reyansh asks Ishita to apply icepack and says you will get some relief. Ishita says my Dad slapped me for the first time because of that Simar. Reyansh asks why did you throw the poha. Ishita asks what would I have done, should I let them eat? She says don’t know why did they come and says who had called them?

Simar comes there and says I have called them. She asks Ishita what she had mixed in the poha. Reyansh says you came to sprinkle salt on the wounds, and asks if that drama was not enough. Simar asks him not to defend his wife blindly. Ishita says your bhabhi will blame me again and don’t leave any chance to blame me, says everyone is done with her dramas.

She says there is nothing in this poha. Simar says then eat it. Ishita stops her. Simar keeps the plate and says I know that you will not have it, as I have seen with my eyes that you had mixed something in it. Reyansh says it is enough to lies. Simar says I don’t want to be the sacrifice lamb and that’s why came with the proofs. She shows the video to Reyansh in which Ishita is seen mixing Jamaal ghutta.

A fb is shown. Simar asks him to think if Aditi had eaten it and if anything happened to her and her baby then? Ishita says nothing will happen to her. Simar says for sangeet day accident, I don’t have proofs. She asks Ishita if her hands don’t shaken up while doing this. Ishita says you made my video to spoil my image, disgusting.

Reyansh says you are worried about your image, and says if anything had happen to my sister or her baby, and says such things shall not happen again. Ishita asks will you not tell anything to your bhabhi, who made my video. Simar deletes the video and says she don’t want to expose her. She says I know that your heart is clean and says you didn’t let your parents harmed, though you made it for Aditi.

She says one day you will have these feelings for this family too, as what we give is what we get. She says I have made you understand and goes. Ishita says Reyansh. Reyansh says I am very disappointed, whatever you have done is wrong. He goes. Chitra comes there.

Later Chitra takes Reyansh to office and makes him sit on the chair. She says it is Oswal group CEO chair. Reyansh asks why did you make me sit, as Ram and Lakshman are there to handle it, and says Bharat is not needed. He says if you are thinking to become kaikeyi and sent them to vansas.

Chitra asks him to think about the power of the chair, and says Ishita is our trump card, you can handle Aarav and Simar using her. She says Giriraj and Vivaan couldn’t get what I wanted, and asks him to fulfill her dreams, and take revenge for her insult.

She says I have bear enough to give you comfortable life and says I want to see you on powerful position. She says everything is yours and of Ishita and you will get it. She asks will you get it and fulfill your mother’s dream.

He says yes, I will fulfill your dream and will not let your sacrifices go waste. He says I will get this chair and position, promises her that he will prove himself better than Vivaan and Aarav. He says you are right, Ishita is the better partner.

Simar talks to Indu on call and says your work is done. She asks her to tell her side of ritual. Indu says after going there, this work is mine. Simar says I get confused that I am Aditi’s Nanand or bhabhi. Indu asks her to chill and says Gagan will help her. She says she got habitual to say this, as aditi tells this to Gagan. She asks her to bring the bangles.

Simar turns and sees her dupatta on Aarav. He gets romantic. Simar says this is your sister’s function. Chitra tells Ishita about Aditi’s baby shower function. She says Simar always wins as she knows where to invest time and energy.

She shows two sticks, in which one is small. She says you shall make your height long. She asks her to focus on winning Badimaa’s heart rather than lowering Simar. Ishita asks how we will do this? Chitra says I will say.

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