Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd July 2021 Episode starts with Aarav lighting the candle. Simar asks about the candle. He tells that they have taken the swears witnessing the fire, tells that she has taken swear due to helplessness and he has taken due to misunderstanding. He tells that they will take swear for their divorce which will happen with understanding. He says there will be no pressure from society and we will have respect and understanding for each other. He says if we collide in life again then we will not have any bitterness. He swears that he will keep her as his priority and will full all his responsibility as her husband. Simar keeps her hand on the candle and says she will fulfill the duty of their bahu and will keep up their respect and prestige in this one month. He promises that he will give her respect and dignity which a life partner deserves and will fulfill all her dreams. Simar promises that she will think about the family’s prestige and limits and will not do anything wrong which upset him or the family. She will think of his happiness and the family happiness from her heart. Aarav says we shall promise that nobody shall have any problem until chote gets engaged. Simar promises him. They promise that they will be together all this month. Maane ke yaar nahi plays…..They keep back their hands from the candle. The candle melted wax falls on Simar as she holds it from falling down. Aarav holds her hand and blows on her burnt hand. Simar looks at him. Song continues to play….Aarav goes. Simar holds her hand.

In the morning, Indu prays to Mata about Simar and Reema. She asks Mata Rani to protect her daughters. Gagan worries for Reema. Indu asks Avinash to have breakfast. Avinash refuses. Indu insists. Roma asks did you tell Papa that Reema is missing. Lalit gives medicines to Avinash. Door bell rings. Gagan thinks Reema di must have come. He sees Badi Maa, Shobha, Gajendra standing out.

Giriraj talks to someone and tells that he wants best caterer for Vivaan’s engagement. Chitra asks him to relax. Giraraj says nobody cares for us and that’s why missing. Chitra says Vivaan is marrying Kajal, it is good. Giriraj says where did they go?

Indu tells that she will make tea. Badi Maa tells that she haven’t come here to drink tea. She says my lawyer will talk to you. Lawyer asks Avinash if he knew that he has sent his younger daughter to Oswal Mansion and got Aarav married to the wrong girl. Avinash says yes we know. Lawyer threatens to send them to jail. Lalit asks what is this nonsense? Badi Maa tells that she wants to drag them to PS and wants to send them to jail. Gagan asks her not to insult his parents. Badi Maa gets angry on Lalit and tells Gajendra if he saw his tantrums. He tells Gagan that if she wanted then she would have got this matter spoken in court. She tells Avinash that he has started selling his daughters and says you chose the wrong house. Indu says enough. Badi Maa asks how much money you want and throws money on Avinash’s face. She then puts money on Avinash’s head. Indu and Roma cries. Badi Maa gives the cheque signed by her and asks him to fill the amount. She asks him not to look at their family again else she will not leave them. She asks him to either think this as warning or threat. She walks away from there. Avinash gets teary eyes.

Vivaan wakes up with a heavy head on the bed and asks where is he? He comes out and sees Reema sitting on the window. Reema says it is morning 11 am. Vivaan says I was here all night and hesitantly asks if something happened between them. Reema says nothing has happened. Vivaan says thank god, tells that today is his engagement. Reema says all the best. She says today I am leaving Agra for forever and asks if he will meet her last time to say goodbye to her. She says I will not have any rights on you after today. Vivaan says no Reema, I will not come. He leaves. Chitra and Giriraj welcome Kajal and Gupta ji. Gupta ji asks where is Vivaan and everyone. Chitra says he must be on the way. Kajal asks if he has interest in engagement or not. Vivaan comes and says he has full interest. He touches Gupta ji’s blessings and goes to change his clothes. Sandhya comes there and greets Gupta, and also congratulates him. Chitra asks where is everyone? Sandhya says everyone will come and asks Aditi to make tea and give to Kajal. Vivaan gets ready in sherwani and thinks what will suit her. Simar asks shall I help you? Vivaan calls her Bhabhi. Simar says you can call me friend. She helps him to select the handkerchief and says it is perfect match. Vivaan thinks if he shall tell her about Reema and thinks no, timing is not right. He calls Simar and tells that he has always thought that his relation with his bhabhi will be special and asks if he can call her bhabhi until she is here. Simar says sure Vivaan ji. Vivaan says when you are my bhabhi, then I am…Simar says Devar ji. Vivaan says ok. Simar goes.

Aditi thinks how to make tea? She thinks she doesn’t know how to make tea and wonders what to do? Simar comes there and tells her how to make. Aditi gets surprised and asks if she is here? Simar says yes. Aditi says she is happy to see her and hugs her. Simar says lets make tea. She makes tea. Sandhya comes there. Simar touches her feet. Sandhya blesses her and says I am very happy that you are here and says Aarav told us..She then says everything is ready and asks Aditi to take them out. Sandhya goes. Aditi asks Simar to come with her and meet Vivaan’s fiancé. She comes out and touches Gupta ji’s feet. Gupta ji says I am happy to see you again and takes out 500 Rs shagun, says it must be enough for you. Simar looks at him. Aarav is coming there.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Aditi brings Simar to have lunch with everyone. Badi Maa tells that only family members are having lunch and asks Bhairav to remove the extra chairs. Simar goes away from there. Aarav also gets up and goes to Simar. He asks her to have lunch with him. They have lunch together.


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