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Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd May 2022 Episode starts with Dhami telling Aarav that she wants to be with him and will not go anywhere. Aarav asks her to just leave. Badi Maa comes there and sees Dhami hugging Aarav forcibly, she calls out Aarav. Aarav is shocked to see badi maa standing at the door.

Badi Maa asks what is going on here. She notices Dhami wearing Simar’s clothes and asks why is she wearing her Simar’s clothes. Dhami tries to justify. Badi maa says your words can’t calm down my anger and asks her to make herself understand. She then turns to Aarav and asks him to make her friend understand that she shall not go to the married guy’s room when his wife is away.

She tells that every house and family have rules and regulations, but your friend doesn’t want to understand anything. Dhami says it is not like that. Badi maa warns her and says this is not America, where you say hi and bye, we have some limitations at home. She asks her to spend her time and leave from there.

She clears that whatever belongs to Simar, will belong to Simar only and will be of Simar always. She asks her to change her clothes. She then asks Aarav to end this matter right here, and says she doesn’t want to stretch further. Aarav says a big mistake has happened and I will make sure, it doesn’t get repeated. Dhami says mistake. Badi Maa walks out of the room. Aarav closes the door.

Dhami says Badi Maa has said so much and you was hearing all, you would have told her who am I? Aarav holds her hand and asks her not to get upset, says he has a surprise for her and asks her to get ready. Dhami opens the door happily. Aarav looks upset.

Reema calls Vivaan and thinks why is he not picking the call. She sees him standing outside of the Oswal Mansion and leaving in the car with Aarav and Dhami. She wonders where are they going so late in night and gets furious. Dhami asks them to tell what is the surprise? Vivaan asks her to have patience.

Dhami says she can’t and asks him to give hint. Vivaan says we thought to do something like old days. Dhami says just like you both bused to take me from the hostel and we used to hang out like old days. Vivaan says yes. Aarav is upset. She holds his hand. Aarav is driving the car still. Vivaan gets a call. He messages Dr. Pankaj.

Simar smiles and looks at Aarav’s pic. Reema comes there and keeps hand on her eyes. She says she is Dhami. Simar says Reema di. Reema tells her that Dhami went with Aarav and Vivaan and says she can’t bear her tantrums and wants to scold her. Aarav says surprise and stops the car.

Dhami sees ambulance. Simar tells Reema that Dhami is the guest and will leave soon. She asks her to be clear and scold her if she don’t like anything. She says I am secure about Aarav and my relationship and don’t have any doubt about any third person. She says she is sure that he will not let anyone cross the limitations and tells that his love and loyalty is strong that nobody can shaken it up.

She says I am sure that Dewar ji and your relationship is strong as well. Reema says you are innocent and Dhami is very cunning, don’t change the topic. Simar says if you are so worried then I will talk to both Aarav ji and Dewar ji. Reema goes to meet their parents.

Dhami gets down the car. Vivaan holds her hand. Dhami tells Aarav that he shouldn’t have done this. she tries to run away, but they catch her. Aarav says you didn’t leave any option for me. Vivaan thanks the doctor for coming on a short notice. The doctor says I will manage. Dhami says I have come a long way to reach you, you can’t do this with me. The doctor tries to give her injection.

Dhami says nobody can come between Aarav and me. The doctor gives her injection. Dhami faints. Nurses take her in the ambulance. Vivaan brings her stuff from the car. Aarav tells that he didn’t want to do this. Doctor tells that he knows about Dhami, and says he don’t need to justify. Aarav says Dhami was effecting everyone at his home. The doctor tells that Dhami will gain consciousness in the morning and they have flight tomorrow. Aarav thanks the doctor.

He comes back home and washes Simar’s saree. He thinks Dhami shouldn’t have worn it, and thinks he will wash it so well that it will be of Simar only. He looks at the saree and smiles. He gets Simar’s call. He asks didn’t you sleep till now. Simar says I can ask you this. Aarav says nothing is good and looks incomplete without you, says he wants her love back and wants her too. He says we are husband and wife and are married, this separation is not fair. He says he will come and pick her.

Simar asks what happened? He says I want your touch and hug. Simar says it is with you, and asks him to stand infront of mirror and look clearly. She says I am your mirror image, your reflection, I can’t separate from you, wherever I stay, I will be with you. She says how can you say that I am not with you and says you got smile on your face. Aarav is smiling and tells her that he got smile on his face. He says he always prays for her happiness and feels lucky to have her.

Simar tells him that she wants to talk to him about something. She tells that Reema di had come and had seen them going out with Dhami, and got upset. She says you knows her nature, she might tell her something. Aarav tells that Reema has to shout aloud as Dhami returned to America and they had gone to drop her to the airport. Simar says she couldn’t say bye to her. Aarav says who can stop anyone.

Simar asks if he is coming to the recording studio. He says of course, he will be with her when she records her song. Simar says I will talk to you tomorrow and shall sleep now. He says I love you. Simar says I love you too. Aarav smiles. They end the call and look out of their windows smiling.

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