Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd September 2022 Episode starts with Simar walking behind Reema in the jungle. She shouts Reema di, when she couldn’t see her. She then she hears her sitting on the ground and crying. She calls her di.

Reema stares her and Simar gets scared. Reema gets up and says I asked you not to come infront of me. Simar says I have come to take you. Reema says you have got so much late. Simar says no, di.

She asks her to come home and asks if she is worried about dewar ji. She says he will forgive you, and we will make everything fine. She says everyone is worried and upset with you. Reema says why?

She says I am upset with all the world. Simar asks what has happened, asks her to tell her? She says I will make everything fine. She asks her to come home with her and give her hand in her hand. Reema looks on.

Aarav is walking in the jungle and calling Simar. Reema gives her hand in Simar’s hand and feels the jerk and falls, due to the holy thread in her hand. Simar shouts Di. Aarav falls down in the muddy water.

Reema asks her to stop her drama and says if you had loved your sister truly, then why did you go to that imposter baba. She says this love and drama is all fake, and asks her to go. Simar says I will not leave you.

Reema asks her to remove the Suraksha Chakra from her hand and throw it off. Simar recalls Baba ji’s words. Reema says remove this Suraksha Chakra which that imposter made you worn.

She asks if your love was fake. Simar says come with me. Reema asks if you want to know what had happened with me, I will tell you, but before that you have to remove this thread from your hand and has to prove that you trust me more than that imposter baba. She says you have to win my trust again and again.

Simar asks why don’t you trust me? Reema says you are claiming to save me, and made arrangements to save your life. Simar says I am your sister, I can’t complete without you. She says come with me.

Reema says your love melts me. She emotionally blackmails her to remove the thread. She says Simar, please help me. She says I am nothing without you, will you help me and will come with me. Simar thinks of Baba ji’s words. Reema says if you are thinking about baba’s words and says he is imposter. She says save me, I need your help.

Simar recalls their moments and apologizes to Baba ji. She says nothing is important to me than my sister. Reema smirks. Baba ji says don’t remove the thread even mistakenly, Simar. Aarav tries to get out of the pit. Simar opens the thread and keeps it on the stone. The baba ji says what did you do Simar?

You shouldn’t have done this. Simar says now you trust me. She turns and finds Reema not there. She calls her name. Aarav asks for help and prays to Mata Rani to save his Simar. Simar finds Reema and goes behind her.

She asks where you are taking me, everyone is waiting for you, come home. Baba ji throws rope and asks Aarav not to worry. Aarav holds the rope and comes out of the bog. Baba ji tells Aarav that Simar’s life is in danger and asks him to come. He says Simar didn’t do right, she shouldn’t have gone with her.

Baba ji says I can’t see where she has taken Simar. Simar asks Reema where did you bring me? She says lets go. Reema says you have come here, and loves your sister a lot. Simar says come with me. Reema says from the place, I couldn’t come out since years and you have come here.

Baba ji tells Aarav that he is feeling that she is here, but couldn’t find her. Aarav finds the suraksha kawach and shows to Baba ji. Baba ji says Simar has gone very far from here, and she has become very vulnerable, any trouble can overpower her and that illusion can do anything with her. Reema asks Simar to see behind the fog.

Simar sees a haveli there. Reema asks her to go inside the haveli. Baba ji says if you take even a step then we can’t save you. Aarav asks him to save her. Baba ji says what we can do, she herself is walking towards the evil powers, it is impossible to save her. Aarav asks baba ji to tell him what to do. Simar walks towards the haveli and finds the thread tied on the way.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar goes inside the haveli. The door gets locked by itself. Simar asks who is there? Rudra walks down the stairs holding a rod. Skeletons are there in the haveli and the light flickers. Rudra says you have come here searching your Didi, it seems you have no interest in your life.


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