Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th August 2022 Episode starts with Simar telling Aarav that Mata Rani has always given her strength and she is sure that she will give her strength to solve this mystery and save our relation. She says Mata Rani will take me to my answers. Aarav gets a call and goes to attend it.

Vivaan sees Reema standing outside and asks her to stop. Reema signs him to come. Vivaan asks her to stop and shouts her name. He climbs the window sill and calls Reema. Simar turns and sees Vivaan standing on the window sill and is about to fall down. She climbs up and rescues

Vivaan just as he is about to jump down. Aarav comes there and sees Simar rescuing Vivaan. He holds Simar’s hand and helps her bring back Vivaan. She asks Vivaan if you are fine? Vivaan says Reema is there.

Aarav asks what happened to you, why did you climb up the window, there is nobody there. Vivaan asks him to see and says Reema is there. Aarav checks, but don’t see her. He says she is not there. Vivaan says I have seen her, she was seeing me and wanted to talk to me. Aarav asks Simar to handle him.

Simar says Di is not there, if she comes again then we will call her. Vivaan says she seems to be worried, and wanted to tell me something. Simar asks Aarav to take care of Vivaan, and says she will go and check downstairs. Vivaan says he will go. Aarav says your bhabhi has gone to check. Simar comes down and checks, but she don’t see anyone. Reema is walking behind her. Simar turns, but couldn’t see her. She gets the feeling that someone dear to her, was there.

Chitra tells Reyansh that Simar has hit axe on her feet. She says she got busy in searching her sister and will be oust from the house. She asks Reyansh to make place in Badimaa’s heart and get back home, then they will kick out Kavya, and says she is missing Ishita very much. Reyansh says I will come back home.

Vivaan asks Aarav to bring Reema back, he don’t want anything. Aarav feels bad for Vivaan. Vivaan asks Simar if she saw Reema and asks her to bring her there. Simar says yes, I will bring her and asks him to have water.

She makes him sleep and covers him with blanket. Vivaan sleeps and calls Reema’s name in sleep. She tells Aarav that she felt as if someone was there. Aarav says you might have said, as Chote is saying Reema again and again.

Simar prays to Mata Rani to help her, just then someone throws stone in the room, with letter wrapped on it. Aarav picks the letter and throws the stone, he reads please help me. Simar says this is Reema di’s handkerchief.

Chitra comes there and says I asked you not to come here, and asks what are you doing here? She says I will not let you stay here. Simar says please let me be here. Chitra says I don’t trust you, and takes her out. Vivaan wakes up and takes Reema’s name again. Aarav runs back to make him sleep.

Chitra drags Simar out of Vivaan’s room. Sandhya asks Chitra to leave Simar. Chitra says tell your dear bahu to stay away from my son and pushes Simar. Just then Aarav comes there and holds Simar. Badimaa asks Simar why did you go there? Aarav says chote’s life is ruined, he was about to jump down the window,

but Simar saved him. Badimaa asks what are you saying? Aarav says he attempted suicide and everyone is blaming Simar. Giriraj goes to be with Vivaan. Simar shows the note which someone threw in Vivaan’s room.

Badimaa reads it. Simar says it is written, please help me. She says it is Di’s handwriting and tells that someone might have done something with her, sometime back dewar ji saw her, and then this note. Chitra says you are acting superb. Simar says the things are not like it is appearing,

Di needs us, and says Aarav was with me when this note was thrown. Chitra says Aarav will say whatever you say. Sandhya asks why Reema is not coming infront of us. Gajendra says when she can come out, then why don’t she come inside. Simar says even I am thinking about this.

Badimaa says search that girl, and make her leave from Vivaan’s life, I can’t see him in this condition. She says you have time till navratri and asks her to solve the mystery if she wants. Chitra says even you shall leave from the house, as per your promise. Aarav stands with Simar and says this is all confusing, don’t know whom to believe, this note or hotel note. He says we will search Reema, I am with you.

Rudra is exercising in the gym, when Simar calls him. He asks how did you remember me today, and asks how is Reema? Simar asks where is Reema di? Rudra asks are you out of your mind, how did I know where is she?

She says I met her at the airport last time, when you took her away from her dreams and then she didn’t call me even now. Simar asks him to say the truth. Rudra says I wish I would have known where she went.

Simar says I hope you are not lying. Rudra asks how to help you? Simar ends the call. Rudra thinks she might be thinking where is my sister. Simar gets a call and drops mobile in shock. Aarav asks if everything is fine? Simar says Reema di.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Reema is walking. Simar sees her and tries to hug her, but falls, as she passes through her. She turns and looks shocked. Reema looks on as revengeful soul.


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