Sasural Simar Ka 2 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 31st December 2021 Episode starts with Avinash saying that today he will answer to Gitanjali Devi’s three reasons. She says Simar’s marriage with Aarav ji, was proved as the punishment, for the crime which she has not done. He says everyone tried to make you understand that Simar is innocent and got married to save her parents’ respect, but you didn’t agree,

you have always humiliated her, put her innocence in the witness box, punished her etc. He says reason 2, what did you say that your Aarav got spoiled in Simar’s company. He says it is wrong, and says thorns never learnt to blossom and the flowers never learnt to hurt, though they are bloom on the same plant.

He says that’s why Simar is innocent, and Aarav is not a small child to do whatever Simar said. He says Aarav is stubborn to get Simar and has forgotten everything. He says our Simar haven’t gone to him, to elope with him, but he had come with his baggage to elope with her, but she didn’t elope for her parents. He says reason 3,

Simar’s relation with the music is very sacred, and says Maa Saraswati is in her neck and says she has mixed sweetness in everyone’s relations, and says whatever is her dreams, is our dreams. He says the person who can’t understand her relation with music, doesn’t deserve her. She says the house where music is not respected, that house can’t be a temple for us. He says I am folding my hands infront of you,

we have relation now due to just one girl. He says now we don’t have any strength left and that’s why no daughter will come here in this house, and no daughter from this house will go to that house. He says Oswals and Narayans will not have any relationship now. Aditi looks at Gagan in shock. Simar also looks shocked.

Badi Maa walks out from there. Aditi cries. Gajendra calls Aditi. Aditi looks at Gagan and cries. Simar sits down in shock. Gagan says Simar. Avinash says I have decided that this marriage will happen tomorrow and not day after tomorrow. He asks if everyone heard and asks Lalit to see the venue. Roma asks Shobha if she can grind haldi and mehendi leaves, by evening. Shobha nods her head and goes. Simar thinks I am doing this for you. Aarav is taken to the lock up.

Badi Maa stops Reema from sitting in the car. Vivaan calls Badi Maa. Badi Maa says it is Reema’s sister wedding, she shall go and handle her sister’s marriage functions, it is her right and duty too. She tells Vivaan that even he has to do his duty as the son in law and asks him to spend whatever is needed, and asks him not to hesitate to call them if needed. Vivaan says ok badi maa.

The constable serves food to Aarav. Aarav looks on. Marriage functions begin at Narayan’s house. Indu asks Simar to get ready. Avinash apologizes to Samar for changing the marriage date. Samar says whatever you have done is for Simar’s betterment. In shobha’s house, Chitra comes to kitchen and drinks water.

Shobha tells her that today’s breaking news is that Gitanjali Devi got her favorite grand son arrested. Chitra is shocked and happy. She asks about Vivaan. Shobha says Vivaan has become the star of everyone’s eyes, and Badi Maa gave him responsibility so that Simar’s marriage is done. Chitra thinks now Vivaan will get what we couldn’t get. She says even I will enjoy Simar’s marriage.

Simar and Samar sit for their haldi rasam. Reema and Roma apply haldi to Samar. They go to apply haldi to Simar. Indu applies haldi to Simar. Chitra comes there and greets Simar. Reema applies haldi to Simar. Indu asks Chitra if everything is fine. Chitra says I understood the value of relationship after getting out of Oswal Mansion. She apologizes and congrats her for Simar’s wedding. Samar is happy.

Simar recalls Badi Maa’s words and looks at Aarav’s pic on her mobile. She gets tears in her eyes. Samar comes there and looks at Simar crying looking at Aarav’s pic.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Reema and Roma dance on the song Jhalka re….Mehendi designer asks Simar about her would be husband’s name. Simar says Aarav ji. Reema hears her. Aarav is in jail and thinks this marriage can’t happen.


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