Sasural Simar Ka 2 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 31st May 2021 Episode starts with Simar 2 and Roma bring Reema for the haldi ceremony. Everyone looks at Reema happily. Simar asks Sandhya if she is happy. Reema sits for her haldi rasam. Sandhya says you are so beautiful. Aditi gives the bridal lehenga to Reema. Reema tells Simar 2 that it must be of lakhs. Simar 2 says my sister is one among crores. Reema smiles. Indu, Simar, Sandhya and others do her haldi rasam and apply her haldi. Reema smiles. Simar 2 also smiles and feels happy for her sister. Simar 2 also applies haldi to Reema. Gagan takes the pictures. Simar 2 says this haldi color is Aarav and your new life, don’t let it lighten.

Reema says I don’t like light colors. Simar 2 receives a call from Devesh and thinks to tell him not to call him there. She goes to the room and asks him not to call her sister, as she is getting married. Devesh says this is once in a time opportunity and Reema has to sign on a form. He says he is standing outside her house. Simar 2 says no opportunity is bigger than her marriage and asks him to go and never to return. Reema, Simar 2 and Roma pose for a happy pic. Indu gets emotional and teary eyes. Avinash senses her feelings. Indu looks at her daughters and then smile. Simar recalls Badi Maa’s dislike for the sangeet, and Badi Maa asking Simar to make the ritual happen nicely. Simar goes to Indu and tells that Reema’s smile will be on her face always.

She says I want to talk to you. Indu asks if the arrangement is not nice. Simar says it is all perfect. Avinash comes there. Simar says the matter is something else and tells that she just want to request them thinking them as a family. Avinash asks her to say. Simar says Badi Maa dislikes music, dance and song and asks if they can cancel the sangeet ceremony. Avinash says why not and says sangeet function is cancelled. Aditi says it is unfair, this is bhabhi’s house and even she must be having her dreams. Gagan comes there and applies haldi to her face. He says even you shall dance. She runs behind him. Gagan runs away.

Indu, Avinash, Roma and Simar 2 do the ritual for Reema’s haldi. Avinash blesses her for happiness and hopes she handles her house. Devesh comes there. Simar 2 looks at him and her smile vanishes. Reema also looks at him. Devesh signs hi to Reema. He then signs Reema to sign for the contest form. Reema gets tensed and wipes her face with a cloth. Avinash comes there and asks Reema if she is fine? Simar 2 says Di was worried about decoration, I will go and see, else she will worry. Simar finds Simar 2 going out and is about to go out, when Sandhya stops her and says we will get the pic clicked by bahu. Simar 2 comes out. Devesh tries to scare her and laugh.

Simar 2 says how dare you to come here. Devesh says he knows how to bring someone on track. Simar 2 asks him to go and says Di’s sasural people is here. Devesh says I will go if I get Reema’s sign. Simar 2 asks if he didn’t understand. Devesh says I can make Reema’s sasural understand that she didn’t refuse for the finals, even now. He shows the file and says he will get Reema’s signature on it. Simar tells Sandhya that they shall apply haldi to Aarav too. He comes inside and signs Reema. Simar looks at Reema and is about to see Devesh, but the latter goes inside and Simar 2 comes there. Reema tells that something went in her eye. Simar 2 takes Reema inside to wash her face. Simar goes behind them. Gagan teases Aditi, who runs behind him.

Aditi collides with Simar. Simar asks her to walk carefully and sees Devesh there. Aditi tells that they shall tease them too and takes Simar from there. Reema asks Simar 2 if she made Devesh go from there. Devesh comes to their room. Reema asks what the hell are you doing here? She asks have you gone mad? Simar 2 says I asked him to go, but he didn’t listen. Devesh tries to convince her for the Ms. India contest. Reema says I am getting married. Simar 2 asks him to go. Devesh tries to provoke her to sign on the contest form and says you deserve this (form) and not the marriage. Simar 2 asks why? She asks if the girl’s ambition can’t be of marriage and to handle home. She asks him if he don’t feel ashamed to make joke of the marriage.

Devesh says you people stay in small world, but not me. He asks Reema to come out of the small world and see the big world. Reema says if I lose then I will lose everything. She says she can’t take risk. Devesh says your life is not for marriage and tells that the crown of Ms. India can be yours, you can be one in lakhs. He gives her form to sign. He says you are just one sign away from your success and asks her to sign. Reema takes the form and signs on it. She asks why di? Reema says everyone is waiting for us, if anyone has a doubt, lets go. Simar comes there and sees Simar 2, Reema and Devesh coming out from the room. She gets doubtful.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar 2 dances during Reema’s mehendi ceremony. Badi Maa gets angry and keeps a condition for the marriage.


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