Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd June 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd June 2022 Episode starts with Aarav coming to room and romancing with Simar. Simar says anyone might see. He says nobody will see. He holds her and says so Mrs. Simar Oswal. She asks him to say.

He asks how is she feeling to be back home. She says just like heaven. She says Maa used to say there is no place like home. Aarav tells that he thought that they shall save the water and asks her to understand. She asks him to go and take bath, and says she will set the clothes in the room. He says save water.

She asks don’t you feel shy and asks him to go. Ranjhana plays…..Simar keeps hand on her chest and smiles. Badimaa and the family members fold hands before Gopichand’s pic. Giriraj tells Chitra that their so called sanskari family, is taking blessings from not sanskari father. Gajendra asks why did you come back and what are you saying about pita ji. Giriraj says we thought to wash our hands in the flowing river.

Sandhya asks why did you both come? Chitra says we will say. Giriraj says I know that I will get such reaction from everyone and that’s why came with the arrangements. Badimaa asks since when you became so ill mannered.

Chitra asks Vivaan to see how badimaa is insulting him. Giriraj says your son Gajendr is the star of your eyes, the fight is that I am not the star of your eyes. He says lets divide the share. Badimaa shouts Giriraj. Giriraj asks Badimaa to stay in Gajendra’s share. Vivaan asks how can you say this to Badimaa, when she is unwell.

Giriraj says I need to be with her that’s why, people will gossip that I let her to die. Gajendra asks if you are a son or devil, who wants our mother to die. Badimaa says I will not die, until I get back everything. Giriraj says it is impossible to get it and tells that he has come here to get his rights on the house.

He asks Chitra to come and says they shall do the partition of the house. Chitra makes the line with color to divide the house. Simar asks Giriraj to stop it. Giriraj says that side is yours, and this side is of Chitra and me.

Simar says you can’t do this Chacha ji, Badi maa is the head of the house. Giriraj says even I have the right on the house and says we can start new with peace. He says if you want to get rid of poverty etc, then sell your side of house to me, I promise that I will give more good rate than the market rate.

Simar says you know that Badi maa is unwell. Giriraj says I have to take action. Badimaa asks what wrong did I do, that I got a son like you. Giriraj asks why are breaking the sin pot on my head. He says he will make them introduce his family and calls Dhami. He says she will stay with us, in our side. Dhami smiles. Simar gets angry. Dhami asks her not to come to their side. Simar says I will not let you trouble my family.

Simar tells Badimaa that let them play their cheap games, we will give them the reply. Badimaa hears Yamini singing and comes out. Giriraj asks everyone to come and enjoy the program kept at their side. Badimaa and others get down the stairs. Giriraj asks them to go to their side. Some men come there to see Yamini’s program.

Badimaa says you have shown your value. Giriraj says even she is our guest and will stay in our house with us. Badimaa and others are shocked. Yamini says what a good news, you all shall cheers. The men sitting to watch the program drink and cheer. Yamini says Gitanjali Devi know about my singing and charm, she had heard it.

Badimaa asks Giriraj to stop this nonsense and says this woman is the reason for your father’s dead and trapped your father with this kind of program. Giriraj says then even I shall listen. He asks the me to enjoy. Badimaa starts shaking up and keeps hand on her ears. Simar holds Badimaa. Yamini sings song

. Simar takes Badimaa to inhouse temple and begins singing bhajan. All the men enjoying the song, get up and says we didn’t know that there is a temple in the house, and says this is not good in devimaa’s temple. Simar and Badimaa do aarti. Simar sings bhajan. All the men come there to hear the bhajan.

Yamini gets angry and says your sur are wrong. She says this girl doesn’t know sur etc and asks her to stop her drama. She says I was sad to say that you was my bad student. She says I will tell you what music is? Simar folds hands before Mata Rani and tells that devotion is seen when singing bhajan and not sur.

Yamini says you came to my doorstep begging. Simar says it was a mistake, but I rectified it at the right time. Yamini says there was no sur. Badimaa says wrong, and challenges her to compete with Simar. Sandhya says we will never have any relation with them. Dhami says the competition shall be done. Simar says no.

Badimaa says we shall show their place to them and asks why are you scared, and says I have full trust on you and your art. Simar tells Badimaa that she will surely sing. Badimaa says my name will not be Gitanjali Devi Oswal, if you don’t get defeated. Yamini asks her to think of her new name.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar finds the veena string cut. It is shown Dhami has cut it to lower Simar and says I have cut your destiny strings. Aarav brings veena. Simar gets happy and hugs him. She practices singing.


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