Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd September 2021 Episode starts with Simar working in the kitchen and asks Maharaj ji to knead the floor well and make arrangements of Poha, says she will make it. Sandhya comes there and asks Simar what is she doing? Simar says she has been watching cookery show and learnt to present the food. She says if the presentation is good that the hunger increases. Badi Maa gives a file to Gajendra and says I want bhojnalaya inauguration and also that girl to leave. Lalit comes to Roma and tells that very soon his book will be published. Roma asks what will you do till then? She asks him to do some work, and tells that she can’t become his mother’s Servant. Lalit tells that he cant do 9-5 pm job and tells that once he book is published, he will be called in mushaira. She says you will never understand, my condition will never get better. Shobha calls Roma and asks her to give water to Pandit ji. Pandit ji tells about the mahurat and goes. Lalit asks why Pandit is called. Shobha scolds Roma for bringing broken rice other than basmati rice. Roma says it was not in the shop so the shop keeper gave this. Shobha taunts her and says that they use just basmati rice and not any ordinary rice like her mayka. Simar calls her. Lalit asks Roma to pick her call. Indu talks to Simar and Roma and tells recipe to Simar.

Roma complains to Indu about Shobha’s taunts. Indu asks Roma not to tell her about her inlaws home. She asks Simar to connect to Reema. Simar calls Reema. Chitra comes there and asks Reema to pick the call. She then tells Reema that she shall go away before Ganapati Visarjan and Vivaan shall think that she is leaving on her own. She asks her to tell Vivaan that she can’t be anyone’s wife and wants to be a supermodel etc. She walks away and thinks she has to keep eye on Reema. Simar gives an idea to Roma to make hampers for the Ganapati puja, till jiju gets the job. Indu says it will help you and asks them to distribute the happiness. Simar says Bua ji will also like it, if you continue this business. Roma gets thinking. Simar thinks she shall make everyone happy. Later Aarav and Simar talks to each other about celebrating the festival. He holds the trolley. Song plays…. Simar says I will do. Aarav says you asked help from me that nobody shall be upset with me, so let me help. He knocks on the door and asks her about Ganapati modak. He calls Chitra. Chitra comes out. Aarav says good morning and asks what she would like to have, tea or coffee. Chitra says anything. Aarav asks her to drink ginger tea. Simar serves her. Chitra thanks her and goes. Simar asks what you like about Ganapati ji. Aarav says sweets, even I like it. Vivaan comes there and asks why are they giving him hotel feeling early morning. Aarav greets him. Simar gives him tea. Aarav asks Vivaan to go and take bath.

Simar tells Aarav that Bappa is sensitive too and that’s why he is vignaharta. Aarav and Simar comes to Badi Maa’s room. Aarav asks what they would like to have, coffee or tea. Gajendra takes him with him. Simar looks at Badi Maa. Gajendra gives the file to Aarav and says it is your dream project and asks him to work on it. Aarav thanks him and says can we start this project after few days. Sandhya gets emotional and asks Simar, what you do for us always, tries to win our hearts. Simar says I don’t want to spend these days, but wants to live it. She says life shall be meaningful than big. She says she wants to take all these moments from here. Aarav asks again. Gajendra thinks of Badi Maa’s words to make him so busy that he forgets the way of house, and stay away from that girl. Gajendra says he has promised us. Badi Maa says he has promised from mind and not from heart, he shall be so busy that he don’t remember the 15 days. Fb ends. Gajendra reminds Aarav that he asked for chance and that’s why they gave her. Sandhya tells Simar that she is more good than she thought of a bahu. She asks her to go and get Ganapati home with Aarav. Simar says but…Sandhya says she will handle Badi Maa. Aarav agrees to take up the project.

Vivaan searches for his favorite shirt. Reema asks if he is searching this? Vivaan says this? Reema says I know this is your favorite shirt and asks him to change. She says she will serve him tea. Vivaan asks from where the moon came today? He says he will die with overdose of her concern. She asks him to go. Vivaan wears the shirt and thinks it makes him more dashing. Reema recalls Chitra’s words that he shall feel that she doesn’t want to be in the marriage and wants to break it. etc. Reema serves tea to Vivaan. Vivaan is about to take it. Reema drops it on his shirt and says now you will blame me, that I made it fall down. He says no Reema. Reema asks him to ask his Servants to wash it. Vivaan says I am not angry on you, will I get angry on you due to this as you are more favorite to me than this shirt or anything else. He says its ok, such things happen in marriage and it becomes successful overcoming these small problems. Reema thinks how to make him angry, who loves me so much.

Simar makes Idlis for Badi Maa and says you like it, may be you will like it. She then serves Parathas for Gajendra, sandwiches for Sandhya, poha for Giriraj, noodles for Chitra. Reema comes there and sits on the dining table. Simar serves pasta to Aditi and cornflakes to Reema. Reema says thank you dimmer. She asks if it is hot? Simar says no. They all start eating the food. Simar asks Reema if she will help her in Ganapati puja rituals. Reema thinks she shall make way of her exit while Ganapati puja. She says ok. Everyone starts eating. Simar asks where is Aarav ji and Dewar ji and says their breakfast is ready. Badi Maa says they are in the office. She tells that you did a good try, but the idli is not cooked properly. She says I will eat today. Aarav asks Vivaan to go to office and says he has some urgent work. Vivaan says come fast and goes in his car. Simar rushes to kitchen and packs the tiffin. She comes out and runs behind Aarav’s car. Aarav doesn’t hear her and goes. Simar feels bad.

Aarav thinks Simar, I promised to give you happiness in these few days and I know where your big happiness lies. Yamini is singing in her house. She stops singing. Aarav calls her as Yamini ji. Yamini is surprised to see her. Jogi aims gun at him from far. Aarav says I am sorry to come again. Yamini nods Jogi not to shoot him. Yamini asks since when you are standing here? Aarav says sometime back. Yamini says you seems to be from a good house, and says he should have knocked before entering in someone’s house, if he is not taught about this. Aarav says you was singing so I couldn’t disturb you. Yamini Devi asks why you have come? Aarav tells that he came to request her, to give a chance to his wife. He says she respects music since music and you are her ideal. He asks her to give a chance to Simar.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :During Ganapati Celebrations, Simar sees the Bappa’s cloth getting moved from him and tries to cover it. Badi Maa comes there and gets Simar asking how dare she? Simar gets tensed.


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