Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd September 2022 Episode starts with Simar walking towards the haveli. The spirit looks at Reema and asks Simar to walk, says you will get all your answers in this haveli. The baba ji says no Simar.

The spirit asks her to go inside the haveli and then you will know everything clearly. She says you have trusted me once and asks her to go and get the answers. She asks her to listen to her sister and go inside the haveli. Simar steps inside the red magical line. The spirit smiles. Baba ji tells Aarav that destruction have happened?

She gets inside the haveli. Someone is walking in the haveli and walks down the stairs holding an skeleton axe. Simar asks who are you? He keeps the axe on the ground and the magical rays spread everywhere. Simar sees his face and says Rudra. She goes to him. He sits on the sofa and says welcome Simar.

Simar says I know, my heart was saying that you was behind all this. He laughs and says it seems you don’t like your life, you came here searching your Di. Simar says she is my sister and my life and I love her a lot, and that’s why searching her. She asks him to leave her. Rudra says I would have leave her,

but it is difficult to cage and free dead person. Simar says you are lying, nothing has happened to my Di. She says she showed me this way, I have seen her with her eyes. Rudra asks did you see with your eyes, and tells that it was your illusion. He says she has died, and tells that her life ends on me.

He says whoever relation gets connected with me, that girl’s other relations ends. Simar says I know my sister is alive. Rudra says you don’t know anything. Simar says this is my city and sasural and says my Aarav ji can search me at any time. She asks him to leave Reema. He says he is scared and laughs.

He asks do you know who am I? He asks if you think that your husband can reach here, and says he can’t even hear your voice, forget that he will reach here. The baba ji asks Aarav to stop and says Simar was here. Aarav calls her. They come near the haveli, but couldn’t see it. The spirit says you can’t see the other world though you are standing there. He says the haveli is infront of you, but you will not see. She says you can’t reach Simar.

Rudra tells Simar that she will die in the haveli, will shout and scream. He hits the magical rod on the ground. The chair gets pulled and Simar gets tied by the chair. She is shocked. Rudra says I didn’t want to kill you, but you have called your death by coming here. He says you will die for what you want to know.

Simar says leave her. Rudra says I got her after many years and you want me to leave her. She asks what? He says my dream and destination, which is beyond everything. He hits the rod and the door appears there.

Simar is surprised. She says I am sure that my sister is alive, says your fear is proving it, you want to kill me, so that I don’t reach here. Rudra says this is my world and you don’t know with whom you have messed up. He says I will solve riddle for you and says your Reema di is alive.

He says Reema is alive and wherever she is, she is very happy. He says now you can die peacefully, as neither a human can come here nor any God to save you. Simar shouts Rudra. Rudra gets inside the magical door and vanishes. Simar shouts Aarav ji. The baba ji and Aarav are standing near the magical line, but couldn’t see the haveli. Simar shouts Aarav ji.

The spirit says Aarav, Simar is infront of you, but you both can’t hear each other as you both are in separate worlds. She says you can’t cover the distance. The baba ji tells Aarav that he has lost Simar for forever.

Aarav says this can’t be possible and asks him to tell, how to save her. Simar shouts calling Aarav. Aarav says Baba ji, I need my Simar. Reema says nobody will hear you both, you both can’t unite, and doesn’t know about Rudra’s powers.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar prays to Mata Rani and asks her to make her reach Aarav. Her bangle comes out of her hand and comes rolling to Aarav, crossing the other world. Aarav tells baba ji that the bangle is of Simar. The spirit is shocked.


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