Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th July 2021 Episode starts with Aarav telling Simar that he had told Aditi for this, but she wants everything grand. Simar says it was not needed. Aarav says it was needed, as for whatever happened, it is not our mistake. He says our relation is not connected by love, but the relations which are connected by respect, it is like by God. He says I want to give you and make you feel the respect and dignity, which you deserve. He says I have seen how you behaved with Vivaan’s inlaws and kept badi Maa’s respect. He says you have kept your promise, now let me keep my promise.

He says Maa tells that when I get hungry I get Chatter/Chatterjee and says lets eat food. He pulls the chair. Simar sits on it. He then sits on his chair. He serves water in her glass. They serve food in each other’s plates and bowls. Aditi takes their pic and thinks to send it to Gagan. She messages him that she had panicked but situation is better. Gagan recalls Badi Maa insulting Avinash and messages Aditi to meet him. Aarav and Simar start having food. She signs him that the food particle is under his lips. He moves forward towards her. She takes it out with her hand.

Gupta ji tells that they will leave now. Kajal asks can Vivaan and I go for drive. Gupta ji asks Badi Maa if they can go. Chitra says they can go, we are having modern thinking. Badi Maa says Aditi and Aarav will go with them. Gupta ji says it will be fun when Aarav goes with his wife, if he will not enjoy now then when will he enjoy. Aditi says I will call Simar. Kajal says ok. Badi Maa gets upset.

Aditi comes to Simar and asks her to come with them for the drive, says Aarav Bhai is also coming. Simar says I can’t come. Aditi says if you don’t come, then I will think that you don’t regard me as your sister. Simar agrees. Chitra appreciates Gupta ji’s plan and tells that badi Maa will get angry seeing Aarav going with Simar on long drive. Giriraj says it might blast. Gupta ji says if Aarav gives divorce to Simar then he will be badi Maa’s favorite again. Chitra says we have to do something that Aarav don’t divorce Simar. Giriraj says we have to send them out so that Aarav fell in love with her, and don’t think of divorce. Vivaan says Simar haven’t come. Aarav says it is good if she don’t come, I get awkward with her presence. Simar comes there and falls. Aarav holds her. Vivaan thanks Simar for coming them company. He asks why icecream parlour shall we go? Aditi says freezing point. Vivaan says lets go. Aarav asks Simar to come. Simar sits in the car. Aarav keeps her dupatta inside and asks if she is comfortable. Simar signs yes.

In the icecream parlour, Kajal tells Simar that she likes red velvet icecream. She tells Simar that she likes her and says she fears that they might throw her out, but she will make everything fine. Simar tells that she has learn from elders that they have to cover their own journey and they stumble upon peeping other’s journey. She says it will be start for you too. She asks her to have her icecream. Kajal says it is enough. Aarav hears Simar and smiles. Simar tells that Papa used to bring kulfi from a shop and we used to eat. Aditi says icecream is on your nose. Simar says don’t know why it applies on my nose always and says Reema used to say the same. Aarav gets upset. Vivaan gets Reema’s call. Aarav sees her call and asks Vivaan not to pick her calls.

Vivaan says nobody asked why she does that. Aarav says it is not needed and asks him to stay away from here. Simar comes to Aarav and gives her kulfi. Aditi asks how did she know that it is his favorite. Aarav teases Aditi. He asks Simar about getting the parcel. Aditi says she got it for all the family for the iceparty party. Aditi replies Gagan that she will meet him and will send him the info. Aarav gets a call from Vividh Bharati office that Simar was selected for their singing team, and had given audition. Aarav says he will call him back and ends the call. He comes to Simar and asks if she doesn’t know the rules and regulations of the house. He says he got call from radio station and says you was selected. Simar says I will sing with their team.

Aditi congrats her. Aarav says everyone knows that the family member of this house can’t sing. Simar says but I am just the guest for a month. She says music is not just singing for her, but puja and devotion for her. She says it is my years long hardwork and even my parents Maa and Papa want me to sing on the big stage, just like your dream is your business. She says I have lost myself and got it, if there is no music then there is no Simar.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar sings happily. Aarav keeps hand on her mouth to stop her. She looks at him while music plays..


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