Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th July 2021 Simar tells to Aarav that she wants to make music her identification. She also tells that she have to pay back to him. But he tells her that she cannot make Badi Ma unhappy by supporting her. She tells that music can win everyone’s heart. Yet she tells that she has made him promise to take care of his family so she will not do anything that will hurt his family sentiments. Aditi tells to Aarav that she supports Simar, if she will get married in a house where they will not support her passion how she will feel.

Vivaan comes to check Reema whether she has left for her flight or not he finds her in bath tub with her hand bleeding. She had attempted suicide. He takes her to hospital. Doctor tells him that he bought her in time and now she is out of danger. He requests doctor to stay with her. He stays to take care of her. Aarav calls Vivaan. Vivaan makes excuse and ask to stay out for that night, he also ask him favour to convince his parents and Badi Ma that he will stay out.

Simar have some bad feeling for her family. She hopes everything is fine. Simar meets Kajal and tells her that she should not come here. Kajal gets angry on Simar and tells her that due to her wedding she is not able to have wedding of her choice. She asked Simar what kind of wedding she wanted for her. Simar explains her in her language. Badi Ma sees Kajal, she asks her what she is doing here. Kajal explains her all that what Simar has told her. Chitra and Badi Ma gets impressed by her conversation. Simar tells to Sandhya that she is looking for Aditi to ask for her phone, Sandhya gives her phone to her. Sandhya orders her helper to bring a new phone from market.

Simar calls Indu and talks to her. Indu informs Simar that Shobha had thrown out Roma from her house. She also tells her that Avinash got heart attack but he is fine now. Simar is unable to tell about her condition. Indu tells her that Avinash had thrown Reema from their house and they don’t know where Reema is now. Simar is in trouble how to find Reema. Simar calls to Vivaan and tells him that Reema is missing and if he gets any information about her then let her know. Reema is fine to go home from hospital.

Simar helps Sandhya in kitchen. Kajal sees her in kitchen and tells her that this is her place in Oswal family. Kajal tells her that why she doesn’t get angry. Simar tells her some philosophy that doing a job is not big or small. She helps the kitchen helpers in preparing food for the guests. Kajal is unable to understand her, she gets angry and goes from there. Aarav is watching all these. He is very impressed with her thoughts. Simar then hurries and cooks for them.

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