Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th July 2022 Episode starts with Reyansh asking Aarav to make his wife realize her mistake. He says I accept all my mistakes and will not do again. He says she should have come to me, but she provoked Ishita against me and asked her to think before marrying me.

He says she has instigated Ishita against me, but Ishita understands, trusts and love me. She is a human being and can break, then what can happen with me. Aarav asks what was the need to do this, if you love Ishita. He blackmails him taking Badimaa’s name and Oswal’s reputation.

He says you know well how Oswal reputation matters to all. He hugs him and says stop Simar bhabs. Aarav says you shall not do this mistake again, I will talk to Simar. He goes. Reyansh closes the door and takes a sigh of relief. Aarav comes to room. Simar asks did you talk to Reyansh?

Aarav says Reyansh said one thing right, and says even Kavya is wrong, says we can’t clap with one hand. Simar says I agree that we can’t clap with one hand. He says I agree that Reyansh had forwarded his hand first,

it was Kavya’s consent too, then only one person is blamed. Simar says Kavya didn’t agree to betray, there is a difference. Aarav says Reyansh, Ishita and Kavya are children and we shall not provoke this issue. He says after three controversial marriage at our house, we shall get this marriage peacefully done,

and if one mistake and we will be blown out of the proportion and we will become the headlines for the wrong reasons. He says we shall end this right away. Simar asks what about Kavya? Aarav says I take his guarantee and he will apologize to Kavya. He says this marriage shall be done gracefully and peacefully. She says she has understood and will do as he said.

Gajendra asks Sandhya whom to invite from her mayka. He says everyone. Sandhya calls Gayatri and invites her family. She says consider this as my personal invitation. Giriraj talks to someone and says he wants India’s best DJ and all India shall know. Badimaa tells that sangeet rasam is happening for the first time.

Chitra talks to the waiters and says their work shall be good and she wants 10 times more scale than bride’s family. Badimaa comes there and says there shall be no competition. She asks about the kids. Gajendra says they went to Ishita’s house for card approval.

Ishita shouts at the Servants for decorating the house with ordinary flowers and tells that she wants orchid and tulip flower decoration. She throws the flower and it falls on Simar, Reema and others. Pallavi comes there and asks them to welcome. She says Ishita gets angry and calm down soon too.

Aarav and Simar are about to touch her feet. Pallavi says she is very young. Aarav tells that they have come with some wedding invitation cards and likes it. She asks Pallavi to make their cards more better and costly. Pallavi says ok. Reema says that should be the attitude, always aim for the most expensive thing.

Simar says all expensive things are not best and says whatever touches your heart shall be selected. She says all your wishes shall be fulfilled without any pressure. Pallavi says Ishita’s hand is open always. She asks Servants to bring snacks for them and tells that staff member is scared as Ishita scolded them.

She says she wants everything to be perfect. Simar asks her to take Badimaa’s advice before planning anything. Ishita says it is my marriage, then why to ask others for function. Pallavi says ofcourse.

Ishita says she will fulfill all her wishes. Reema asks about their functions. Pallavi says she has kept separate sangeet as their friends’ circle is big. Karan Kapoor comes there and asks Pallavi to take them to show the house. Karan takes Aarav and Vivaan with them and asks them to drink, but they refuse. Simar thinks Aarav ji asked me to forget, but my heart is not agreeing. She says I shall talk to Ishita once.

Ishita says I want to talk to you and thanks her for not telling anyone about it. Ishita asks are you sure that you are doing this yourself and is not pressurized by someone. Ishita asks her to stop it and says its ok, Reyansh will not do it after marriage. She asks her to stay away from them. Simar says ok, I will let go of this topic, I love Reyansh and he promised me that he will not do this again.

Aditi tells Gagan that she has put on 5 kgs and has to buy new lehenga. She says she will go to Oswal mansion and stay there till the functions are over. She says Badimaa, Sandhya and Simar will take care of her. She asks him to come with her.

The designer is taking the measurement and hits on Reyansh’s face by mistake. Reyansh gets angry and scolds him. He thinks if Simar tells anything to anyone. He calls Kavya and says sorry to her. He says I want to explain my situation to you, and tells that I said you I love you truly and now I am saying sorry truly. He asks her not to tell anyone about him

Simar and Aarav come to Kavya’s house. Simar asks her parents if they permit her then she wants to take her responsibility as an elder sister. Simar says we both want to get her marriage done and asks for their permission. Kavya’s parents get glad and accepts her proposal.

Badimaa applies oil to Reyansh and says you are lean? He says I am not lean. Aarav and Simar come there. Aarav tells that she has forgotten them since Reyansh came. Badimaa says she wants to fulfill all her desires in Reyansh’s marriage. Simar says she wants to tell something about Kavya. Reyansh gets worried.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Badimaa tells Simar that she wants Reyansh’s marriage to happen with traditions, satvik vivaah like Shri Ram and Sita. Ishita says my marriage will be grand trendy in her style. Badimaa says nothing wrong shall happen. Aarav says it will happen as you like and asks Simar to say.


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