Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th November 2021 Episode starts with Reema telling Vivaan that she is happy that he came home safely. She says I was worried seeing your condition and says thanks to Mata Rani that everything is fine. She says so much wrong happened since many days, counts the things and tells that I won’t let anything happen to you.

She says just like I have handled you, I will handle the family and we shall get lost in each other’s love. He asks her to listen. Reema says there is no place for divorce papers between us and tears it. She swirls throwing it in air. Vivaan laughs and asks why it is needed. He says it is needed much, and says it is foolishness to think that everything is fine between us, and says since I came here, I am listening how you saved me etc.

He says my suffering, injuries and pain are nothing, just you say how you saved me. He says how you give importance to yourself. He says you should have asked, if I wanted anything, juice or milk, then I would have thought that you are genuinely helping me, and says that moment I would have filled sindoor in your maang.

He says do you know, why you saved me. He says as you think that you love me, else I would have died on the road and it will not bother you. Reema says you think this way. He asks did you talk to Aditi once after her marriage is called off. He asks did you talk to Sandhya when she was about to leave, did you talk to badimaa and share her tension once. He says Aarav Bhai fought with Mohit, though his heart was broken and injured the latter. He asks did you ask Aarav once, how is he feeling after Simar left.

He says Simar, who loves you so much, did you let her hug you once and let her cry. He says you couldn’t do any duty of a sister, wife or bahu and asks will you take care of family. Reema says enough and says I am tired of proving my love to you, and says you always find flaws in my love, whatever I do, it is less for you. He says whatever you do, you does for yourself and says you don’t get tired off counting what you have done, and Simar doesn’t get tired of working for others.

Reema says there is no comparison of Simar and me, and says she was thrown out from here, this is my sasural now. Vivaan says there is no comparison between you and Simar bhabhi. He says she knows from day 1 that she will be thrown out, then also she used to cook food for everyone daily and she used to know everyone choices. He says she never made anyone feel that wrong thing has happened with her.

He says what was the need for her to do this, she did this for love for the house and says she didn’t get anything. She says she has won everyone’s heart while leaving. She says everyone knows that Bhai and Bhabhi loves each other a lot, if she would have said once then Bhai would have left home with her, but she didn’t ask him to leave house for her.

Vivaan says this is called love. He says after ending everything, she came to meet me in the hospital and didn’t tell me even once that she is thrown out of house. He says while going from there, she asked me to give a chance to you. He says you are telling that you will handle house, and says I doubt if you both are sisters.

Reema says I am done hearing her name, says she has used my second hand stuff all life, and says she got the husband left by me who has left her today. She asks Vivaan, what an abandoned woman is called? Aarav comes there and slaps Reema hard. He asks her to be quiet and warns her not to take Simar’s name with her mouth, says I will forget that you are this house bahu.

Reema asks how dare you to slap me, and asks Vivaan did you see, you brother slapped me infront of you and asks will you not say anything, if this is your family values. Vivaan holds Aarav’s hand and says Bhai, you did right, if anyone insults the family members and badmouths about her, then such thing shall happen with her, this is family values. Aarav and Vivaan go from there. Reema holds her cheeks. Chitra comes there and laughs. She says why you do such work, and asks her to pack her stuff and leave.

Reema is outside Narayan house and tears Simar and her pics and throws them in the fire. Simar comes there and says you came to meet me so late in night, thank you so much. She says everyone is sleeping, we can talk. She asks aren’t you feeling cold? Reema says fire is burning in me, and I don’t want this fire to set off. She says to keep this fire burning, you need to burn. She tears Simar and her pic and throws only Simar’s pic in the fire. Simar is shocked.

She asks what is your problem? Reema says your existence is my problem, I used to love you, but you used to eye my stuff and not on Roma and Gagan’s stuff, as I was soft target for you. She gives honey’s example and tells that Vivaan and Aarav couldn’t see anything than you. She shows her cheeks and asks her to see what Aarav Oswal has done with her. Simar is about to touch her cheeks.

Reema says I don’t need your fake sympathy and pushes her. She says I am getting punished for being your sister, this is not just slap. Simar says I will talk to Vivaan ji. Reema says don’t act. Simar says I am your sister. Reema says it seems like a bad word from your mouth, and ends relations with her. She says we will have one blood in our veins, but our heart beats will be different.

Simar says we shall sit and talk. Reema says there is nothing left and warns her not to be seen 50 mts near her sasural, says I will forget that we are born from same womb, and says I will snatch your smile and will burn your future. She says stay away, nothing is left now, that sasural is of Reema now. She says I have brought your stuff here, which had occupied space in my sasural.

She says I have one more thing for you, and slaps her hard on her face. She says this is your Aarav ji’s gift, which I have returned with interest. She asks her not to forget this slap echo and stay away from her life. Simar is shocked and says your own blood is always with you, in your tough time and always shows the way to you. She says I was in confusion since a long time and couldn’t break the ties with Oswal family, but your one slap solved my confusion. She says you broke it at once, that now I can see everything clearly.

She says that’s why I say that you are world’s best sister. Reema says again you are talking great, and asks if she is not tired of acting great. Simar says there is a difference, I find happiness in the low and you find flaws in happy times too. She says I hope you take care of your sasural, like I used to take. Reema walks away from there. Simar holds her cheeks and thinks why did Aarav ji slapped Di.

Aarav is sitting in his room and looks at Simar’s pic. He says I am sorry Simar, my soul is not with me, if you was with me, then I wouldn’t have lost control. He says I can’t hear anything against you. Simar pours water in the fire.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar asks Samar to give audition. He says from where you came? She says she came for audition. He says audition is for fusion music and behenji like you can’t do. Simar comes there wearing a western outfit with googles and high heels. He looks at her surprised.


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