Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th September 2022 Episode starts with Aarav walking towards the haveli, though he doesn’t see it. The baba ji stops him and asks him not to move even a bit. He shows him the thread and says this land is tied from four sides.

Simar prays to Mata Rani and asks her to let Aarav reach him, he might be searching her. Baba ji tells that this is a trap. Aarav asks where is my Simar? Baba ji asks him to see with his own eyes, and throws stone on the magical lock. A fire spark comes out from there. Aarav asks what is it? Baba ji says this is devil powers.

Aarav prays to Mata Rani and asks him to make her reach his Simar. Simar prays to Mata Rani and asks her to make her reach Aarav ji somehow and pleads infront of her to support them. She shouts Aarav ji and prays to Mata Rani asking her to save her.

Suddenly one of her bangle slips out of her hand and rolls over. Reema’s spirit is shocked to see Simar’s bangles rolling and coming to Aarav, crossing the magical barrier. Aarav looks at the bangles and tells Baba ji that Simar is near here somewhere.

Aarav says Simar, I am right here. The spirit says it is impossible that Simar’s bangle went out of this world. She asks Simar, what kind of power she has, that her bangle reached Aarav. Simar sees the spirit and asks if you have come. She asks if you can see me. Now Simar is outside the haveli near the magical barrier.

Simar asks the spirit to free her hands so that she can go to Aarav. The spirit says that nobody can go from this side to another, it is not in my limits and not in your limits too. She says nobody can help you free from here. Baba ji tells Aarav that they shall leave from here. Aarav says I will not leave, until I get Simar back.

Baba ji asks him to understand that they have lost Simar, she has gone to that world forever. Aarav says no baba ji, my Simar will be back. Baba ji asks him to understand and says we shall go back and gather some powers which can fight with these powers. He asks him to come. Aarav shouts Simar. Simar can hear him.

She also shouts Aarav ji. Aarav can hear her voice this time, and asks where are you? Simar says I can hear you. He says I will not go without you. Simar shouts Aarav ji. Aarav says I will not go without you. Baba ji asks him to come from there, and don’t be foolish. Aarav walks towards the magical barrier.

The magical rope opens up. The spirit is shocked. Simar comes towards the magical barrier. Aarav shouts Simar. Simar also shouts Aarav ji and says I can hear you, please come infront of me. He asks why can’t I see you. She says you can feel me Aarav me. Baba ji tries to stop Aarav. Aarav comes near the barrier.

Baba ji asks him not to touch the magical barrier else he will have same fate as the stone. Aarav and Simar both touch the magical barrier together and their hands touch each other. Suddenly a fire comes out and they both fall down. Mata Rani is shown. The spirit is shocked. Baba ji is shocked to see them. The spirit asks how they can do this, when nobody can do anything, what is this power.

In the morning, Baba ji sprinkle something on Simar and Aarav. They gain consciousness and get up. Aarav asks Simar why did you go when I asked you not to go. Simar says Di has brought me here, and even Rudra was there. Suddenly the wooden logs break open and the barrier gets removed.

The baba ji tells that the doors of that world is opened up now. Aarav asks what do you mean? Baba ji says today you both have done, what others couldn’t do until now. He tells that it is their love strength that Aarav could bring Simar back to this world, but they have angered the evil powers. He says all the doors are opened now and they will take revenge. Simar asks what did we do? Baba ji tells that everything will be messed up.

Simar says Di is inside that world. Baba ji says not only your sister, but many people are caged there. He says we shall go from here before we get targeted by the evil powers. Simar says she will not leave without her sister. Baba ji says if you are safe then only you will rescue your sister. Aarav takes her forcibly from there.

They come home. Chitra tells Simar that she has become a writer and taunts her listening to her story. Simar asks Sandhya and Gajendra to believe her. Badimaa looks on. Simar tells Badimaa that all this thing is strange to listen, but it is truth. She says some black powers have caged her. She says Di didn’t have left Dewar ji,

she is caged. She tells Vivaan that they shall rescue her, and says you have to help me. Vivaan asks really, you think Reema is kidnapped? Simar says yes, Rudra has kidnapped her. Chitra throws the newspaper and tells that your sister is having party. Simar and Aarav look at the photos.

Chitra asks Aarav to get Simar treated by the doctor. Aarav says Chachi, Simar is not lying. Chitra says if these magazine and newspaper are lying. Simar says Rudra is very dangerous and tells that he has caged Reema di using his black powers. Badimaa asks her to stop it and asks her to see clearly who is there? Simar sees Rudra sitting on the chair.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rudra tells Badimaa that Simar is shocked after Reema left from here. Simar asks Badimaa if she don’t want to believe Aarav and her then don’t believe, but will you believe baba ji’s words. She says he will tell the truth. Badimaa says she will meet baba ji once. The spirit comes to Baba ji and tries to kill him.


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