Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th July 2021 Sandhya serves tea to the whole family, they all praises her about the tea. When Sandhya reveals that Simar has made the tea, Geetanjali Devi stops drinking it yet Aarav drinks. Aditi tells to Simar that Aarav likes her tea. Kajal gets a text from unknown source that Vivaan is in a hotel with Reema with their video also. Kajal gets disturbed after watching Vivaan and Reema together in that video.

Reema tells to Vivaan that she doesn’t have any meaning to her life. Her family also abondoned her, Vivaan reminds her of her dreams but she tells that there is no meaning to achieve her dream as nobody is standing with her to praise her. But Vivaan show her positive side of the life tries to explain her and tells her to give her life a fresh beginning.

Sandhya and Gajender asks the helpers to put all the gifts in Vivaan’s room. Geetanjali Devi gets furious when she sees Guptaji gift for Vivaan and Kajal. She tells that Oswal family is quite wealthy and they don’t need any help from others. She also tells that Guptaji doesn’t know the power of Oswal family. Sandhya and Gajender talks about how this family makes everyone self dependent and they can take care for themselves without depending on others.

Reema tells to Vivaan that her family always pushed her to work harder but now she don’t have anyone to support her how can she move on. Aarav sees Simar explaining house helper their daily chores and asks them to give their heart to work, so that everybody will be happy with their work. Aarav and Simar are coming closer. Aditi sees Aarav watching Simar. She teases him and asks her where is she going, she said that she have some work to complete. He gives her his card to buy some essentials for Simar. She tells him that she will bring things for her but if he brings for Simar then she will be very happy.

Aarav goes to Vivid Bharti radio station. They informs him that Simar didn’t call back to get the job so they didn’t have any post left for her. Aarav tries to convince them for her job, they asked his relationship with Simar so Aarav replies that he is her husband.
Reema tells to Vivaan that she ran away from her wedding just because she loved him and didn’t want to marry Aarav. She always loved him. She blames Roma that she liked Aarav for her and she never wanted that. She told that she wanted to ran away with him but his family came and stopped her. Kajal sees Reema and Vivaan. She gets in between their conversation and tells that he also did all thess promises to her infront of his family. Aarav asks them for the job offer letter for Simar, he even signs it on behalf of Simar to join the job. Aarav calls Simar and tells her that there is a surprise for her and also tells her not to change for anyone.

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