Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th July 2022 Episode starts with Badimaa telling that she will fulfill all her desires in her lalla’s marriage. Simar says yes badimaa. She asks do you know Kavya? Badimaa says yes, she is the girl who learns music and sings well. Reyansh asks Badimaa to make oil for Ishita also.

Badimaa says ok, but now I am talking to Simar. Reyansh says he will attend a call and goes. Simar tells that Aarav ji and I had gone to Kavya’s house and says her parents are good and kind. Aarav says we told and promised them that they will bear all the expenses of Kavya’s marriage.

Badimaa appreciates him. Simar is about to say more, but Aarav stops her. Badimaa says it is a big responsibility and asks if you see any guy? Aarav says they have to search. Badimaa says now their focus shall be on Reyansh and Ishita’s marriage. Aarav says everything will happen as she wants.

Badimaa says she wants Reyansh’s marriage to be simple without any show off. Ishita says she wants her marriage to be grand, trendy, glamour and luxury in her style. Badimaa says she wants satvik vivah like Shri Ram and Sita Maiyya. Maddy, the wedding planner tells that the marriage will be trendy.

Karan asks who is Maddy? Pallavi says he is maddy. Ishita says that’s why she hired him. Badimaa tells that food used to served in the leaves and says she wanted to do this for her children wedding, but couldn’t do. She says she wants to fulfill all her desires in Reyansh’s marriage. She asks Simar if I can do.

Simar recalls Ishita’s anger and tells badimaa that Ishita might not like. Badimaa says Ishita will like it, as you all will get to learn something from traditional marriage. She says it is decided.

Sandhya shows Gajendra and her marriage card to Simar. Sandhya says badi maa had come with the card and sweets box. She says it had sweets made by her, and she gave it to my parents. Simar says they have planned traditional wedding, as Badimaa wanted. She asks if I will convince Ishita. Sandhya says ofcourse.

Maddy tells Ishita that he has two things in his mind for her marriage, first trendy and second hot. He says he will hype her marriage on social media. He asks his assistant what did they think of Ishita and Reyansh’s combined name. They says Ishi and Rishi’s marriage. Ishita likes it.

Reema tries to wear the lehenge and thinks she is not fitting in it, asks herself what is wrong. Chitra comes there and knocks on the door. Reema asks her to say if she came to talk something important else leave. Chitra says I have brought gift for you and asks her to open it. Reema opens it and says nightie.

Chitra says it is important in marriage and says it is used to plan the baby. Reema gets angry and says lovely. She takes the scissor and cuts it. Chitra gets upset and furious. Reema says now it is better. Chitra asks are you mad? Reema says I don’t want to have children. Chitra asks when you want to have baby and says Ranbir and Alia got married and announced pregnancy.

Reema says they wanted the pregnancy, but my priority is my career. She says I know you want to go ahead of Sandhya, and asks her to expect pregnancy from Ishita and Reyansh. Chitra says you are selfish and asks her to see herself. She says you are ageing, and says there is something called biological clock.

She says it conceived naturally then its good, else you have to get treatment from various doctors, then you will not have beautiful face and this figure. Reema shouts asking her to stop it, and says I don’t want the baby. Chitra raises her hand to slap Reema. Vivaan comes and holds her hand.

He asks Chitra not to do it. Chitra says you will not say anything to your wife, you don’t have the courage to say anything to her. Vivaan says you both have different point of view, but Reema is not wrong. Chitra scolds him for favoring his wife.

Vivaan says you both are important for me, if you both do like this, then I will break really. Chitra says I was doing this for you, and asks him to handle his wife, says she is getting out of control. She goes.

Vivaan asks Reema to behave maturely as Reyansh is going to marry now. She asks if I am growing old. Vivaan asks why is she thinking wrong? Simar comes there. Ishita calls Reyansh and tells that their Ishi-Rishi is trending. Maddy tells that her fans want to know about her wedding.

Ishita gets Reyansh’s message about Kuldevi’s puja tomorrow. Pallavi says it is Kuldevi puja. Pallavi says they shall go. Maddy says there is pre wedding shoot tomorrow and asks her to refuse. Karan says they are traditional, we can’t refuse. Maddy gets hyper. Ishita asks him not to panic and asks Servant to bring pizza for him. Maddy sees the wedding card and says he knows how to make it trending.

Vivaan asks all ok bhabhi. Simar says we have to pick the guests from the airport, who was invited by Rajendra phupha ji. She gives the list. Reema says I will pick them. Vivaan says there are many guests, or others family members will pick them. Reema says she feels suffocated here. Simar says let her go and tells Vivaan that they have to go to temple to keep the invitation card before the God.

They go to the temple and does puja. Vivaan goes out to make a call. Simar gives first card to Badimaa. Badimaa says it is simple and lovely, and it reminded her of Gajendra and Sandhya’s marriage.

She asks Pandit ji to keep the card before the God so that they can begin the marriage rituals. She asks Ganapati ji for his blessings and tells that they shall give card to the samdhis. She asks Reyansh if he has any problem with traditional wedding. He thinks Ishita walks to make the marriage as global event. Badimaa asks if you are not happy. He says no.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pandit ji calls groom’s bhabhi and says tika will happen with her hand. Badimaa calls Reema, but she is not there. A guy comes and opens the car door. Reema gives her hand in his hand and smiles. Simar asks Badimaa if we have hurried up to fix the alliance of Ishita and Reyansh. Simar says I don’t want to ask others’ daughter, but I want to ask the son of our house, if he is involved with someone. Badimaa asks what do you want to say? Simar looks on.


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