Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th November 2021 Episode starts with Reema burning the family pic of Oswals and says the family protector Aarav Oswal has invited trouble for the family. She says I will not leave anyone, every Oswal will pay for this slap.

She looks at herself in the mirror and says this face’s stain will go, but the injury which you gave on my soul, I will distribute this among your family soon. She says I am here only, I am this house bahu and will not go from here. She takes her pic and sees mark on her face. Simar tells herself that everything is fine.

Aarav is drinking tea in his house. Sandhya comes to him and says you are drinking tea, normally you drink black coffee. Avinash tells Simar, why are you drinking black coffee rather than tea. Simar says now I will drink black coffee only. Aarav tells he will drink tea from now onwards, as nobody can make the coffee, the way I want. Badi Maa hears him and asks him to come to office today.

He says he has many meetings lined up for today and says sorry. He finishes tea and is about to keep the cup. Sandhya takes him from his hand. Gajendra asks what happened? Sandhya says I am worried for Aarav and says he is suffering and don’t share his pain with anyone. Gajendra says he will be fine. He says we shall stay strong to make him strong. Badi Maa hears their conversation.

Yamini calls Simar and asks her to get up and give audition, if she trusts her choti maa. Simar says if voice came from you then I will go surely. Samar is taking audition of a girl and says he wants high pitch. He takes her wrong name and says thank you so much, singing this song is not your cup of tea.

The girl says there is a problem in your attitude and not in my singing. Samar counts flaws in her singing and asks her to leave. She says audition is of fusion music, what is wrong if the sur is wrong. He says if the sur are wrong, then it will be same, as Gita, Mita etc. She says arrogant. Simar is standing for audition and look at them. Samar takes out his shoe and throws it. He then sings a song.

Simar and the girl like his singing. The girl says sorry Sir and asks for a chance. He says he is perfect as he gave all the time to music. He asks her to learn music first and then call an artiste mannerless. Simar comes to Samar and says I want to say something, your singing has magic. He asks what is your intro? She praises him and asks for the autograph. He says from which century she has come, in selfie time, autograph? Aarav and yamini Dev look at them. Samar says I have to leave.

Simar says I came for audition. He says fusion music audition is going on, and not folk music. He asks how did she come here and asks if she knows about fusion music. Aarav gets angry and goes behind Samar. Yamini devi goes behind Aarav and stops him from scolding Samar. Aarav says he was insulting my Simar infront of me. Yamini asks Aarav to control his anger and asks what happened to you.

Aarav says I can’t bear anyone insulting Simar. Yamini asks him to have patience and says I know only Samar can take Simar to heights. Aarav says he. Yamini says you are producer and shall control this arrogant horse. She asks him to meet him as the producer. He goes. Yamini Devi thinks a lover’s fire is burning in you and I won’t let this set off, as this fire will burn Gitanjali Devi’s arrogance and feet.

Simar comes to Yamini Devi’s house. Yamini devi comes to her. Simar takes her blessings. Yamini Devi says I came to know what happened in audition. She says that’s why you are sad. She asks him to come to Samar, and says I will pull his ears and will scold him. Simar says he is a good composer, if he rejected me, then there might be flaws in me. Yamini says you trust a stranger, but not your choti Maa.

Aarav comes there. Simar sees Aarav there. Yamini Devi signs Aarav. Simar closes her eyes and says I know Aarav ji, you are not here. Aarav hides. Simar says it is my illusion. She opens her eyes. Yamini Devi calls her. Simar walks to Yamini Devi and thanks her for showing the way and giving her courage. She says now I know what I shall do. Yamini Devi keeps hand on her shoulder. Aarav looks at her smilingly from far.

Later reaches the hotel where Samar is taking audition. Samar is sleeping and listening to music. Aarav comes there in sardaar’s attire with moustache on his face. He increase the volume. Samar wakes up. Aarav switches off the music and asks are you okay? Samar asks how dare you to come here? Aarav says I am Sirav Singh Sodi. Samar asks who are you? Aarav says I am the producer of this music album.

Samar says hi I am Simar. Aarav looks on. Samar says I am Samar. He says we have meeting at 2 pm, and says he don’t want to waste time. He says I have finalized the girl Simar and she is perfect for this album. Samar says she is behenji type girl and says what you liked in her. Aarav whispers she might be your behen.

Samar says the artiste shall be performer, shall have charm etc. All this matters. Simar comes there wearing the modern outfit. He says I am searching a magical voice and not any model. He says the singers might be modern, but if Lata ji and Asha ji come infront of them, then they will hide. He says he has one name, Simar. Simar comes there wearing a modern outfit and looks at Aarav in sardaar’s attire. They look at each other.

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