Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th May 2022 Episode starts with Badi Maa praying to Maa Durga and asks whose bad sight fell on my family, she cries and goes away from there. Avinash asks Simar if she remembers that she has another house,

says you have your own house and asks her to come with them. Samar says yes, Simar. Simar looks at him. She then tells Indu and Avinash that this house is mine too and the trouble which fell on this house, I shall take care of this house happiness, it is my duty. She says if I don’t protect my home with both hands then it will break, and I won’t let my house and temple break.

She tells Avinash that you have seen Badi maa, she was looking helpless and sad, she needs me, I can’t leave her alone. Indu says don’t lose your fight. She hugs her. Sandhya says I won’t let my daughter lose, whatever belongs to her, will be hers only, it is a promise. Aditi says my sasural will take care of me, and asks Sandhya to promise that they all will support simar and not leave her alone.

Sandhya promises her. Gagan and Aditi take Sandhya’s blessings. Simar hugs Gagan and cries. Gagan asks her to have strength. Indu takes Aditi with her. Simar tells Samar that she didn’t say anything infront of Maa and Papa, and asks him to listen carefully, asks him not to take her name with his bad tongue. She says you have already fallen in my eyes, and if you don’t want to fall in my parents’ eyes, then make some excuse and leave from there.

Reema is angry in her room and asks Vivaan why was he silent when Dhami was talking nonsense. She says you was silent and your brother Aarav became spineless, and couldn’t say a word. She says I want to hear all the truth, why you both haven’t told her anything. She says if you don’t want to say, then I will ask that cheap woman. Vivaan hugs her and cries, asks her to promise that she will stay away from Dhami.

Reema says I will make her go away from this house and Dhami. Reema asks why are you scared and for what? Vivaan says I am worried for you and asks her not to question him more. He asks her to promise that she will not go near Dhami. Reema promises not to go near her. Vivaan thanks her and goes. Reema thinks I will not go near her, but I will not leave her too.

Dhami and Aarav come to the room. Dhami says wow, looking at the bedroom decorations. She says it is then new beginning of our lives. She falls in his embrace. Simar comes there and sees their closeness. Aarav looks at Simar. Dhami also looks at him. He tries to leave her, but Dhami holds him again.

Aarav feels helpless. Dhami asks Simar, if she don’t feel ashamed to come to newly married couple, and asks if her parents haven’t taught her any values or taught her anything. Simar says you have come in our lives and room just like that, without learning anything. Dhami says Aarav is mine. Simar says I will smash all your illusion. Aarav asks Simar to take her stuff and leave from this room.

Dhami says you have just 1 min to leave. She asks her to stop staring at her husband and leave with her stuff. Simar opens the almira. Dhami says we want some privacy and wants to spend some me time. Simar asks Aarav why is he doing this? Dhami takes out scissor from cupboard to show it to Aarav. Aarav looks at it. Simar asks Aarav why he is lying to her and asks her to look in her eyes and say, says I will understand. Dhami asks her to stop it and asks Aarav to throw her out, else she will throw her out.

Aarav asks Simar to leave if she loves him ever, and says if you understand me then do as I say, leave from my room. Simar says but. Aarav says leave from here, and asks her to go and rest, says he is also tired. Simar says but…Aarav apologizes to her for his doings and asks her to leave him alone for now.

Simar says I can understand that you have some helplessness, else you wouldn’t have lied to me. She says I am leaving from here, and loves you a lot, can’t ignore your words, but I will find out the truth. Dhami asks her to be quiet and ruins the decoration on the bed, where Aarav weds Simar written with flowers. She asks what is your problem, don’t you understand, Aarav said that you are not his wife and he don’t love you. Simar says love is felt. Dhami goes near Simar.

Aarav holds Dhami to hold the scissor. Dhami smiles and asks what you was saying, if you are feeling anything and feeling pain in your heart, go away from here. Simar says our hearts know what we feel for each other, and says nobody else shall know and is not permitted to know. She says she is not scared as her Aarav ji is with her, he will not let anything happen to her, says Mata Rani made our Jodi, match made in heaven.

Dhami says you will burn. Simar says you will not understand. Aarav says nobody can separate the two hearts and asks Simar to leave from there. Simar goes out and looks at him. Aarav closes the door and keeps his hand on the door. Simar also keeps her hand on the outer side of the door. Ranjhana plays…..Simar sits down and cries. Aarav also sits down and cries.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar says to Aarav, you know me so you also know I will find truth behind Dhami.Dhami says to Simar, tomorrow morning a big problem is awaiting you. Simar says to her, I have God’s blessings and when I am here nothing can happen to my family, just wait and watch.


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