Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th September 2022 Episode starts with Simar telling that she will show Rudra’s true face to everyone. She asks Mata Rani to help her expose Rudra and cries. Aarav comes there and says baba ji is killed brutally,

we shall be careful. Simar says Rudra is doing this to scare me, and says I can’t leave Di alone. Aarav asks her to see their reflection and says I will always be with you like this reflection. He asks if you trust me. She says more than myself. Simar says we will bring back Reema di from Rudra’s cage.

Rudra hears her. Chitra asks Rudra to take the juice. She asks about his sister’s age. Rudra says 120, and then says 20/ 21. Chitra tells that they shall get Vivaan marry his sister. Badimaa, Giriraj and Gajendra don’t like her idea. Chitra insists that they shall meet her, if the marriage is fixed then Vivaan will come out of trauma soon.

Badimaa asks Rudra about his sister’s name. He says Mayakshi. A dupatta is shown outside, and a crow too. The crow comes to Mayakshi. Mayakshi says I know Bhaiyya talked about my alliance. She asks if he called me, I will go. She says Mayakshi’s Maya can’t be understanding, Maya ya Chaya.

Later Aarav and Simar come to the place and looks for the haveli. Simar keeps hand on the tree and the thunderstorm happens in the sky. They see haveli infront of them and gets dragged by the wind. Aarav asks Simar not to go anywhere. Simar goes inside the haveli again. She peeps inside the door and sees Reema walking wearing the bridal wear. She shouts Reema di and wakes up in her room.

She finds scratches on her hands and thinks if it was a dream or some sign. Vivaan refuses to marry. Mayakshi comes to Oswal Mansion. The temple diyas get set off as she enters inside. She looks at Vivaan and smiles. She then looks at Aarav and her smile vanishes. Badimaa gets up.

Mayakshi touches her feet and says you are Badimaa, Aan Baan Shaan of the city. Badimaa asks her about her age and says you don’t look old. Chitra says Rudra told your age as 120 years. Mayakshi asks if he is Aarav and shakes hands with him. Aarav says yes. Vivaan says I shall think about marriage seriously.

Mayakshi smiles and asks Aarav if he is married? Aarav says yes, with beautiful and clean hearted girl. Simar comes downstairs. Mayakshi gets tensed seeing her. Simar asks what is happening here? Aarav says chote’s alliance talk is happening. Mayakshi says she will leave. Rudra asks her to talk to Vivaan.

She says she wants to think about it. Badimaa asks her not to take much time, and tells that she wants Vivaan to settle down before Navratri. Mayakshi asks Rudra to come, and says please. Simar asks Mayakshi to wait and says I am Simar, Vivaan’s only bhabhi. She forwards her hand to shake with her, but Mayakshi fold her hands, instead of shaking hand with her. Simar asks what happened?

Mayakshi says she wants to go back home, and not feeling unwell. Rudra tells Badimaa that his sister is very delicate, he brought her up with utmost care. Simar says nobody would like to see their sister in trouble and asks him to leave with her fast.

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