Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th July 2021 Episode starts with Simar telling Reema that why did she try to commit suicide without thinking about Maa, Papa and everyone. Reema asks her to stop the fake tears and tells that they have gone, infront of whom you acted great. Simar tells her that she is still her dimmer and asks why she has hatred for her. She says when I came to know that you went missing, I asked Vivaan ji to search you. She says they have threatened to harm our family. Reema says so what shall I do, shall I get scared and keep quiet. She says I have nothing to lose as you have snatched my everything. She says your parents have kicked me out from their house and their lives. Simar says they are your parents too. Reema says I kick them out from my life and kick you too. Simar is shocked. Reema asks her to leave from her room and pushes her out. Simar falls, while Aarav comes and holds her. Simar says Reema di. Aarav holds her hand and says lets go home.

Aarav is driving the car and recalls slapping Vivaan. Simar recalls Reema blaming her. Aarav asks Simar not to support Reema who maligned his family reputation and is again planning to ruin them. Simar asks him to stop the car. Giriraj and Chitra tell badi Maa that Reema tried to do the same thing which he did with Aarav. Badi maa asks them to warn him. Chitra says Vivaan is angry with her. Badi Maa says don’t know what black magic they have done on our sons. She says if Aditi does something like this, then I will suffocate her to death.

Aditi comes to meet Gagan in the coffee shop and orders cappuccino. She asks Gagan if he called her to talk about Simar. Gagan says no, tells that it is not about Simar. Aditi asks what happened? Gagan holds her hand and says I am falling in love with you Aditi. Aarav stops the car and asks why she asked him to stop. Simar gets down and starts walking. He stops her and asks her not to create a scene. He asks if she is listening what he is saying. Simar says I am hearing since I came here, and tells that I heard that your family is dear to you, and likewise, my family is dear to me, but I couldn’t tell anyone as nobody is ready to hear me. She says I sat on the mandap, which was not mine. She says my family respect is dear to me, I heard what you told about Reema di. Aarav asks what about she was doing with my brother Vivaan. Simar asks if Vivaan is a little boy. She tells that both the families respect got ruined. She says my papa couldn’t bear and got heart attack on the same night. She says you feels that you have lost your love, then Di also lost the house and family. She says I have left my sister alone in the hotel and came with you, for my wife duties. She says if Di takes such step again then…She says my whole family is shattered. She says even my family is hurt and wounded which can’t be healed. She cries and says they have to bear the pain all life. Aarav says Simar. Simar faints and falls down in his arms. He lifts her in his arms and starts walking.

Aditi takes back her hand and asks Gagan if it was joke, then it was bad. Gagan says I genuinely feel for you. Aditi asks how dare you? Gagan says love is not a game, what to do, it happened. He proposes his love for her holding her hand. Aditi slaps him and asks how dare you touch me. She walks away from there.

Doctor checks Simar and says her BP was low due to stress, tells that she will be fine. Aarav thanks the doctor. Simar keeps her hand on his hand while in unconscious state. Aarav looks at her. Mahiya song plays….Simar gains consciousness and asks what happened to her. Aarav says she had fainted and that’s why he brought her to the hospital. He helps her get down the hospital bed and says lets go home. Simar nods her head. They see Vivaan exercising holding the ropes and is very angry. Simar asks Aarav if she shall come to talk to Vivaan. Aarav says you can talk to him later and asks her to go to room and rest. He goes to Vivaan. Badi maa calls Simar and asks if she think that she can’t see her bad intention behind her innocent face. She shows the recording of Avinash and tells that one phone call can’t drag your family to PS, warns Simar. She says both of your sisters shall stop playing games with us. She gives recorder in her hand. She says she heard that Avinash got heart attack on wedding night and says if he had to go to PS, then what will happen. She walks away. Simar plays the recording and hears the lawyer questioning him.

Aarav comes to Vivaan and asks if he is taking out his anger on the ropes. He says whatever I am doing is to protect my family, whatever may be the consequences, I shouldn’t have slapped you. He is about to hit his hand on the wall, but Vivaan stops him. He says you can slap me not once, but many times without any guilt, you have the right. He slaps himself using Aarav’s hand. Aarav hugs him.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Badi Maa tells Simar that Reema got sold to Gupta’s money. Later Vivaan gets Reema’s message asking him to marry her, else she will end her life. Vivaan gets shocked.


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