Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th November 2021 Episode starts with Aarav asking Samar to apologize with heart and respect, and says whoever apologizes with heart..Simar comes there and says becomes great in other’s sight. She comes near Aarav. Aarav is shocked hearing her. She says someone closer to her, had told her this and asks how do you know? Reema bandages Vivaan’s hand forcibly.

He says nothing will change between us and says our relation is toxic. Reema says what is toxic for you, is oxygen for me. She says I am devil for you and you are God for me. He asks her to leave. Reema says I would have left you, if I was old Reema, and wouldn’t have stayed here any moment after whatever happened last night.

She says this Reema is different and this is Vivaan’s Reema. I can take any shocks for you, and tells that she will not plead for his love, but instead will fight with him for her right. She says this is challenge of Reema Vivaan Oswal. She asks him not to think and comes near her, and says I will not go anywhere, as you are just mine. Vivaan gets upset.

Inspector comes to Badi Maa and tells that they have arrested Mohit and needs Vivaan’s signatures on the papers. Badi Maa asks Aditi to call Vivaan. She asks Inspector to get all her enemies out of their hideout, so that she can end this matter right here. She asks him to sit until Vivaan comes.

Chitra hears them and thinks Police came here. She asks Inspector to come later, as Vivaan is unwell. She says he is not available right now. Reema says he is at home only. Chitra says doctor asked him to rest and that’s why how he will come down here. Reema asks Inspector to give FIR and says she will get his sign.

Chitra takes FIR from her hand and asks Inspector to go, says she will send the FIR to the PS. Reema asks why I have a feeling that you don’t want the attackers to get caught and asks if she is fine, seeing her sweating. Chitra asks her to mind her own business and goes. Reema thinks to find out, why Chitra Oswal got worried seeing Police.

Samar tells that such messages/quotes are famous. He says we shall introduce ourselves, and says he is Samar Khanna. She says I don’t remember you and your face, and says whoever is having the mask on their face, I don’t identify. He says everyone has mask on their faces here. He calls her tum.

Aarav asks him to call her Aap. Simar says Aarav ji and looks at him. Chitra comes to her room and keeps the FIR on the table. Reema comes inside and tells that one shall check the phone for the truth. She finds the phone password protected, and types wrong password. She tries Vivaan’s birthday and the phone opens. Reema smiles. Samar tells that he is Sirav Singh Sodi, our album producer.

Simar asks if he is not producer. Samar apologizes to her. Simar says I accept your apology and tells that she can’t do job with him. She says she can’t do injustice to her work. Simar comes to Yamini and says forgive me, but I can’t take this assignment. Yamini asks her to take out time and then think. Simar says I am listening to my heart, it is not agreeing. She says I am sorry everyone. She leaves. Samar says she has insulted me twice. Aarav asks him to convince her even if she rejects 200 times.

Reema is about to check the phone, when Chitra comes and snatches her phone from her hand. Rana ji calls Chitra. Reema asks her to pick the call. Chitra asks her to leave. Reema says I will have my eyes on you. She goes out. Chitra closes the door and thinks she has gone. She calls Rana ji and asks him not to call much, as Reema is doubtful. She says Vivaan will not sign on FIR, I promise you and Mohit will be freed from jail. She asks him to promise that her involvement shall not come in this whole matter and nobody shall know that she was with him in the planning to attack Aarav. She ends the call and drinks water.

Samar walks behind Simar and sings song and dance to woo her. Simar tries to ignore him. Aarav looks at them. Samar tries to convince her. Simar refuses to work with him. He says he can’t pretend and is not diplomatic. He says whenever sings well, he gets a wide smile on his face. He tells about his weakness and tells that nobody can understand his feelings, and says we are same like each other.

He says I am rude and mannerless, and asks her to try to understand. She gets a call and picks Roma’s call. She is shocked. Aarav also gets a call and gets shocked. Roma says I don’t know what to do, come home. Aarav says don’t take tension, I am reaching there. He gets Badi Maa’s call and says he is coming to pick her. Simar looks at Aarav taking out the turban from her auto, but she couldn’t see him due to the tinted glass. Aarav looks at Simar. They leave.

Simar comes to Roma’s house and tells that she was tired of daily taunts and asks what I should have done. Simar says atleast you would have told me and Aarav ji. She then says you would have spoken to Maa and Papa. Roma says she don’t want to trouble them. Simar says if we share our problems with Maa and Papa, then we get their advice. She says you bear all the torture always, and tells that you have favored them to tortured you, by being silent. Roma cries. Simar says we have to change this thoughts and shall fight against such people. She says we are with you. Roma says how this matter will be solved.

Badi maa and Aarav come to the Police station. Inspector tells that her daughter and her family are arrested for dowry and harassment. She says this is non bailable offense, and they can come out only if their bahu withdraws the case. Badi Maa comes out and worries about her respect, says don’t know what people will say when they come to know about my daughter doing this.

Aarav says you are thinking about your respect and people’s thoughts, and says you don’t care what happened there, that Roma Bhabhi took this step. Badi Maa says today’s girl wants career, independence, and wants right to force their decision on others. She says the patience is ended in these girls. He says it is good if they know about their values, and came to know that they have equal rights on everything. He says even today, women give birth to kids, so such things shall not be talked about.

Badi Maa says you are lecturing me. Aarav says we shall think about why Roma Bhabhi took this step and says Simar also says this….Badi Maa says now I got from where you got this lecture, and says you are favoring Roma as she is that girl’s sister. Aarav says you are connecting the issue with her and tells that he just wants the solution to be taken out. He says I have forgotten that you are the one, who takes the final decision. Badi Maa asks Aarav, do you want me to talk to Narayan family’s daughter and beg her. Reema comes there and says no Badi Maa.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Badi Maa says that she thinks it’s time to find a “cute” girl for Aarav. Simar almost drops a plate in shock. Aarav catches it. Badi Maa suggests Simar to tell her parents to find an “aged and divorcee” guy for her as well. Aarav looks at Badi Maa.


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