Sasural Simar Ka 2nd January 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lalit thanking Shobha for helping Roma and her family so much. Shobha says it was not easy for me, but everything is happening as Roma wants. She asks him to ask her to take back the demand list. Lalit says ok. Simar gets ready for the marriage. Badi Maa calls her and says she is Gitanjali Devi Oswal.

She asks her not to take rounds hiding her face in veil. Simar says I can understand your concern, says I was in veil for my family’s prestige and this time too, I am marrying for my family’s prestige. Badi maa says I don’t like you, but knows that whatever you decide, you do. She says congratulate you for your real sasural and blesses her for her marriage. Before Simar could say anything, Badi Maa ends the call.

Aarav is being taken out of the PS to be taken to the jail. Gagan and Aditi look at him standing outside. Gagan sits on the bike. Simar reaches the marriage venue to marry Simar. Indu does his aarti and also pulls his nose.

Simar is about to come downstairs. Everyone looks at her. Vivaan recalls asking her if he can call her Bhabhi, and Simar replying sure Dewar ji. Simar is brought down with Roma and Reema. Indu kisses her forehead and says you are looking very beautiful. Simar holds her hands. Indu signs her. Avinash asks Reema to take her.

Samar gets up and looks at Simar. He gives hand to Simar so that she can get on the mandap. Simar holds his hand and gets on the mandap. Indu asks Roma to take care of her saas and not to do any drama. Roma asks her not to worry. They all click the pictures with Simar and Samar. Vivaan feels bad seeing Simar sad.

Reema asks Simar to smile a bit and says these are marriage pictures, these memories are for forever. The pics are being clicked. Samar says let Simar and me get the pics clicked. Pandit ji says mahurat time to exchange the garlands. Samar and Simar take the garland in their hands. Giriraj and Chitra are attending the marriage. Simar takes the garland in her hand and recalls Aarav’s marriage proposal.

Roma and Reema hold Simar’s hand and makes Samar wear the garland. Samar smiles. Avinash tells that Simar has kept their prestige and fulfilled her promise. Samar makes her wear garland. Vivaan couldn’t bear and goes away from there.

He says I couldn’t bear anymore, says there is no identity of Simar and Aarav without each other and asks Mata Rani to do something. Aditi comes infront of the Police constables and asks for the picture. She puts the mirror light on them, while they ask her to go. Aarav frees himself and runs. Gagan is on the bike sitting far. Aditi runs. Gajendra comes out of the PS and sees Aarav running.

Reema tells Simar that she is happy for her and hopes all her dreams come true, and even hers. She sings and dances. Everyone claps for her. The constable throws the stick on Aarav’s legs. Aarav picks the stick and throws on the constables. He runs to the bike. Gagan gets down and gives bike to Aarav.

Aarav sits on the bike and wears helmet. He starts driving it. Gajendra watches it. The Inspector assures Gajendra that they won’t let him reach the PS. Constable stops Aditi and says the criminal escaped due to you. Gajendra sees her. Reema imagines Badi maa giving her keys and gets happy. The Police team is behind Aarav’s bike.

Precap: Simar and Samar sit for their marriage. Pandit ji asks them to stand up for the rounds. Aarav comes there running and says Simar, I have reached. Reema says Aarav. Aarav says I love you Simar. Simar gets teary eyes.


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