Shaadi Mubarak 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Shaadi Mubarak 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shaadi Mubarak 19th October 2020 Episode starts with KT coming to meet Preeti. She ties her hair. He asks where did you go. She says to meet Mrs. Goplani. He asks after that. She thinks he will be sad to know what Chanda told me, I know he hates lies, but I can’t tell him. She lies to him. He thinks you are lying to me. She asks him to see the lace, Mrs. Goplani wants it. He says I would have never understood it, you are so sharp in business, you will become the country’s top businesswoman. He says you will become top businessman, partners will succeed together. He says no, you will always be ahead, I have no business sense, I do everything by my heart. She asks did anything happen, did I make a mistake. He says you have cheated me, you lied to me, you know I hate liars, tell me why did you do this, tell me. KT’s imagination ends. Preeti asks what are you thinking. He goes.

Juhi asks the jeweller about the ring, who has bought it from his shop. The man checks the register. She thinks to sort this before Kusum comes. He says Tarun has bought this ring. She thinks it means Tarun gave the ring to Priyanka. The jeweller goes. Kusum comes home and asks who had come, what happened. Juhi thinks not to tell her before knowing anything. She says nothing, I wanted to have tea and snacks, I will get water for you. The man comes back and says I m Hasmukh, jeweller, I forgot my bill book. He goes. Kusum says Juhi lied to me.

Juhi thinks Tarun never respected Priyanka, why would he give the ring to Priyanka, he left even mum for Rati’s sake, what’s happening. Neelima calls KT. KT has a headache. Preeti comes. KT says Shyam, just massage my head. He turns and sees Preeti. She asks him to massage his hand acupressure points. He recalls her lies and asks her to go. She asks why, I won’t go, you need someone, you lost your smile, what happened to you, come with me, you wrote this, we will share everything, tell me. Preeti’s imagination ends. Sheena comes and says your mom is calling, just talk to her, she is worried. Preeti goes. KT calls Neelima. He says sorry, phone was on silent. He says its not easy for me. She says you are good at heart, you can’t say anything, Preeti is cunning, I have decided it, I spoke to lawyer to break this partnership, don’t get personal, its a professional relation. He says I didn’t think everything will end, you are right, this partnership has to break, I won’t let her cheat me more, make the papers, I will end it tomorrow.

Priyanka looks for the ring. Juhi says Tarun gave it to you. Priyanka says no. Juhi says jeweller just told me, don’t lie, why did you lie that Amit gave it, he isn’t in India, you had hidden it that you work in Tarun’s office, tell me, what are you hiding, you had hidden mum’s project file to give it to Tarun, right. They see Kusum at the door. Juhi asks do you want something. Kusum says answer. Kusm asks what’s happening, jeweller came home and I don’t know, how.

Priyanka stops Juhi. Kusum asks why did you cheat me and call jeweller, I trusted you, you will never lie to me, its good that some illusions break in life. She gets upset and goes. Juhi says I didn’t support your lie, I don’t want Kusum’s trust to break, she will shatter knowing this, you have to fix this now, you will go and tell truth to Kusum. She goes. Priyanka worries. Preeti says KT isn’t telling me anything. She calls Kusum. Kusum is cooking. She gets upset with Juhi. Preeti calls Juhi and asks what’s the matter. Juhi says everything is fine. Preeti says don’t lie, I can know it from your voice, if you are fine or not. Juhi says I m making food, I had much work at shop, I maybe tired, why did you call. Preeti thinks she is worried and isn’t telling me. She thinks how to find out why is KT worried.


Shaadi Mubarak 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Mrs. Goplani scolds Preeti. KT comes to give papers. He says Preeti and my partnership is over now.


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