Shaadi Mubarak 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update


Shaadi Mubarak 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shaadi Mubarak 23rd September 2020 Episode starts with KT asking Rati to give an interview to Preeti. He goes. Rati throws the file on the table and argues with Preeti. She says don’t know how you trapped KT and got this big position, I don’t know you are capable to work here, you will soon ruin KT’s business. She says he will know it soon, your fire is just enough to cook food, not to manage events, I have masters degree in events management, what degree do you want, will you take my interview, you just keep the house clean, that’s your work, professional work isn’t your work, don’t dream big, else you will fall down. She asks Preeti to take her interview.

Preeti recalls Priyanka’s words. Rati asks her to say something. Preeti questions Rati. She asks what will you do if the groom’s uncle don’t like the sweet dish options. KT comes and looks on. Preeti asks what will you do if the gas supply ends in catering, what will you do if the bride’s lahenga gets torn. KT smiles and goes. Rati asks what nonsense questions are you asking me, you are asking me about my marriage, I don’t find right to answer you. She goes.

Priyanka asks the man to see the project file. The man insults her. He says Tarun was right about her. She cries and leaves. Tarun looks on and says I won’t let you step out of the house. Kusum sings a bhajan. A neighbor comes to ask for some rice. Kusum says my children like the kadi you make, I will send the rice. The auto driver says you have lied well, you didn’t go to temple. Kusum asks why are you taunting me, I will tell you. She says people talk a lot when a beautiful lady goes to hotel and eats there alone, no one knows her emotions that her best friend got busy in work, I have nothing left, I went to the hotel to have some tasty food, I sat there alone and had food, you got me here, thanks a lot. She asks him to keep some money. He says no Didi, thanks. He goes. She gets a call.

Preeti hires Sheena. Sheena says KT, my dream completed seeing you. She doesn’t listen to Preeti. She admires KT. KT says Preeti is asking you to take the appointment letter. He asks her to work with dedication, start tomorrow. Sheena says no, I will start today. KT asks her to come fast. Sheena goes. KT says it happens with me many times, are you ready for the good news today, the ad is shot amazing, its great. He asks Preeti to keep the ATM card and use it whenever she needs it. She says I don’t need it. He says emergency can come anytime. She asks her to go home, her family would be waiting for her. Preeti thinks Rati would have told everything to Tarun, don’t know what will he do.

Rati cries and lies to Tarun. She says I gave respect to Preeti seeing her at a high position, but she scolded me, she taunted me, she has poison in her heart for me. Rati’s mom scolds Tarun. She says we didn’t give our daughter to see this day. Tarun asks how dare Preeti insults Rati, I will see her, let her come. Rati’s mum says Kusum will protect Preeti, talk to Preeti when she is alone. He agrees. KT says I will drop you home. Preeti says no, I will manage. He says I will drop you for free, come. Sumedh and Juhi come home. Kusum says a good alliance came for Priyanka. Juhi sees Sumedh. She says she joined office today, she won’t agree. Sumedh says let her work, don’t talk to her. Kusum says fine, I will talk later. Tarun says I will make Preeti apologize to you in front of everyone. He waits for Preeti. KT drops Preeti. He sees everyone. Preeti thinks how to face Tarun.

Shaadi Mubarak 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Preeti asks Juhi about using ATM card. She withdraws 10000rs but gets 1 lakh. Uncle says KT’s card is used today, the thief will be caught.


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