Shaadi Mubarak 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Shaadi Mubarak 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shaadi Mubarak 25th September 2020 Episode starts with Preeti asking Juhi to tell her where to insert the card in an ATM machine. Juhi guides her. Preeti says money isn’t coming, I pressed some wrong button. Juhi says no, wait, it will come. Preeti shouts money has come, I will end the call. She takes the money and says its much more than 10000rs. Maa says KT always dines well, but look at him today, he had to leave because of Preeti. Tarun and Rati come there to meet them. He says we don’t want you all to have problems because of us. Neelima asks them to be clear. Tarun says Preeti is my mum, she wants to earn money in this age, she has trapped KT and joined the big company as partner, she doesn’t know any work, she has become boss of Shaadi Mubarak, its KT’s money. Preeti counts money and says one lakh, I have pressed an extra zero, I have to inform KT. She thinks of Neelima’s words and says I will inform him later.

Rati says she doesn’t think of humanity and relations, she left our house and went to her daughter’s Sasural, she knew she can’t earn by unfair means if she is with us. Tarun says she got obsessed with money, we don’t want your loss, so we came to alert you. Rati says my family knows you well, so we thought to tell you, we are telling the society that Preeti stays with us, but…. Neelima says we heard it, we will see what to do now, you may leave. Tarun and Rati leave. Neelima gets angry. Some men follow Preeti. Neelima says middle class mentality is such, I have no energy to get into their matter, KT’s happiness is linked to Preeti, I won’t let him suffer, we should be careful about her. Uncle gets a call. The man says the thief has withdrawn money from ATM, we got the pic from cctv camera, we are sending the pic, one lakh transaction is made. Uncle says send soon. He tells this to everyone. They check the pic. They see Preeti. The man says we can’t arrest her, we are waiting for lady constable. Neelima says one lakh is not a big amount, but Preeti didn’t delay in showing her truth. Preeti sees the men following and worries. She runs and throws colours at them.

Juhi says Priyanka doesn’t look normal, her dream was to make career, not marriage, how did she change her mind. Sumedh says don’t worry, I will talk to her. KT comes to office. Preeti comes there and says I used your ATM, I got one lakh instead 10000rs, some thieves were following me, I have managed to escape. He says great, you had an adventurous day. He gets uncle’s call. Uncle says Preeti has used the card, which was stolen, police is following her. KT says relax, don’t worry. The men come there. Uncle says he disconnected. Preeti says you came here following me. She says KT, they are the thieves. The man says we are policemen. He asks KT do you know her, she is the thief who was running away, we were following her, she has thrown colours on us and ran away. She asks do you think I m a thief. KT says you are mistaken, she is my business partner Preeti, everything is in control, we will withdraw the complaint. Preeti asks why the police complaint, you gave me the card and forgot. KT says I forgot to tell uncle, so uncle got confused. Preeti says its called carelessness. KT says relax, it will happen, I think you need your own card, I will order a card for you. Preeti looks at him. She thinks he forgot, I got saved from going to jail, what kind of person is he. She goes. KT signs some papers.

Preeti tells everything to Kusum. She says KT gave me card and forgot, I was going to jail. Kusum says maybe it happened by mistake, anything can do mistake. Preeti says he doesn’t come to office on time, he just boasts of himself, it will be a problem. Kusum says yes, he is right, he didn’t open a small shop, its fine if he gets late. Preeti says I was so scared, I was shivering. Kusum says he didn’t let you go jail, he saved you. KT says I explained everything to police. Neelima asks why did you give her the card. KT says she wasn’t taking it, I gave it to her. Neelima says she has entered extra zero and took money, its good you managed it, middle class women cry for their self esteem, they have nothing else than their fake respect. KT feels bad. Neelima says its good matter didn’t go ahead. KT recalls Preeti’s words.


Shaadi Mubarak 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Preeti says its two days but I m scared, did I choose right partner for business. KT says bad thing was happening with you, partnership also has plus and minus, you have to accept me with my weakness, then our marriage will be auspicious. Preeti asks what.


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