Shaadi Mubarak 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Shaadi Mubarak 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shaadi Mubarak 28th September 2020 Episode starts with KT asking Preeti about the ad. She says its okay. He asks her to say well. He says I like sincere people, you can praise me, smile and sing my praise from your heart. She says don’t you think praising own self is strange. He praises himself. He says you don’t take compliments or give, you will learn to praise me, I m a good teacher. She says yes, great. He thanks her. She smiles. He says just smile, I will call Sheena. He calls Sheena and says you get ready now, we both will be needed for print ad, we have to do photo shoot today. Sheena says everything is ready. Preeti says what’s the need to get me in photo. Sheena says yes, she isn’t so attractive, right. KT says I m not asking you, we both are partners, don’t take stress, we will take pics, get ready. He asks Sheena to call make up artist and explain them, they should not let Preeti go, did you call someone for Preeti. Sheena says yes.

Chanda comes to meet KT. He says you here.. She says you didn’t say you have interest in my business, if you said once, I would have given you partnership in my company and life. Sheena says I wish Chanda was his partner. Preeti sits for the makeup. Kusum talks to her on video call. Kusum says I got the responsibility to make you get ready, just get ready fast, its about my nose, my nose is special for me. Preeti asks how did you know about it. Kusum says KT knows I can handle you. Preeti says I don’t want the makeup. Kusum asks her to not refuse. KT attends Chanda. She gives him a gift for the new start. KT gets shocked seeing the cactus. She acts and scolds her assistant. She says sorry, I hope this cactus doesn’t affect your business badly. KT says no, I m glad by your wishes, cactus doesn’t matter. He tells his film’s lines. He says thanks, my dedication will get double now. He gets a call for photoshoot. He says we have a photoshoot today, so my partner is ready, sorry I need to go, have tea and go, thanks for the cactus. She says have a good shoot. He goes. She gets angry.

Preeti comes there. KT looks at her and gets stunned. SubhanAllah plays…… She says makeup doesn’t suit me and you told Kusum. KT says no, its amazing, no heroine looked so beautiful till now, but everyone will see you today, you look so good, its your turn now to praise me, like I praised you. She asks what shall I say. He says leave it, come. They have the photos clicked. Band baaja…..plays…. Preeti doesn’t feel comfortable. KT goes to photographer and says I will talk to Preeti, just click the pic when I tick. He asks Preeti to relax. He talks to her and makes her smile. He says I used to get scared of camera, and then time taught me. Preeti says no, I really liked to get pics clicked. He asks really. She says yes, dad used to say that my pic comes good. KT says you don’t look so naughty. They laugh. KT ticks. The photographer clicks the pic and says I got the shot. KT says done, photoshoot is over, come, lets see. Preeti and KT see the pic. KT says wow. The photographer says your pic is good. Sheena says mam, you are photogenic. Preeti recalls Tarun’s words. She goes and removes the makeup. She stops recalling Kusum’s words.

Preeti goes home. She says I hope no one sees me. The neighbors see her and stop her. They taunt Preeti. Rati and Tarun wait for Preeti at home. Preeti runs home. She sees Bua sa, Phupa sa, with the family. Everyone stares at Preeti. Bua sa scolds Preeti. Preeti ties her hair. Tarun says Preeti has gone to live her life shamelessly, she isn’t Preeti now, she is Mrs. Preeti Jindal, she has become a businesswoman now. Preeti worries.


Shaadi Mubarak 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Tarun says you got respect as dad’s wife, earn same respect by this job, I m ready to give you 25 days, I have a condition, just earn from this job, do you agree. Preeti cries.


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