Shaadi Mubarak 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Shaadi Mubarak 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shaadi Mubarak 8th September 2020 Episode starts with everyone asking Priyanka to make Preeti’s CV. Juhi requests her. Priyanka says if Preeti gets help by my CV format, then I have no problem. Kusum asks Juhi to let Preeti say. Priyanka and Kajal make the CV. Kusum says she has much experience. KT gets the note and says Ajnabi…. He shoots a video to thank the ajnabi friend, who left sweets for him. Preeti and Kusum watch his video. Preeti sees her note. Iktara….plays… Kusum says who is this Ajnabi in KT’s life. Preeti says why do we care. She goes and prays. She says I don’t want to keep any terms with him.

Uncle comes to KT and says whatever Chanda told… KT says I have forgotten it. Uncle says Chanda has said nonsense about your life, she called you useless, you would be feeling bad of my words, I loved you as my son, you are our pride, we don’t want anyone to point a finger at you, you should work, you are talented, you can do anything you want, I couldn’t tolerate anyone insulting you, when your movies used to come, we were so happy, we want to be proud of you, we have much money, but you should make a new identity, you have always kept all the relations well, its your turn to do something for your self esteem, your children should be proud of you, don’t think the age has passed away, its bravery to take a step in this age, you have that courage, remember it KT.

Kusum laughs seeing Preeti wearing the saree wrong. Preeti says I m tensed about the job interview. Kusum teases her. She says when you have settled down so soon, this is an easy thing to go and find a job. Preeti laughs. Kusum says I m very naughty since my young days. Its morning, Preeti prays that just the right thing happens. Sumedh says you can go for walk ins. Kajal gives the CV. Juhi asks Kusum to feed curd sugar to Preeti. Preeti says this suits old people, I will give protein bar to my friend. Juhi feeds the curd sugar to Preeti and hugs her. Preeti leaves. She meets Tarun on the way. She asks how are you, I missed you. He ignores her and shouts on the cab driver. Rati thinks where is she going in the morning, she is going for shopping. She greets Preeti. She says if you had to do all this, what was the need to go to daughter’s Sasural. Tarun asks her to come. Rati goes.

Preeti goes for the interview. The lady says sorry, we don’t have a post for aged lady like you, you may leave. Preeti faces criticism at many places. The man checks her CV and work pics. She says Dream bell has organized this wedding, nonsense, how can you get credit for it. He scolds her for being a fraud. Preeti hears about Chanda’s wedding planning company. She gets Kusum’s call. Kusum says don’t worry, it will take time. Preeti says I just heard about Chanda, I m also at the cafe. Kusum asks her to go and meet, all the best. KT brings his mum to the same cafe. They see Chanda. KT says we shouldn’t give a right to anyone, we won’t leave, Chanda doesn’t own this restaurant. Preeti comes there to meet Chanda.


Shaadi Mubarak 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Chanda says you got the job. The lady says she is the same woman who had stolen your ring. Chanda scolds her. KT hears them.


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