Shakti 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update

Shakti Written Update

Shakti 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shakti 11th September 2019 Episode Start With Harak Singh telling Preeto and Soumya that he don’t want them to take care of Heer and asks Mahi to change her clothes. Preeto asks Mahi to hurry up. Mahi is shocked. Harak Singh asks Mahi to do Heer’s responsibility from now onwards. Mahi takes heer with her and changes her clothes. Heer kisses on her cheeks and goes. Preeto comes there and says Harak Singh asked you to take up her responsibility as you only said that she is going closer to others. Mahi looks on upset. Soumya makes Heer, Soham and Rohan have milk.

She wipes her mouth with her pallu. Rohan asks Soham to come and says we will play hide and seek game. Heer says I will play running game with you both and asks them to try to catch her. She recalls Soumya’s words and runs imagining her and calls her. Soumya tells Mahi that Heer will run and nobody can catch her. She reminds her of her promise and says I had promised you that Rohan and Soham can’t catch her and she will run very fast. Rohan and Soham get tired. Soumya thinks her first try is successful. Heer collides with Harak Singh. Harak Singh asks if Soumya is making her run. Heer says she is running by herself.

Mr. Bansal is in the Ashram. Vedant comes there. Mr. Bansal says how did you come here, you should be in jail. Vedant says I ran away and asks what are you doing here? Mr. Bansal says I left home and doing penance for your sins. He says I named everything on Soumya’s name and she stays in the house with kids. Rohan asks did you get mad not to think about me. Mr. bansal says I can’t even curse you being your father. Vedant asks him to come with him and take everything back from Soumya. He says I will sell everything and leave this country. Mr. Bansal says I will not do this in my life. Mr. Bansal says you are not my son, but a murderer. Vedant holds his neck. Mr. Bansal shouts calling other men in the Ashram to catch the murderer, but he runs away pushing him. Mr. Bansal gets injured.

Inspector calls Harak Singh and tells that Vedant fled from the Police station. Harak Singh asks Inspector to arrest him and says I will settle his scores this time. Inspector says ok. Harak Singh says I will not leave you alive. Soumya comes home with Rohan and Soham and opens the lock. Vedant is hiding outside and looks at them. He says I will get property on my name, will take you with me and leave this country. Harak Singh says I will not leave you Vedant and gets angry. Soumya gets inside the house and asks Soham to lock the door. Vedant recalls Soham running behind him and thinks who was that girl?

Later in the night, Vedant is sitting on the sofa and staring Soumya while she is sleeping with kids. He comes near her and says he saw her 5 years and few months back and tells that now he will get her, now even Harman Singh is not there to stop him. Soumya wakes up from sleep and opens her eyes. Vedant hides. Soumya looks around and then wakes up Soham. Soham says today is Sunday.

Soumya asks him to wake up and says you know what to do. Soham says I know we have to go to Preeto dadi’s house, hold my sister’s finger and then go to school. Rohan wakes up and says good morning. Soumya says good morning and asks them to brush their teeth. Rohan tells Soumya that Heer always says that Harman Singh will return and asks if he will return surely. Soumya recalls his death. Vedant says she is Harman’s daughter. Soumya says he will come surely. Rohan asks what about my villain mama. Soumya says he is getting punished for his sins, let him be there. Vedant says I will not be in jail, but you will be in my jail.

Later Vedant follows them and see them going to school. He thinks to kidnap Heer if Rohan was not there. He calls Soumya. Harak Singh asks whose call it was? Soumya says nobody is replying. Harak Singh asks her to show the phone and checks it. He asks Inspector to find out about the number. Inspector asks Constable to track the number and calls Harak Singh. He says the numbe’s location is near to his house. Harak Singh comes out and finds the chip of the number thrown there. Vedant is hiding there and smiling. Harak Singh goes inside. Soumya asks what happened? Did something happened? Harak Singh says nothing. Vedant says I am not a phone to roam with the same sim and says you want to take revenge for Harman’s dead, I will leave with Soumya and you will be left searching me.


Shakti 12th September 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Heer tells preeto and Soumya that she will become a bride and will become bride after growing up. Preeto says you will not become a bride. Soumya asks her to let her become a bride in fancy dress competition.


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