Shakti 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Shakti 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shakti 14th January 2020 Episode Start With Soumya requesting Chameli not to go anything. She tells that she will do Heer’s Sanskar if she wants, but not by force. Chameli asks her to come out and tells that when a kinnar is born, it is celebration for us and not mourning. Soumya comes out. The kinnar ask Nutan to come and get ready. Heer tells Soumya that Nutan is getting good clothes and jewellery. Soumya hopes she would have made her bride. Other Gurumaa asks Soumya to dance. Saya asks her to dance. Soumya nods her head. Heer laughs and is happy.

Preeto prays to God and prays to her. She says if I get successful to bring Heer back then I will come home else I will go very far from here. She says if I win then I will do jagrata and celebrate all night. Shanno and Mahi get happy. Raavi tells that she will lose if either of them wins. They leave. Shanno tells Mata Rani that she will do her keertan daily if Soumya wins and Preeto leaves from the house. Mahi says I think Soumya will win this bet like always and says you will know very soon. Kabhi banti baat bigaade…Nasiba song plays….A fb is shown, Preeto informs Soumya that Heer is a kinnar. Chameli tells the kinnars that they shall do such a thing with Nutan during her sanskar that heer gets scared and runs away. The kinnar decide to make Heer see the dangerous side of kinnars. The kinnar asks Soumya to bring Nutan. Soumya makes Nutan sit.

Chameli and others make sound with their mouth, using their fingers. Heer gets afraid and hugs Soumya. Preeto, Sindhu and Soham come there. Soham gets afraid and moves backwards. Heer runs to Preeto and hugs her. Soumya asks Heer to sit and see Nutan’s sanskar. She asks her to come. She asks Preeto to come inside as well. Gurumaa of other community asks about Preeto. Heer says she is my Dadi. Soumya says mummy ji wanted to see kinnar’s sanskar and that’s why she called them. Rohan comes to kitchen and asks did you call me? Saya says yes and asks him to make Heer drink this milk. She mixes something in the milk. She says Heer will feel sleepy and then you shall take her outside from the window and take her outside all night.

Soumya comes there and asks why you don’t want Heer to see the rasams. Saya says Chameli and Preeto want to show her rasams so that she gets scared and runs away. Soumya says I will be with her, she will not be scared and asks her to let her stay here and see kinnars’ rasam. Saya asks her to keep her hand on her heart and asks if she don’t want to win this bet. Soumya says I want to win this bet. Saya asks her to let her do what she is doing and asks Rohan to make Heer drink the milk. Rohan goes.

Gurumaa says Nutan will be given bath now and asks them to bring cold water in the bucket. Saya asks Heer to bring her shawl from the room. Heer goes to Saya’s room. Chameli asks kinnar to keep eye on Heer. Once Heer goes to room, Rohan makes her drink water. Heer asks where is Mallika aunty’s shawl. She gets drowsy and tells that she is not feeling good. Rohan asks her to come with him. She turns and sees Nutan feeling cold when cold water is poured on her. She says Nutan will catch cold. Rohan asks her to jump down from the window now. Soumya prays to Mata Rani. Chameli signs Preeto.


Shakti 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Preeto prays to Aravan Devta to return her kinnar grand daughter. Meanwhile Rohan tries to make Heer come in her senses and cries.


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