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Shakti 16th September 2020 Episode starts with Heer wiping haldi from her face and tells Gulabo’s pic that she can’t bear to apply haldi to someone else, whose name haldi she had applied before. She says if you was not a kinnar then you wouldn’t have got Harman married my Mammma. She tells that what to do, I can’t bear, I had a friend Nutan whom I have lost. Even you are not with me. I have no option, keeps head on Soumya’s pic and cries. Rohan hears her and gets teary eyes.
Harak Singh gets shocked knowing everything and tells that he will break his teeth. Sindhu asks Harak Singh not to raise his hand and tells that Soham is not a child anymore. Harak Singh asks if he has become my father, nobody is born to kill my daughter and tells that how he will send her out of Gurdaspur. Preeto asks Harak Singh to calm down and tells that we are in the last stage of our plan and tells that once Heer finishes her exam, we will tell her. If Soham tells her then what will happen.

Shanno and Soham are outside in the garden area of the house, and she beats the plate and dances happily, says she is very happy. She says for the first time, Preeto is 19 and we are 20. She dances with Soham and hugs him happily. She says you did right by not letting Preeto slap you. She says you have made me proud and tells that she is very happy. Soham says I can see that you are happy. Shanno dances.

Heer prepares for her exam. Virat comes to her room through the window and smiles seeing her preparing for exam. He says Heer Singh…Heer gets surprised and turns to look at him. He waves her hi. She asks how did you come here? Virat says from the window and tells that she has two options, either to make him as her friend or body guard. Heer says I will call Preeto now. Virat goes to Soumya’s photo frame and tells that if you don’t want to do friendship with me, then I will take your Gulabo’s pic with me. He takes Soumya’s photo frame with him, while Heer tries to stop him. He gets down holding the pipe. Heer also gets down holding the pipe and thinks once he gets caught, she will handovers him to his dad. She comes behind him and asks what do you think of yourself, to enter my room and take my Gulabo’s pic. She says what is your problem, tell me now itself. Virat asks her to be silent and keeps his finger on her lips. Tera Ishq Hai Meri Ibadat….plays….He says first listen to what I am saying and then shout and gather the crowd, I will not stop. He says I was mad to do a big mistake, used your love for a cheap bet and broken my marriage with you. He says this is truth that I am going to marry Jharna. But this is also truth that I don’t want to break my relation with you and wants to be with you all my life as a friend. He says I don’t deserve your trust, but you can give me a chance. He promises to become better and promises that he will not give her a chance to complain. He bends down and asks her to give him a last chance, tells that he can bear any punishment. Heer looks on. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..

Soham calls Jharna. Jharna is sleeping and wakes up to pick the call. Soham says I am Soham. She asks from where did you get my number? He says question is that whose haldi rasam happened in day time and whose would have husband is not with her then the would be bride will not feel good. He says I knew that you would not have known and that’s why thought to inform you. He ends the call and tells the work is done. Shanno tells that Virat will be handled by her witch fiancé. Soham asks her to go to her room and sleep. Shanno tells that Rohan is keeping eye on your room. Soham tells that he will go to kitchen and asks Shanno to go to her room secretly. He goes out. Shanno comes out of room. Veer catches her and asks why she is talking to Soham much and asks what is her plan? Shanno tells that her daughter and Husband are always in Preeto’s service and tells that only Soham talks to her respect with respect. She goes. Veeran doesn’t believe her.

Jharna comes to Virat’s room and finds him missing from his room. She calls everyone and tells that Virat is not in his room. Daljeet says where did he go? Jharna tells that Virat is marrying me, but meeting Heer secretly. Sant baksh asks Jharna not to control him. Jharna says this will not go on, I will talk to him.

Heer leaves Virat’s hand and tells that she is not habitual to gather the crowd and tells that it is his habit. She reminds him that he asked the men on the road to become her boyfriend. A fb is shown. Heer tells Virat that the crowd was not aware how much I love you and what you had done with me. She asks him to go home and is about to go inside. Virat holds her hand and says please….Heer tells that today she can’t give him anything and tells that if he had asked before then she would have given him her world. She tells that she prays for his happy marriage with Jharna. Virat asks her to give her dupatta. Heer asks why? He gives her dupatta and tells that I don’t want to listen to you, I want to see the destiny’s decision and asks her to come and see. He ties dupatta on his eyes and blindfolds him. Heer asks what are you doing? Virat gives her Preeto, Harman and Soumya’s promise and tells that if she really don’t want to have any relation with him, then don’t stop him. He says he will go to his house while blindfolded and if he reaches home safely then he will be of Jharna, but if he collide with a car and dies then think that part was yours…Heer is shocked and asks have you gone mad? You will not do anything. He asks her to just remember her promise and see the destiny’s decision.

He begins walking on the road while blindfolded. Heer shouts asking him to come back. He is about to get hit by the vehicles. A car driver scolds him and asks him to die in other’s car. Heer asks him to come back and sees a truck about to hit him. She shouts Virat and runs to rescue him. She pushes Virat and falls on him. Virat smiles looking at her. Tu hi mera khuda plays….She helps him get up and asks if he has gone mad, if accident had happened? Virat says that means that you don’t want to break your friendship with me again. Heer says don’t do this thing again. Virat asks her to befriend him and says you know that I am not that bad. He says once you gets the job after clearing the exam, then I promise that I will search Nutan’s murderer and will get her punished. Heer says I have to go home and tells that Preeto must be worried, she didn’t know that I am here with you on the road. Virat says we shall ask Preeto aunty? Heer asks her not to call Preeto. Preeto wakes up and picks the call. She asks him to say and asks what is the matter? Virat tells that Heer is with me, I am trying to convince her to befriend me, but she is not agreeing and asks her to give permission to her once, tells that he will convince her then. Heer looks shocked.

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