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Shakti 18th May 2021 Episode starts with Police coming to Harak Singh’s house and asks them to open the door. Angel gets tensed. Simran calls Daljeet and hopes he picks the call. Daljeet takes away phone from her hand and says you are my younger sister, I will not tell you anything. He asks if Virat sent you behind me. Virat walks towards the door. Angel asks if he is going to open the door with his face covered. Virat says I was not going to open the door, but to see how many men are there. Angel asks him to come with her. Virat comes back and is about to open the door, but Angel pushes him and the cloth moves from his head, but he covers it up fast. The door bolt gets opened a bit. Angel asks have you gone mad? The police knocks on the door still. Preeto comes there. Angel asks Preeto to send Police away from here, and says if you say anything then I will go to jail, but after killing everyone. Preeto goes to open the door. Angel asks her goons to stand silently and she goes to the room where everyone is kept captive. Preeto opens the door. Inspector says you took so much time to open the door. Preeto says she was sleeping. Inspector shows Angel’s pic and asks did you see her? She says she didn’t see her. Inspector says I am doubtful that she is here and asks constables to search the house. They get inside.

Daljeet holds Simran’s hand tightly and asks her to tell if Virat sent her. Simran says my hand is paining and asks him to leave her hand. Daljeet blackmails her taking her daughter’s name and asks where is Virat? Simran says I will tell. Inspector asks Preeto to let them search the house, as Angel is very clever. Preeto is shocked. Harak Singh asks Angel to let him go out and handle the Police. He says my family is on gun point here, I will not do anything. Angel lets him go out. Harak Singh comes out and asks Preeto what happened? Inspector says we have orders to search the house. Harak Singh asks him to show and tells that he will call Commissioner Saheb. Inspector says ok, we will go. They leave. Preeto closes the door. Angel comes out to hall and appreciates Harak Singh for his top class acting. She sits on the sofa. Harak Singh says my brother had much blood loss and asks her to call the doctor for his treatment. He says I have never folded my hands infront of anyone and folds her hands before her. Angel laughs. Virat thinks he will take revenge from Angel. Simran snatches her mobile from Daljeet and pushes him. She runs away. She calls Virat. Virat sees her missed calls and thinks she called so many times. Simran runs. Daljeet runs behind her. Simran falls down and her phone breaks.

Angel agrees to Harak Singh’s saying and tells Virat that she is thinking what will she get by killing Chacha ji. She asks him to bring bandage and medicine for him. She asks him to go fast and come fast. Virat walks towards the door and looks at Preeto. Shakti song plays…..Simran tries to pick the pieces of her phone when Daljeet comes and keeps his foot on it. Simran looks at him.

Angel asks Harak Singh and Preeto, if they are happy. She asks the goons to bring Mahi and Veeran out to make them happy too. Virat is walking towards the door and opens it. Just then he sees Daljeet bringing Simran there, and keeping gun on her. He gets shocked. Daljeet asks where are you going? Virat says medical store. Daljeet asks him to pray for their life and asks him to close the door and get inside. Virat closes the door. The goons bring Veeran and Mahi there. Daljeet brings Simran there. Everyone is shocked to see him aiming gun at her. Harak Singh stops Preeto from going to her. Preeto thinks Simran was with Rohan, how did Daljeet bring her here?

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