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Shakti 19th May 2021  Episode starts with Daljeet asking Simran not to show relations with anyone there, as she calls Veeran as Nanu. Angel asks why did you bring Simran here? Daljeet says I shall ask you, and asks why her goons are veiled by mask. He says one of the guy is Virat among them and tells that it is good that he caught Simran and came to know from her. He asks Angel to call all her goons there. Simran cries and says you are my veer ji and will be punished for your misdeeds. Daljeet raises his hand to slap her, but Virat comes and holds his hand. Daljeet looks angrily. Virat moves the cloth from his face. Everyone looks at him. Angel looks upset. Simran says Veer ji. Virat takes off cloth his head too. Daljeet asks Simran if this is her planning? He says what do you think that I will raise hand on Simran, No. He says I know that you will come and stop me if I raise my hand Simran. He says you wanted to reach Heer through Simran. Virat asks him to tell where is Heer, else he will forget that he is his brother. Daljeet asks him to forget and says our relations are already stained. He says I wanted to keep heer far from your life, but if you do anything then I will kill Heer. Virat is shocked and shouts.. Simran says sorry to Virat. Harak Singh and Preeto gets shocked. Preeto is walking towards Daljeet when Angel stops her. She says I had sent you to get money, but you brought your son in law here. She asks did you forget your son. She asks her to see what she does and asks her goon to make a call and put on speaker. She asks goon on the call to go to Harman’s room. The goon reaches there and shows Harman on video call. Mahi says Harman ji.

The goon asks what to do? Angel says just as I count three, kill Harman. Preeto asks Angel not to do this. Mahi cries and says Harman ji. Harak Singh asks Angel what is she saying? Preeto asks Angel not to do this. Mahi pleads infront of her not to harm Harman. Preeto folds her hands before her. Angel counts 1. Preeto pleads infront of her and says I will do whatever you say and will touch your feet. She touches her feet. Angel counts 2. Harman asks Preeto not to touch her feet. Preeto says I am ready to do anything and asks her not to harm Harman. Harman says we will give whatever you want. Preeto says I will become your Servant for life and asks her not to kill Harman. The goon aims gun at Harman. Daljeet asks Angel not to kill him. Angel says if I don’t kill him then they will not listen. Daljeet whispers to her that they have 36 hours and tells that if something wrong happens then we will be trapped. He says if Harman gets killed then his family will get mad and out of control. He asks her to scare them in limits. Harman asks goons to leave him. Angel asks goon not to kill him. Everyone is relieved. Preeto asks Angel to let her talk to Harman once. Angel says just once. She gives phone to Harman. Preeto asks Harman if he is fine? Harman says yes, I am fine. Preeto asks about Soumya and asks if she is with you, did you see her? Angel snatches phone from her and asks how he might be knowing, as he is locked in a room. She says only I know where is Soumya? She says if my one plan fails then other shall be saved. Preeto cries. Harak Singh says now we came to know that Harman is safe and asks Preeto not to cry.

Harman shouts Gulabo. He imagines Soumya there and asking him if he got tired. She gives him courage asking him to find solution of any problem. He gets motivated by her words. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Harman says you said right, I will not accept defeat so easily. He thinks to get out from there and will search Soumya. He thinks I will not break your trust. Veeran couldn’t bear the pain and faints. Harak Singh shouts Veeran. Angel’s goons stop him. Mahi checks Veeran and says he got unconsciousness, and his body temperature is increasing.

Harman looks for a sharp thing around him and finds a broken glass bottle there. Daljeet says he can die if bullet is not taken. Virat asks him to let him take Veeran to hospital. Daljeet says it is not possible. He asks him to go and bring the stuff to take out bullet. He asks him to remember that Simran is with him and says if he has to save life, then he will prefer to save his life rather than of Simran. Virat walks out. Daljeet asks him to remember that Simran is with him.

Harman manages to get the bottle and tries to cut the rope. Virat comes back and asks Mahi to bring match stick and candle fast. He opens the cloth tied on his leg. He lights the candle. Harman still tries to cut the rope. Virat sterilizes the knife with the candle flame and makes a small incision and take out bullet from his leg. Harman manages to cut the rope and keeps back the bottle. Virat puts the medicine and covers the wound. He checks his temperature and says it is normal now. Harman brushes off the rope and gets up from his chair. The goon hear the sound and think to check. Harman asks Mata Rani to protect Gulabo.

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