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Shakti 19th October 2020 Episode starts with Parmeet asking Gurwinder to place the kalash. Gurwinder keeps the kalash infront of Mata Rani and lights the lamp. Harak Singh, Preeto and others are standing infront of the Mata Rani. Heer lights the aarti lamp. Virat brings the diyas and keeps infront of Mata Rani. Sant Baksh plays the shank. Preeto starts doing the aarti in her house, while Parmeet does in her house.. Gurwinder asks Mata Rani to fulfill all Virat wishes. Virat swears to convince all of her family members for marriage and says just as I get successful, I will light one diya daily. Heer prays to Mata Rani asking her to convince her family members for their marriage. Virat lights a diya and tells that Heer’s mother agreed, I will convince everyone slowly. Sant Baksh and Parmeet smiles. Virat leaeves. Harak Singh comes to the wrestling place where he used to do wrestling with Harman. He touches the sand and reminisces Harman. He says Virat made me his wine partner and reminded me of you. He says he is mad like you and my heart and soul says that he loves Heer very much. He says you know that I have no enmity with Virat and I am not against love, but what to do about society, I am helpless.

Virat comes there and calls him Harak Singh….Harak Singh looks at him and recalls Harman calling him the same. He says I heard that you both, used to take decisions while doing wrestling. He asks if he will wrestle with him and take a decision. Harak Singh says I have given this right to only my Shera. Virat says I can’t take your son’s place, but think me as your second son and do arm wrestling with me. Harak Singh says ok.

Harak Singh and Virat do arm wrestling with each other. Shakti song plays…..Parmeet and Sant Baksh come to Harak Singh’s house. Parmeet calls Preeto. Heer comes there, covers her head and touches their feet. Parmeet blesses her calling her bahu. Preeto asks her to bless her taking the right relation name. Parmeet asks her to agree for marriage, but Preeto refuses and asks them to go. Sant Baksh says this is the matter of their lives, we shall sit and talk. He asks where is Harak Singh?

Harak Singh is doing arm wrestling with Virat. Virat defeats him. Virat calls him senior and asks so decision is taken and asks if any terms and conditions are remaining. Harak Singh gets up, wears his specs and bracelet. He congratulates him and is about to walk away. Virat tells that he will call him Harak Singh from now onwards as he has heart connection is made with them. Harak Singh leaves from there.

Preeto tells that marriage can’t be done and throws the shagun in air, but Harak Singh comes there and holds the shagun basket. He says I agree to this relation. Preeto is shocked and asks how can you say this? Harak Singh says I am in my senses and saying this that we will not get Virat like guy for our Heer. He says his family brought shagun for her and asks what else we want? Heer gets happy. Soham says this marriage can’t happen. Harak Singh asks Parmeet to go home and tells that they have accepted their shagun. He says we will do other formalities later. Sant Baksh and Parmeet get happy. Harak Singh asks Heer to send her inlaws till the car. They leave. Harak Singh locks the door and asks Mahi to keep the shagun infront of the Mata Rani. Mahi keeps the shagun infront of the Mata Rani. Preeto asks did you forget what happened with Soumya. Harak Singh says I know, I felt that this decision is right and tells that everytime you tell me that I am old, and asks if anything happens to us then who will protect her. He says the guy who can give his life for her, can take care of her. He says I agree to Mahi’s decision. He says this marriage is right for both. Preeto says you have grown old, and tells that this decision is wrong. Harak Singh tells that what’s wrong if Heer gets married and tells that after Nimmi and Surbhi, Harman stood by Soumya. He says Virat tries to end his life for Heer and asks who does this in this time. She says this marriage will happen, I have decided.

Sant Baksh and Parmeet leave in their car. Heer sees Virat coming there and tells that she is very happy, as their marriage will happen and they will have a new life. She keeps her leg on the stone and falls down on him. He smiles. Tu hi mera khuda….Heer asks him to come to her house as groom and take her to his house. He says then we will have our family and kids. Virat recalls about her being a kinnar and gets up. He says he don’t want kids. Heer says we will have kids after marriage. Virat says we will enjoy our life after marriage, adventures, world tour and romance. He says I don’t want your attention to be shared with others. She says she will not marry if he don’t have kids. He says they will adopt the kids and tells that she will become fat when get pregnant. She tells that she wants to have children and asks him to decide. He says you are my obsession and love and I have no aim in life rather than marrying you. She asks really? He says yes. She says I will go inside now. Virat asks him to hug Dadu on his behalf, says he is cute. Heer says ok and gives flying kiss to him.

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