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Shakti 1st June 2021 Episode starts with Virat looking for the goon and thinks where did he go? He calls him and asks him to stop. The goon says he is going to take banana leaves for the puja. Virat says you had gone to store room and asks where is the bag which was in your hand? The goon says first I have to give the banana leaves else mahurat will end. Virat asks him to come with him, else he will take out his mahurat.

Harman gets ready in sherwani and gets a call from Virat. Virat tells him that he is handling here and asks him to handle there, tells that a guy went to the storeroom taking a bag, but when he came out, it was not there. He ends the call. Harman thinks what was he telling? He doesn’t understand. Virat runs behind the goon and sees him sitting in the car and escaping. He sees a parked bike there and rides on the bike to chase the goon.

Harman comes to the marriage altar and thinks Virat ran behind whom? Mahi comes there with Simran. Everyone looks on. She looks at Harman and smiles. Virat follows the car and comes somewhere. He finds the goon missing from the car. Mahi sits for the marriage. Pandit ji asks Harman to sit for the marriage. Harman comes and sits beside Mahi. Virat is searching for the goon, when the goon put a black cloth on his head and hits him. Other goon comes there and hits him.

Virat beats the goon even though his head is covered fully. Other goon come along with waiter and fights with him. Harman and Mahi start the marriage rituals. The waiter goon hits Virat and he faints and he falls down. The three goons surround him. The waiter goon takes out the black cloth from over his head. Pandit ji asks someone to tie the ghatbandhan. Simran ties the ghatbandhan. Mahi looks at Harman, while he is in deep thought. He thinks of his marriage with Soumya, their moments etc. Tu hi mera khuda plays….

The goons smile seeing Virat unconscious. The waiter goon calls Angel and informs him. Angel asks Daljeet to come and says lets’ celebrate freedom. Pandit ji asks Harman to forward his hand for the rasam. Mahi asks Harman to forward his hand. Harman forwards his hand. Pandit ji gives something in their hands. Harman prays to Mata Rani and says Soumya has so much faith on you, she was the one who made me belief on you and asks him to show some way. He closes the eyes and thinks I don’t have doubt on Mahi, but how to reach Angel now? He thinks of Virat asking him to handle there, telling about the guy walking in the storeroom with a bag, and when he came out, bag was not in his hand.

Harman thinks if he was Angel’s goon then why did he bring bag and then why did he run? Pandit ji asks him to put something in the havan kund. Harman gets up and drops the thing/akshat on the floor. Mahi gets shocked. Harman opens the ghatbandhan and puts the cloth down. Mahi says Harman ji. Harman runs from there. Veeran and Harak Singh call him. Mahi is shocked. Angel gets a call from her goon. She asks the goon to kill Virat and smiles. Daljeet is shocked.

Harman runs and throws the turban downstairs. The waiter goon is about to shoot Virat, when there comes a heavy wind and the gun falls down from the goon’s hand. The sand particles go in their eyes. Virat gains consciousness and looks at the goons standing and rubbing their eyes. The goons open their eyes and find him missing. Then they see Virat standing infront of them, holding a stick in his hand. They push Virat and run from there. Daljeet and Angel come out of the store room and find Harman and his entire family standing infront of them. Shakti song plays….

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