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The Episode starts with Preeto asking Harman who is in his family. Harman says I have a mother like you, whenever I see you, you remind me of her and I have a father like Harak Singh, but they all are very far from me. He tells that when his work gets completed, he will go running to his family. He says even now my mother cooks all my favorite food, though I am away from her. Preeto says mothers are like this only and asks where is his house, if he will take them to his house. Soumya calls Harman as Mr. Shekhawat and tells that she is opening dance class, and needs his help for the paperwork. She asks Preeto if she can take him. Preeto asks him to go. Harman goes. Mahi thinks Soumya took this stranger with her shamelessly and says this was remaining to see.

Rohan holds Virat’s collar. Parmeet says Virat…Virat stops Parmeet. Rohan asks why Virat, how can you leave Heer? She has done so much for you and you have…He says we thought you will bring heer back to us, and you went so far from her and remarrying someone else. He holds his collar and asks why Virat? Virat recalls Heer calling off their relationship and separating from him. Virat says I wish I could have given you this answer, but this is Heer’s decision and not mine. Rohan says you are lying as you don’t have the answer. Virat swears on Parmeet. Rohan says who will believe, the girl who don’t want to leave her mad husband and had decided to stay with her husband, that girl will leave her husband. Virat says I am saying truth. Rohan says you have betrayed us, and says Heer shouldn’t have returned, she has done a mistake. He asks Virat, until when you will break her heart and will make her realize that she loved and married the wrong guy and accepted wrong family. She says it’s ok, if Heer and Virat’s relation is not there, then Simran and my relationship is also over. He says I will not accept Simran as my wife and will not give my name to her child. Virat says no Veer ji, you can’t do this. Rohan says I have already done this. Virat holds his collar and says you can’t take this decision. Simran cries. Parmeet is shocked. Virat says you can’t take this decision. Rohan asks why? He says Heer has done so much for you, and you have left her. Virat recalls his love for Heer.

He says this was Heer’s decision and folds his hands asking him not to punish Simran. Rohan says no, I can’t accept this and tells that he can’t think anything than Heer’s happiness, and can sacrifice his happiness for her. He says you will not understand, as Heer is not just my sister but my life. He says as Heer and your relation is not there, Simran and my relationship is over too. Virat holds his hand and says until now I had called you veer ji and bent my head down. He says if my sister gets hurt then I will ruin your life. Rohan says you are threatening me and says Simran and my relationship is over.

Mahi is angry and grinding the masala. Soumya comes out to the garden area. Harman asks why did you call me, you missed me so much. Soumya asks him not to tell cheap lines, and asks what was he doing with Mummy ji? Harman says he was talking to her. Soumya says Mahi came to know about your truth, she is doubtful and saw me in your room. She says she did this tamasha as she knew that I was in your room. Harman says this woman is not at peace even now, I was between you both, but now I am not between you both, then also she is behind you. Soumya thinks how did he know about all this? Harman asks what happened? Soumya pushes him and asks him not to come near her. She says what do you think that I will agree that you are Harman ji, as you know personal things. She says I am always Heer’s shield and can handover you to Police, but is silent for the family. He holds her hand.

Rohan comes home and thinks Nani might be worried for Heer. I shall tell her everything. He then thinks to understand and hear what Virat wants and then only can tell Nani. He turns and sees Virat coming there with Simran.

Harman says you didn’t get me arrested as your heart believes somewhere that I am Harman. Soumya looks on. Harman says you are thinking by your mind, this is the problem. He says I am near you, and you couldn’t see truth in my eyes. He asks if she will refuse even now that he is her Harman ji. Soumya pushes him and asks him to be quiet. She asks him not to utter any more word and asks him to go away from here. Harman says I will not go and will stay with my family. He asks her not to threaten him by talking about arrest and says Harak Singh made him hard by getting him arrested since childhood. He says he is Harman only. Soumya says you will be responsible for the consequences and is about to go. Mahi comes there and says so sorry, did I disturb you both. Soumya says no. Mahi asks if your work with Harman is over. Soumya says work is understood. Mahi asks if she wants to shift to the room nearby his room. Harman shouts Mahi, and then says Mahi ji…He says you are so worried for Soumya, yesterday also you helped her and even now, really you are very good. He goes. Soumya says I am fine, wherever I am, and says family members taunt you, as you interfere in everyone’s lives and asks her not to spy in her life. Mahi thinks to expose Soumya and Harman’s relation.

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