Shakti 1st November 2019 Written Episode Update

Shakti Written Update

Shakti 1st November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shakti 1st November 2019 Episode Start With In the picnic, the kids ask Harak Singh to dance for them. Harak Singh jokes that people would start giving money. They now ask him to sing a song. Harak Singh sits for a while to think a good song. He now sings for Heer in Punjabi. Heer requests him to sing a Hindi song. Harak Singh says he would try, then sings ‘Aik Dusray se Kartay Hain Pyaar… Aik Doosray Ke Lye Marna Pare tou… Hain Tayyar Hum’. Everyone cheer.

Mahi thinks Heer would surely insist to eat ice cream if she watches the vendor. Shanno thinks about doing something and says everyone will have ice cream. Veeran goes to buy ice cream for everyone. Shanno doesn’t eat the ice cream and instead watch everyone eat. All of a sudden, they all feel dizzy and fell unconscious on the ground. The families nearby come for help at once but the ice cream vendor sprays medicine so that everyone in the park was now unconscious. Malika and her team came to take Heer.

Malika recalls she had planned to bring Heer here. No one will remain with Heer forever, and even Rohan and Soham will also hate her. Chambeli requested Malika to spare Suomya and Heer. Malika says this will be her last attempt, if she fails today she will never try to bring Heer in this world. Chambeli confronted that she will also make an attempt that she can’t bring Heer here. The fellow kinners had locked Chambeli in the room. Malika instructed her fellows to stay hidden from Suomya.
Malika tells everyone to leave. She will take Heer far away. She makes Heer smell chloroform. Shanno comes to help Malika. Mahi takes a leave from Shanno while asking Shanno to pose being unconscious as well. Shanno recalls Harak Singh had deterred to shoot if any kinner was born.

At home, Chambeli was worried when the kinners left. They tell Chambeli that Suomya is unconscious. Chambeli fights everyone and decides to protect Heer today. Malika won’t make an effort again.

Shanno wakes up and thinks why she must stay here posing being unconscious and lend Preeto and Suomya a chance to hide Heer’s identity. She must tell Harak Singh now, and see what will happen to them. She throws water on Harak Singh. He wakes up and wonders what’s wrong with all of them. Shanno says it was Malika’s plan, she kidnapped Heer. She herself saw Malika running with Heer. Harak Singh runs outside the park behind Malika.

Chambeli reaches the park and wakes Suomya and Preeto, telling them the whole development. Suomya and Preeto leave the park in a hurry.

Harak Singh got Malika and shouts how dare she kidnapped Heer. If she wish to turn Heer into a kinner as well. He will now teach her a good lesson in front of the whole Gurdaspur society. Malika joins her hands and requests Harak Singh not to do so. Harak Singh shouts if they have any value or belief, she tried and kidnap his granddaughter. She must be punished in front of whole Gurdaspur. Mahi and Shanno come running. Harak Singh asks how she came out of the jail. Mahi replies she was released. He sends Mahi to gather the whole Gurdaspur here. Malika joins her hands and says if he creates a drama, he won’t be saved himself. Harak Singh was insistent. Malika says she didn’t wronged anyone. Harak Singh says every kinner must be killed, as they aren’t worth living in the world. Malika was now aggressive and warns she won’t hear a word against the kinner brotherhood. She only came to take along a kinner of her own society, so that she isn’t disgraced by his society. Harak Singh asks what she means. Malika says she will take his granddaughter, she will beg and clap like kinners because SHE IS A KINNER! Harak Singh was taken aback. Malika remembers a promise with Suomya that she won’t reveal Heer’s reality. She silently apologizes Preeto and Suomya. Harak Singh was in disbelief and accuses Malika is trying to wash off her blame. Malika tells Harak Singh to confirm this from Mahi. Mahi nods. Suomya and Preeto had reached there.


Shakti 2nd November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Harak Singh runs with Heer in his arms and about to throw her in the river. Suomya holds him on gun point and takes Heer. Harak Singh fires a bullet from behind, and Suomya was shot.


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