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Shakti 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shakti 20st May 2021 Episode starts with Virat telling Angel that he is leaving and asks her not to do any foolishness and handle everything here. Angel says if you call me stupid again then I will get angry. Daljeet asks her to use tongue less and mind more. He asks Simran to come with him. Simran says I will not come anywhere, leaving my family. Angel says let her be here, she is my double safety, where she will go. Virat says Veer ji is right, if Simran don’t reach home then the family members will question. Angel asks Virat to go home and answer them. She asks Daljeet to take Virat with him and says he is helpless as his wife and sister are in my captivity. Daljeet tells Angel that he will call her every hour and if he doesn’t call her then think that he is in danger and kill all this family members one by one. Angel looks on. Daljeet takes Virat with him and leaves. Angel asks goons to lock them in room again and laughs.

The goons come inside and find Harman missing from the chair. The goon says where is he? Harman hits them and makes them unconscious. He then calls someone and throws the phone before leaving from them.

Parmeet asks Nayan to call virat. Nayan says Virat is not picking the call. Parmeet says even Simran is not picking the call. She says I called Rohan and he said that Simran is not with him. She thinks where did they go together? Harman is walking on the road. Daljeet and Virat are in the car. Harman tries to stop the passerby on the road, but nobody stops the bike or car. He stands on the road and comes infront of Daljeet’s car. Shakti song plays…..Daljeet puts the brakes and stops the car. He asks if you got my car to die. Virat looks at Harman. Harman comes to Daljeet and asks him to give his phone. Daljeet says I will not give and asks him to stay in limits. Harman says when love matter comes then I forget my limits. Virat reminisces Heer hearing him. He says nobody can understand better than me when the matter is about love. He gives his phone to Harman. Harman finds Harak Singh and Preeto’s numbers saved in Virat’s phones and gets surprised. Daljeet asks Virat to take his phone and asks if he don’t want to save Heer’s life. Harman realizes this is Virat, Heer’s husband. Daljeet asks him to take back his phone. Harman asks them not to fight and returns Virat’s phone. He then hits Daljeet and asking why is he aiming gun at such a small matter. He says you have made my family captive. Virat asks who are you?

Harman says he is Harman Singh, Preeto and Harak Singh’s son. Daljeet gets shocked. Virat asks you are Harman Singh, Heer and Gulabo’s Harman Singh. Harman says yes and tells that Daljeet had kept Soumya and him captive. Virat says if Veer ji don’t call Angel every hour then our family will be in danger. Daljeet attacks Harman. Harman attacks him and makes him unconscious. He asks Virat to open the decky. Virat says tyre is punctured. Harman says no problem, I will put him in decky. Virat feels sorry and thinks Daljeet forced him to do this. He thinks of Heer telling him about Harman Singh and Gulabo’s love story which started under the bridge. He tells Harman that whatever he heard about him was true. Harman asks him to help him change the tyre. They change the tyre. Virat says Heer used to say right about you. Harman asks what? Virat says Heer has a faith that whenever your Gulabo is in danger, you will come to save her. And she feels the same for her too. Harman says even Virat Singh came to save Heer. He shakes hands. Harman asks Virat to call Police. They sit in the car.

Preeto, Harak Singh, Veeran, Mahi and Simran and are in the room. Preeto thinks what did we do that we are bearing this? She says I feel that I will die like this. Harak Singh asks her not to lose courage and says no matter how powerful evil is, the truth wins eventually. He asks her not to take tension. Preeto prays to Mata Rani to show pity on her kids and protect them. Virat and Harman come to the farmhouse. Virat jumps inside the farm house, followed by Harman. They sign each other. They hold each other’s hand and jump inside. They do hi five and start walking. Preeto comes to the window and sees them. Shakti song plays…Harman stops seeing her. Virat also looks at Preeto. Preeto says jai mata di and cries happily. Harak Singh comes to the window and sees them there. He says Shera…Preeto says Harman. Harman signs her not to say anything. They walk in different directions. Preeto prays to God. Simran says Jai Mata di…..


Shakti 21st May 2021 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Harman and Virat beat Angel’s goons and get inside the house. Angel aims gun at Preeto. A goon aims gun at Harman.


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