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Shakti 20th August 2020 Episode starts with Preeto asking Mahi, why did Soham slap Heer? Mahi says I don’t know. Preeto says why did he slap her, why he got sympathetic towards you. She asks her to find out. Mahi says she has more work than doing this. Preeto asks her to do her work first and asks her to call Soham, and asks where is he? Mahi calls Soham. Soham picks the call. Mahi asks where are you? Soham says he came to college library. Mahi ends the call. Soham comes to the goons actually and says I heard that you sell the kinnars abroad. They ask why you want to sell her. Soham says he wants money. They ask him to bring her here and ask to show photo. He looks at Heer’s photos in his mobile and recalls their moments. Other goon tells that he seems to be big dalla and says we will get more kinnars from him. Soham beats them and asks whom you called dalla. He says I am not dalla. Principal asks Heer to apologize to Jharna. Heer says even her shoes will not apologize. She says sorry to Principal for saying that infront of him. Virat says she doesn’t respect you and asks him to decide if we will work here or she will work. Jharna says we means all of us. We will not come if Heer comes here. Heer’s friend asks who are you to decide and says mistake must be of Jharna. Jharna asks everyone to raise their hands. Nobody raise their hands. She signs everyone. Everyone raises their hands. Heer is shocked. Virat says you are packed up and asks her to take her bag and leave. Heer’s friend asks Principal to give a chance to Heer.

Principal says I don’t know whose mistake is this, but I will go with the majority, if majority of the student has problem with Heer then she shall go. Heer says ok and goes. Virat goes behind her and asks her to stop. He says I had said 5 days…but your wicket fell down in just 3 days as tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi, all bad things comes to an end and positive things begins. He says how you will understand and goes back. Heer comes back and shouts calling Virat. She says you said right that goodness starts with bappa and tells that you can use your father’s power or your fiancé power, but I will come to this college daily and will do NGO work. Tu hi mera khuda plays….

Virat thinks how dare she? I will show her. Her friend asks him to just wait and watch and tells that she is giving him free learning and tells that more than pain and tears are more powerful than someone anger and faking love. Jharna says we don’t want free things and asks what do you mean by faking love? Isha asks her from where she brought the phones and tabs? Jharna says if Isha tells Virat that I gave the gifts to everyone then…She asks everyone to get back to work. Soham thinks he is not a broker or an agent. He says a kinnar can’t be anyone’s sister. He says first I will send Heer to her place, then I will take revenge from everyone. He says first Heer will go. He turns and looks at Soham. Soham tells that he came to college library for studies. Heer gets happy and says thank god, you started studies. She holds his hand and tells that lets go home, and tells that they will buy balm on the way for her headache. Soham gets angry when she touches him and asks her to go alone. Heer asks what happened to you, you didn’t tell me sorry or cheer me up. She holds his hands and says I love you and can’t leave without you. She says I know how you will agree and is about to tickle him. Soham gets angry and pushes her on the road. Heer is devastated and cries, goes from there.

Preeto tells Harak Singh that there is no job interview today also. Rohan says if you can then will get the interview fixed. Harak Singh says you said right. Preeto says she will do everything. Heer comes there and hugs Preeto. Preeto asks her to stop crying and asks what happened? Rohan asks her. Heer tells that yesterday Soham slapped me, and today he pushed me down on the road. Shanno hears them. Preeto thinks if he came to know about Heer’s truth. Soham comes and says sorry to Heer. He recalls Shanno asking him to have patience and don’t let them know their plan. He says he feels disgusted with her touch. Shanno asks him to act to send her to her place. Soham shows chocolates, balm and sorry letter. Preeto asks why did you push Heer? Soham says he was tensed about the exams. Preeto asks did we teach you this? Soham acts and says sorry Heer holding his ears. Heer forgives him and says I will forgive you on a condition. She asks him to apply balm to her forehead. Rohan says she doesn’t leave any chance to take brothers’ advantage. Soham says once she gets married, how she will take our advantage. He takes her to apply balm. Preeto thinks Soham didn’t come to know anything. Shanno thinks she will get the army in one soldier, if he manages to keep his anger in control.

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