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Shakti 21st May 2021 Episode starts with a goon catching Virat and keeping knife on him. Harman beats goons and they fall down. Virat beats the goon and gets inside the house through the window. Harman comes inside through the door. Virat sees a goon and fights with him. Harman hides seeing goons and silently runs from there. He hides in a room. The goons get alert and ask each other to see at different places. Harman signs the goon and takes him inside the room and pushes him.

Virat thinks what Harman Singh is doing. Harman beats the goon. Other goon comes there and asks him to do hands up else he will shoot him. Virat comes and hits the goon. He says I thought you will handle them calmly, but you are doing destruction here. Harman says there is no peace in Harman’s style, you will understand slowly. Virat says Heer says right that nobody can love or fight like Harman Singh. Harman says she is like soumya and hopes to find them soon. He says whatever I heard about you, you are also not less. Virat smiles and says what to do, I have to be near perfect like you. Harman thanks him for saving him and says we shall save our family and then locate Soumya and Heer.

Angel laughs and divides the money for Daljeet and her. She hears the door bell ringing and keeps the money in the bag fast. She comes to Preeto and asks her to come with her and make the person go, whoever is on the door. Preeto walks towards the door, while Angel is keeping gun at her. Angel hides just about Preeto reaches the door. Preeto opens the door and doesn’t find anyone, but the bell is still ringing. She goes out and finds the bell button on using the tape. She takes it out and says there is nobody outside. Angel asks who is outside then? Preeto says someone had tied the tape on the bell. Angel takes it and thinks nobody can do like this. She asks her to understand who has done this? Preeto looks on angry. Angel looks back and finds Virat aiming gun at her. Preeto makes Angel’s gun fall down. Angel bends down to pick it. Harman comes from other way and aims gun at Angel. Shakti song plays……

Preeto recalls her moments with Harman after his return and gets emotional. Shakti song continues to play. Angel looks at them. Preeto slaps Angel hard on her face. Angel gets angry. Nammo Nammo plays….Preeto says what did you think that you will kidnap my son and family and will win. She says you had kidnapped one son, but two sons have returned. She says Mata Rani’s hands are on us and says you can’t harm Soumya and Heer as their husbands’ love is with them. She asks her to see that they are together and continues to slap Angel.

Daljeet gains consciousness in the car decky and gets angry on Virat. He tries to open the decky and opens it using a tool. Preeto pushes Angel on the ground. Nammo durge plays…..

Preeto makes Angel get up and asks her to tell where is her Soumya and Heer? She slaps her again. Angel looks on revengeful and laughs. She lies down on the floor resting and says as your Karan and Arjun came, you got strength in you. She asks her to beat her and tells that Angel will not tell you where is Heer and Soumya, I will die, but will not tell you. Preeto is about to attack her, but Harak Singh stops her and says if she dies then we will not know anything. Simran and Mahi also come there. Angel laughs and says I will not tell. Angel song plays…

Preeto looks angrily at her. Harman aims gun at Angel. Angel says I will not tell where is Soumya even if I die. Harman grabs her neck and tells that he will fulfill her wish and asks her to tell where is Soumya. Angel nods no. Daljeet comes out of the car and takes the gun from his car. Virat asks Harman to leave her and says if she dies, then we will never know where is Heer and Soumya. Harman asks him why doesn’t he understand and says I can’t live without my Gulabo. Virat says even I can’t live without my Gulabo, but if she dies, neither you will get your Gulabo not I will get mine. Angel laughs. Virat asks her to tell silently else he will kill her. Daljeet enters the house through the window and holds Simran at gunpoint. He says nobody shall move from their place and asks Virat not to do anything else he will shoot her. Angel laughs. Virat is shocked. Harak Singh, Preeto, Harman and Mahi get shocked.

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