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Shakti 21st October 2020 Episode starts with Preeto thinking Mahi is right and thinks if she talks to Parmeet then everyone will know. She thinks to talk to Gurwinder and make team against Heer-Virat’s marriage in Sant Baksh’s house. She searches for her phone and calls Gurwinder. Gurwinder picks the call and asks her to say. Preeto says I want to tell you why I am against this marriage and says we shall meet and talk. Virat takes the call and says I know what you want to say, that Heer is a kinnar. He asks why she wants to tell the world. He says once you asked me not to tell anyone, but now want to tell the world and break this alliance. He says I am seriously saying this, Heer is not only your grand daughter, but my would be wife. He says we will take her decisions together. Gurwinder comes there and gives him water. Virat says Bhabhi had gone to bring water for me, talk to her. Gurwinder takes her phone and asks her to say. Preeto says she will talk later and throws the phone angrily.

Harak Singh comes to Preeto to convince her. Preeto tells that her big support is against her. Rohan comes to his room and is hurt by Soham’s words. Heer comes there and asks him not to feel bad about anyone’s words. She acts as him and calls him Heer. She asks him to drink milk, but he refuses. Heer says I know what to do to cheer him up and tickles him. He smiles. She hugs him and asks if he is fine now. He nods yes. She asks him not to get sad and says I love you.

Sindhu and Raavi come to meet Virat with Harak Singh and Rohan. Virat thanks them for coming. Raavi says they have come to Saya’s house. Sindhu says we have seen Soumya’s life very closely and don’t want same fate for Heer. Virat says you think that my life will get ruined after I marry her, so I will ruin my life before marriage. Raavi asks what you will do? Virat says you think that how I will stay with Heer after kinnar and tells that he will call his parents and tell them that Nutan died because of him and that’s why he is going to kinnar’s world to do penance and will stay there from now onwards. He says if you don’t agree till morning, then I will drink morning tea in their house. He says I will see if Heer or these kinnars are in my fate. Raavi and Sindhu are shocked. Sindhu asks have you gone mad? Virat says I will go and ask nek from them too. He says people will think that you refused for my marriage and that’s why I got married and went there. He says people will think what is the relation of kinnars with Harak Singh’s family and asks them to think. He gives them time till morning and asks them to think. He greets Harak Singh and Rohan and leave from there.

Harak Singh asks Sindhu and Raavi to take their own decisions and not to get pressurized by Preeto. Rohan asks them to think and decide, as Virat don’t just talks, but does what he ways. He says the guy who can jump in the valley for Heer, can do anything. They are shocked.

Virat checks the time in the morning. Simran brings tea. Virat tells that he has to leave this house and go to kinnars’ world. Sant Baksh and Parmeet get up shockingly. Parmeet asks if he has gone mad, asks why he wants to stay with kinnars. Virat says actually…the matter is. Raavi and Sindhu come there. Raavi says I will tell you….She says actually, Virat has to go to kinnars’ house to give nek as a kinnar blessed Virat and Heer’s marriage. Virat asks if they agreed. They say yes. Virat gets happy and says he will give double nek now.

Virat comes out with them and greets Harak Singh and Rohan. He thanks Sindhu and Raavi. Sindhu asks if he don’t want to know why did they agree? Virat says I promise that I will keep her happy and will never leave her. Raavi says I see my brother’s reflection in you and tells that he used to support his Gulabo and loved her a lot. He used to protect her well. Virat says he will take care of Heer more nicely. He says just Preeto dadi needs to convince. Harak Singh says I will convince her.

Preeto says where did everyone go? Soham comes there and tells that even Sindhu and Raavi bua agreed for the marriage. She asks what nonsense? Harak Singh comes there. Soham says they will convince you now. Harak Singh asks Preeto to agree. Preeto recalls their promise and asks Harak Singh to leave, says you will not stay here anymore. She pushes him. Sindhu holds him. Heer looks on and gets shocked. Harak Singh asks her to listen. Preeto beats Harak Singh with the thick stick. She says you knows well why am I against this marriage and then also you agreed. Harak Singh asks her to understand and tells that he is feeling pain. Preeto breaks down and cries. Harak Singh asks her to break the stick on him, but don’t ask him to go away from there. Preeto goes from there and cries. Raavi comes to Harak Singh. Harak Singh asks them to go to their rooms. He says Preeto gave me this injury, she will apply ointment to me. Heer is going to Preeto’s room, but Harak Singh stops her. Heer says it is difficult to understand Preeto and your love. Preeto reminisces Harak Singh and her moments looking at the photoframe and cries. Heer refuses to go to her room. Harak Singh says their relation is written with special pen and she stood by him in every circumstances, says she is his tigress. He says she has beaten me, but she must be feeling pain and crying inside, asks her to check. Rohan takes Heer to room. Shanno and Soham hear them. Shanno says we have to be alert.

Virat lights two more lamps and thanks Mata Rani. He prays that Preeto aunty agree too. Gurwinder comes there and tells that Harak Singh will convince Preeto. Virat says yes. Heer cries feeling Harak Singh’s pain. Raavi says it is their expression of love. Heer thanks them for supporting her and agreeing for her marriage with Veer. They all hug her.

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