Shakti 22nd May 2021 Written Episode Update


Shakti 22nd May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angel refusing to tell where is Heer and Soumya? Virat sees Daljeet keeping Simran on gun point. Daljeet threatens to shoot Simran. Virat points gun at Angel’s head and asks him to leave Simran. Daljeet asks him to leave Angel and asks her to come. Virat says if anything happens to Simran then Angel will be gone. Daljeet says I will choose my life between Simran and me. He asks Angel to come. Angel takes the money bags and looks at Preeto and Harak Singh. She says see what I will do now? She tells Harman that she will bury Soumya in the soil of this city within 24 hours and tells Virat that she will take Heer abroad with her, and will do something bad with her that they will yearn to see her face or to hear her voice. Angel plays…Angel says I will see what I will do. She walks out, while Daljeet wants keeping gun on Simran. Harman is about to stop Daljeet, but Harak Singh gives him swear and asks him to stop. Daljeet goes out and pushes Simran inside, locks the door and escapes. Virat and Harman knock on the door. Preeto asks Simran if she is fine? Sant Baksh comes there with the Police force and asks where are they? Virat says they ran away. Sant Baksh greets Harak Singh and asks if he is fine. Virat says we have 24 hours to search Soumya and Heer, else they are planning to escape from this country. Sant Baksh sends his team to locate them and asks Virat not to worry. He asks if he is coming home. Virat says I will not move from here, until Heer and Soumya are found. Simran says even I will not go from here. Sant Baksh tells Harak Singh that he will search them. Virat says even I will come with you. Sant Baksh says Daljeet and Angel have gone mad, asks him to be with the Harak Singh family and asks him to come when he calls him. Preeto cries badly. Harak Singh asks her not to worry. Simran says Heer and Soumya Mami will be found. Harman feels helpless.

He goes to his room and sees Soumya’s pic in the drawer along with Heer and Preeto’s pic. Tera Ishq Hai plays….He recalls their moments.

Shakti 23rd May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap: Mahi beats the plate with the spoon and says she is expressing her sorrow and happiness. Harman asks her not to trouble the family. Mahi says why don’t you understand I can’t live without you, even if Soumya comes or not. Harman asks how did you think that Soumya will not return. He is about to slap her, but Virat holds his hand.


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